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Setup Wars - Episode 24

damn I look clean what's up guys it's that back again from Texas and welcome to setup wars episode 24 where you submit your desk setup to get featured on that channel if you guys are new to the series and want to submit your setup make sure to watch the video link down below but with that said let the setup wars begin as always all of the gear for everyone setups will be linked down below if anyone is interested along with anything I recommend in this video so that said here are your 5 lucky contestants Anthony Anton Charles Mahmud and Sean congratulations for making it to setup wars episode 24 first up we have Anthony with a try display setup we have three del 23 inch monitors with some sexy blue LEDs to go with your wallpaper great job on the color coordination on the desk we have your wireless Logitech e x100 keyboard and mouse along with a few other miscellaneous stuff on the desk as well I don't know what it is with toy cars but that seems pretty common on a lot of setups excellent job with cable management I like how the IKEA table comes with a net underneath to hide your cables in it's definitely a nice feature everything else is neatly wrapped and zip tied so job well done I have no complaints there a few things I like about this setup is the fact that you mounted your Kenwood surround sound speakers in the wall and a desk lamp that you attached near your window the only thing I don't like is the wooden pencil holder you have on the desk it just feels like it doesn't belong there I would either install a drawer under your desk to keep those things in there or better yet buy one of those plastic containers and flip it on its side and add some 3m tape on the top of it and then you can stick that to the roof of your desk with the open side facing towards you that way you can store a bunch of stuff in there with easy access but y'all go to dropping link to the container and the 3m tape if anyone of you guys want to try that out for your setup we have not much else to say a pretty organized setup overall thank you Anthony for entering Anton is next up with a pretty minimalistic setup so we have a 24-inch h2s monitor and a smaller Dell 17 inch display next to it on the table we have a CM storm rapid keyboard and a Logitech G 700 s Mouse off to the side we have a pair of hyper x headphones resting on a self-made headphone hanger that's just awesome we also have some Insignia speakers needed back and the ever-so-popular LED strips cable management is I don't even know what to say here I guess it's good since it's technically off the ground but it doesn't look like it's organized or it doesn't have a system going on a few things I like art a collection of boxes you have to the right side I definitely love showing off quality products that I own and use every day so kudos to that and I also like the weird-looking Rock lamp that you have next to your monitors it's definitely something I haven't seen before and looks pretty dope this obviously looks like a budget set up so I won't give you crap about using the USPS box as a monitor stand or your ghetto ass headphone hanger sometimes you just have to do with what you have and I'll give you points for being creative nonetheless Thank You Anton for entering setup wars and number three we have Charles with his dual setup first off I like to point out that I love the black and white contrast between the two tables it looks like you swapped the legs with each other and it looks really nice I don't know about that pink PC case though so the first set up we have a 23 inch Samsung monitor a razer blackwidow keyboard and a Logitech g9x mouse also on a table we have a total Beach x12 headset resting on the Xbox 360 yes I said 360 on the other desk we have an acer v 5 laptop on top of the CM storm cf-29 gaming laptop cooler but it was that cute person over there he looks very familiar I do have to give you a point for that awesome replica of Wheatley on your desk and for those of you guys that don't know me I'm a huge fan of half-life and portal so I got to give you props for making an awesome replica of Wheatley for your desk setup you also did a great job on cable management I really like those white tubes you have on the floor that covers the wires overall a very clean job now let's take a look at your PC now although I don't have anything against pink cases I just don't see this going well with your setup but yeah you have to pretty dope setups Thank You Charles for entering next up is Mahmood's gorgeous white setup we have three 27-inch Dell 1440p monitors and that's 2560 by 1440 P resolution guys that's not 1080p the displays are mounted on the capstone monitor mounts which we have seen previously on glasses set up on episode 20 and on the desk we have a Logitech k-8 hundred wireless keyboard an MX performance mouse on the courser extended mouse pad there's also a pair of ath m50x BL headphones hanging from the side of the desk cable management couldn't be more perfect I really like how the wires are hidden behind the doors here and this also makes it extremely convenient to access let's not forget about that transformer looking PC case you have from thermal pick that thing is an absolute beast winning on a 4790k processor and a GTX 980 one thing I really like about the accessories you have are the tiny hands that's holding up your remote for the LEDs I do see a Bose Bluetooth speaker on the ground and I know you don't want that giant thing on your desk it just won't look good there but it kind of looks out of place on the floor as well so maybe grabbing a small nightstand or even an extra drawer would prove to not only be useful but you also will have a dedicated place for the speakers other than that I have nothing else to say I mean everything from the granite floor to the white table and even the backdrop not to mention the sexy looking office chair just goes so damn well together by far one of the most gorgeous and elegant setups I have seen by far and what I've given this a 10 out of 10 seal of approval if it weren't for the colors on those headphones that PC case and the fact that the speakers are out of place on the floor but nonetheless it's an awesome setup Thank You Mahmud for entering last but certainly not least we have Sean from frosted gaming he was actually featured on episode 10 before but since then he has changed around his setup so this is his gaming room we have three Acer 24 inch monitors and a giant Samsung 4k Smart TV right above which I'm guessing is used for console gaming and watching videos at least that's what I'll be using it for on the desk we have a Corsair strafe RGB keyboard with custom white caps a logitech g502 gaming mouse and a few headphones off to the side we have a pair of turtlebeach XO 7s and ath m50x and a courser H 2100 s on the other side cable manager it was great before and it's still great even till today it looks like you routed them near the top and behind your desk since you last the mission you did build a new PC as well it seems this bad boy is running the new skylake 6700 K which is overclocked to 5.2 gigahertz that's just ridiculous it also has 16 gigabytes of plan around from coarser and a GTX 980ti which is also overclocked to 1390 megahertz that's one hell of a beasty got there man I do gotta say that you have a bunch of stuff on your desk and there's some JBL speakers near the back of the monitors and even some stuff on the shelves above but you know what they all have their place and it's well organized I'm diggin the acoustic films you have on the wall and the LEDs behind your setup and even under your bed this is one badass gaming room and I think you Shawn for entering setup boards again so before I end this episode I'm gonna give you huge thanks to Harry's for making this video possible they basically send shaving supplies straight to your door now I know for a fact there's a bunch of you guys out there that hate shopping for razors 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Twitter and Instagram accounts so make sure you guys are following me there if you want to know who wins that's basically it if you guys enjoyed setup wars you guys know what to do hit that like button to show your support and I will be here every single Monday making these for you thank you and I'll see you in the next video
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