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Setup Wars - Episode 21

so I picked up an iPad air 2 for setup Wars and it's gonna be a lot easier looking at the pictures since it has a better resolution and just a bigger screen who is texting me what's up guys it's that back again from tech source and welcome to setup wars episode 21 where you submit your desk setup to get featured on the channel and a chance to win 50 bucks because I need you to see reason want to submit your setup make sure to watch the video linked down below for the instructions and requirements the little that said let the setup wars begin this video is brought to you by GTA where you can buy super cheap CD keys for any game on any platform this is where I get all my games from as well as Windows Keys for my monthly PC builds but I'll leave a link down below so you can see for yourself as always all of the gear for these setups will be listed down below as well as any recommendations that I give in this episode so with that said here are your five contestants for this week we have Alvin Jerry Caleb Luca and Matt congratulations for making it to setup wars episode 21 starting off the show we have alvin and the chipmunks with his elegant ultra white setup we have a 34 inch ultra white monitor from LG and on the desk we have a Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 800 and he met cats 5 mouse on top of the razer mousepad what kind of a combo is this also a desk we have a pair of Mackie CR 4 speakers and a shure SRH 440 headphones hanging from the poll on the left side cable management is immaculate and excellent work with the power strip and running your wires through cable drops you got those cables on lockdown I'm also digging the USB hub you have near the right speaker although I don't know how I feel about that large clump of wires from the mouse wouldn't it look better if you routed the cables through the back and into the PC instead of connecting it to that hub if this was my setup I would definitely mount the display either on the wall or use a monitor arm to lift it off of the desk to give it a much cleaner look but that's just my personal recommendation the only other thing that kind of throws off the balance of your setup is the red colored Mouse but I think your setup looks super clean the way it is and I'm just nitpicking but thank you Alvin for entering setup wars Jerry Springer is next up with a single display setup we have the very popular 27-inch asus monitor with the gorgeous thin bezels and this is actually the water that everyone keeps asking me about during my pc build videos it's absolutely amazing on the desk we have an a/c OMG k1 keyboard and a SteelSeries rival gaming mouse on top of the good gaming extended mouse pad also on the desk we have a pair of creative inspired 2500 speakers and your ps4 off to the right side this is the second setup feature in this episode that's powered by a laptop instead of an actual desktop PC a great job with cables keeping them off the ground I'll give you a point for routing the LED strips and conspicuously behind your monitor you have lots of stuff on your desk but I guess that's okay since you have a large surface area to work with but overall a very organized and dope setup Thank You Jerry for entering at number three we have Caleb and his Godzilla speaker setup now last week's episode we also had a Caleb but for some odd reason I pronounced the name as calleb next up is Caleb with his black and red setups I mean I know I make fun of names most of the time but I totally butcher the crap out of his name so if you're watching this my sincerest apologies anyhoo so back to callebs setta all right so let's try this again so Caleb has a single 27 inch rog swift monitor hooked up to the Amazon mounting arm on the desk we have a razer blackwidow keyboard and an EVGA x10 carbon mouse on top of the Razer Firefly mousepad now that's a dope-ass mousepad you can actually change the LEDs to any color you want so we will always go with your setup the only downside to this is that you have an extra cable to work with of course we can't forget the center of attention those enormous speakers on the desk we have a pair of definitive might those two speakers and on the left side of the desk we have a pair of beyerdynamic 990 premium headphones on the silverstone headphone stand we also have a pretty dope mic setup we have the road MTG one mic hooked up to the sm-3 shock mount which is then attached to the heil boom arm great work with cables they are hidden neatly away from sight and I just have to take a closer look at your amazing water-cooled PC that I notice since the beginning so we have a 4790k CPU paired with a Titan Z and I gotta say amazing work with the cables inside that tiny case and I would love to see more pictures of this bad boy so consider submitting this for my PC Wars this is one of the few unique and very clean setups I've seen on the show job well done Caleb and thank you for entering next up is Luca and his triple monitor setup which looks like it's located inside a serial killers room there's just too much red in here even for me which says a lot but anyways moving on we have three different monitors a 23 inch LG 24 inch Acer and a 24 inch asus monitor on the desk we have a wireless keyboard from LG and a wireless mouse from Hema great work with cable management as well I don't have any complaints there but you do have a bunch of extra stuff behind those monitors so maybe putting some of that stuff that you don't use daily in that drawer below to clean up your desk would be a really good idea I also recommend toning down the red LEDs a bit since it's overpowering the set up but it definitely has a potential to be a great setup Thank You Luca for entering last but at least we have Matt and his dual display setup we have two 24-inch band cube monitors a keyboard from insignia and the MX master mouse from Logitech both which are wireless we also have another good gaming mouse pad in this episode so lots of stuff on the desk we have a pair of astro a40 s on the a 50 stand and a garmin smartphone stand for the iPhone cable visor it can definitely be improved with some cable drops that wraps since there seems to be a lot going on here I do like the controller rack you have installed on the side of your desk I will definitely give you a point for that now for the rest of the items on your desk I would recommend you to pick up a valet tray now these things not only look awesome but it will definitely help you clean up a bunch of stuff from your desk there are a bunch of options available to better meet your needs but I did let's take your options down below that you should definitely check out I personally picked up a 10 inch tray that I'm going to use with my IKEA drawers that way I have compartments to work with but that does it for this week's episode of setup wars voting begins now so make sure you guys drop your comments down below and vote on who has the best desk setup as always the voting will end Saturday and allows the winner on Sunday are my Twitter and Instagram accounts so make sure you guys are following me there if you want to know who wins as always thank you guys so much for watching if you want me to continue doing setup words every Monday make sure to hit that like button to show your support but other than that I will see you guys in the next video
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