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Setup Wars Episode 22 - Alex Edition

what's up guys it's the other back again from tech source and welcome to the Russian edition of setup wars episode 22 where you submit your death so bad what's up guys is that back again from Texas and welcome to setup auras episode 22 where you submit your desk setup to get featured on the channel and a chance to win 50 bucks if you guys are new to the series and want to submit your setup watch the video linked down below but without wasting any more time left the setup wars begin this video is brought to you by GTA where you can buy super cheap CD keys for any game on any platform this is where I get all my games from as well as Windows Keys for my monthly PC builds but I'll leave a link down below so you can see for yourself so I just finished posting over the how to build guide for Zeon and I lost my voice which is why I kind of sound like this so bear with me on this episode so the five lucky contestants for this week are Alex Alex Alex Alex and lastly Alex congratulations for making it to setup wars episode 22 as always the gear for everyone setup will be listed down below as well as any recommendations that I give during this episode so first up we have Alex number one with a triple display setup we have three a three twenty three inch monitors hooked up to the Ergo tech monitor arm and on the desk we have a corsair k70 keyboard m65 RGB mouse on top of the glorious extended mousepad on the left we have a 2011 macbook pro on the popular am stand and a razer extended mouse pad right below also let us give a pair of pro media 2.1 speakers and an 8 ehm 50x headphones hanging from a hanger which is mounted on a shelf excellent work with cable management and I see that you have a Razer Carcharias gaming headset mounted on the roof of your desk job well done pretty dope PC as well we have a 4770k paired with a GTX 780 inside the NZXT h 440 case overall I really like the presentation it's clean its symmetrical and you don't have that many things on your desk I also like the 26 inch insignia TV you have mounted on the wall you do have the perfect setup though to install a drawer underneath to keep some of your extra stuff off of the desk like smartphones or remote controls but other than that I say you have a pretty organized and sweet setup thank you Alex for entering Alex number 2 is next up with a look at his gaming room so for this setup we have three a three monitors again on the Ergo tech monitor arm on the desk we have the Black Widow ultimate chroma keyboard razer naga chroma mouse on top of the course our extended mousepad and also on the desk we have some speakers from Logitech and a few other miscellaneous items alongside the edge of the desk on the right side we have a pair of 88 and 50 X's hanging from the Audio Technica headphones stand and on the desk is the really awesome looking bladeless fan from Dyson it's really fascinating how that actually blows cold air without any blades but hey it works and it looks dope right next to the PC setup we have a 40 inch TCL TV which is hooked up to some gaming consoles a ps4 Xbox 360 I'm kidding it's an Xbox one relax with the comments we also have a Wii U and attend ODS and a PSP well it seems like you got the console part covered that's for sure excellent work with cable management using zip ties to organize the wires and kudos to attaching the power strip on the roof of your desk definitely a badass gaming room set up no doubt thank you Alex for entering Alex number three is next up with a pretty interesting setup so not only do we have two AOC 23 inch monitors but we also have an Optima projector which looks like it's duplicating one of the screens not a bad way to watch movies or even game on so on a desk itself we have a finally someone else with an x4 Sidewinder keyboard I knew I wasn't the only one on this planet that has won ten out of ten sealed approval just for that Alex congratulations I'm just kidding you don't get the seal because you are using your server as a modern Arizer I mean who does that but anyways moving on with the show so we also have a mad catz rad7 mouse on the mad cat glide 5 mouse mat we also have a blue snowball mic in the front for recording audio I'm guessing and a pair of sign Heiser HT 5:18 headphones on top of the mounting arm pretty good job with cable management considering you have an entire server in your setup and I also like the vertical power strip looking thing you have I haven't actually seen anything like that before obviously I'm going to recommend moving the server from that desk but I'm sure there's a reason why it's there probably because you don't have extra space anywhere else but consider buying a server rack so you don't end up damaging it or even the table its resting on I also recommend a headphone hanger that will give you a dedicated place for your headphones but other than that you have a pretty sweet setup thank you Alex for entering next up is Alex with our first-ever demonic themed setup it's almost as if we're in the basement of a leader of a cult with those candles on the side and these skull and strange pictures on the wall not to mention the two lava lamps I'm just kidding all jokes aside this is a pretty unique setup so on a desk we have a wide 29 inch Acer monitor a dell ultrasharp a 19 inch monitor in vertical mode and a 2013 MacBook Pro which is powering everything it seems like you're into mixing music which is pretty dope but if you do make some hip-hop style beats definitely hit me up because I would like to use some in my videos also know that's we have an AKG K 702 headphones on top of the popular ikea Rizla desk pad k manager can definitely be improved so I would recommend some cable jobs and raps to clean that up a bit but yeah you definitely created a unique setup that adds to your personality thank you Alex for entering last but not least we have Alex number five with another triple display setup we have three Samsung 24-inch monitors a Razer BlackWidow chroma keyboard Razer Mamba wireless mouse on top of the G 440 mouse pad from Logitech also no desk we have the Harman Kardon sound sticks which I personally think goes well with the set up cable management is pretty good and I especially love your PC build it's rocking a 4790k and a GTX 750 I really like when the PCs match the setup and it does just that with the white custom cables and the purple LEDs job well done there's also a logitech g27 wheel set for racing games which she can easily swap in and out for by next to the desk setup you have a tiny table with a MacBook Pro and a really cute Iron Man bobblehead which would go great with any setup but yeah overall a very clean setup I really dig the matching color scheme you have going on there thank you Alex for entering so that's it for this week's episode of setup Wars make sure you guys drop your comments down below and vote on who has the best desk setup as always voting will end Saturday and allows the winner on my Twitter and Instagram accounts so make sure you guys are following me here if you guys enjoy setup wars I want me to continue doing them every single Monday you guys know what to do slap the crap out of the like button to show your support and I'll see you in the next video
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