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Setup Wars Episode 20 - ft Dom Esposito

see I to the camera ci to the camera no see hi everyone look what's up guys is that back again from Texas and welcome to setup wars episode 20 will you submit your desk set up to get featured on a channel and a chance to win a prize if you guys I need you to series and want to submit your desk setup you need to watch the video linked down below but with that said let the setup wars begin so GTA offers a bunch of really cheap cd-keys for a bunch of games out there including Windows seven and eight CD Keys only for a fraction of the retail price but I'm going to drop a link down below if anyone is interested so this week we have a special guest Dom Esposito and he'll be showing off his desk set up and what powers his channel but those of you guys I don't know who Dom is then you need to stop living under a rock now but seriously he produces some of the crispiest tech videos known to mankind and I'll go ahead and drop a link to his channel down below so you guys can check out without wasting any more time here are your five contestants for this week Alex calleb Erik glassy and Ivan congratulations for making it to set up for is episode twenty by the way all of the gears you guys see in the setups will be linked down below for anyone that is interested along with all of the products I recommend in this episode without thinking over time let's go ahead and start off by looking at Alex setup so starting off the show we have a very clean triple monitor setup from Alex we have three LG 22 inch monitors hooked up to the Ergo tech triple monitor stand and on the desk we have the CM storm quick-fire keyboard with Cherry MX switches and illogic tech g500 mouse we also have an extended mouse pad from extract pads really not much else on the desk other than those Logitech z3 one three speakers and this beautifully crafted one-of-a-kind coaster pretty good job on cable management and I can see that you have your PC under the desk instead of on top and honestly if I'm being Frank the setup is just bland don't get me wrong it's a very clean and beautiful setup and if that's your style by all means go for it but I think it's missing some personality or something to make it unique first thing I'd recommend for you to pick up are some actual real coasters now high linked a few options down below for you and if you're a fan of Game of Thrones then you might like the house sigil coaster set that I actually use for my own personal setup next thing I would probably do is maybe at a poster or two on the wall above the monitors since it seems kind of empty but yeah I mean things like that just to fill up the empty spaces but other than that you have an awesome setup thank you for entering next up is Caleb with his black and red so we have a 26 inch vizio tv a coolermaster quick-fire keyboard and an ethic city scroll six emails on top of the reflex mousepad they actually happen to pick up recently sell a choice on the mousepad for sure also on a desk we have a pair of super luxe headphones and a tablet a phenomenal job with cable management I love how you mounted the Belkin power strip on the roof of the desk as well as the USB hub on the left and then a disk drive on the right I also noticed you're rocking the Corsair spec Oh two case that I featured in my top 5 PC cases under $50 really solid choice on the case as well the one miter thing I would add is a hanger for your headphones elevation labs actually sells this anchor that you can hook up under your desk which is a great way to keep your headphones off the desk and away from sight other than that minor fix you have a very organized and clean setup Thank You Caleb for entering at number three we have Eric with his Alienware setup we have a single 27-inch Dell monitor a SteelSeries apex keyboard and a razer naga hex mouse also on a desk we have an xbox 360 a blue Yeti mic and the ever-so-popular Razer Kraken headphones I call this an alienware setup simply because of the PC now although I'm strongly against pre-built pcs I do appreciate a great design when I see one anywhere definitely makes some awesome looking chassis cable management is pretty good although it can be improved with some cable drops instead of tape also I noticed the LED strips facing up on the desk and those actually belong either under the desk or on the back of the desk so I would definitely switch that up so it's not visible the Xbox 360 also looks out of place and I think it will look a lot better under your display so a monitor riser would fit perfectly in your setup but other than that it's a pretty simple setup thanks Eric for entering next up is glassy with an elegant triple monitor setup so we have three a OC 23 inch monitors hooked up to three individual capstone monitor mounts on the desk we have the Razer BlackWidow keyboard Naga epic chroma mouse on the SteelSeries qck mousepad over on the right side we have a wireless headset from SteelSeries hooked on the total beach headset stand no sign of cables underneath and I'm really digging that Super Furry chair you have I feel like the glossy frame from the monitor mounts blends in so well with the glossy table it makes this setup look even better I do look the presentation and it's easily one of the best-looking setups I've ever seen on setup Wars Thank You glassy for entering last but not least we have Ivan and his quadruple martyr setup plus one for representing ROG and another plus one for the black and red theme all right who said that say that to my face so he's rocking three Acer 23 inch monitors with a vizio 4k monitor mounted on top I wish you got a closer shot of the stuff on your desk but it looks like you have a Corsair k70 RGB keyboard and an M 65 Mouse excellent job with wire management especially covering those cables running down from the TV so there are two different types of setups we have the traditional keyboard and mouse setup and then the racing setup with the Thrustmaster TX wheel set really digging those IKEA shelves you have on the wall there I think it adds a very sophisticated looked here setup and you have a pretty badass PC as well it's rocking a 4790k paired with a gigabyte 980ti graphics card rather black setups are way to comment I get it but it's always nice to see what people do with the color scheme to make it unique and different from others beautiful setup Ivan thank you for entering so that's it for this week's episode of setup wars voting begins now so make sure you guys drop your comments down below and vote on who has the best desk setup as always the voting will end on Saturday and allows the winner on Sunday on my Twitter and Instagram accounts so make sure you guys are following me there if you want to know who wins all right so moving on to the main event dumb going to show us what you got what's going on everyone I'm Dom Esposito from slash DOM and welcome to my setup obviously the star the show lives on my IKEA Galant desk with my dual LG 34 inch ultra wide display setup and I have them floating above the desk using a triple monitor mount with the middle section removed to support the width of the displays now I use the space behind the monitor to keep random props my Sony v6 headphones and I have a Philips hue lightstrip running along the backside of the desk for some mood lighting on the sides of the desk I'm rocking a pair of Yamaha hs8 monitor speakers resting on ultimate support speaker stands empowering the entire setup is my late 2013 six core Mac Pro gr8 studio which I use to store and edit my footage off of and a focus right Forte for all of my audio and I also have a boom arm attached to the left side of the desk and use a rode procaster microphone for most of my video voiceovers as far as cable management goes my game is strong I'm using a blue lounge cable box to house a couple of power strips and plug everything in and I have a Furman max2 power conditioner to manage the entire setup I have a few cable tubes that are super helpful for managing groups of cords and I utilize velcro cable ties like my life depends on it it may be a lot of work to get it this clean but it's worth it for this cable management masterpiece along with my desk setup I also have a media setup which I keep pretty simple on the top of the stand I have an lg 4 9 u be 8500 u HD webOS TV which is the star of the show over here and I keep a few remotes below it along with my Apple TV and a Logitech keyboard to better control some of the webOS features now below that I have my Xbox one PlayStation 4 and a DVR box and on the bottom shelf I keep my controller collection a stack of games and a couple of gaming headsets I guess you could say that the main theme of my set up is productivity I like to keep everything organized and clean cut so I can sit down get my work done and then I have the media center in case I want to kick back watch some TV or play some games big shout out to Edgar for having me on setup Wars and I hope you enjoyed my huge thanks to DOM for being on the show you guys can find actually a more detailed setup tour on his channel and I go to leave a link to that down below if you guys I subscribe to him make sure to do so your eyeballs will definitely think you but anyways that's basically it for this episode thank you guys so much for watching if you guys want me to continue doing these setup words every single Monday you guys know what to do make sure to hit that like button to show your support but that's basically it this is that from tech source and I will see you in the next video you know let me finish my video it's knowing you know let me finish good enough
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