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Setup Wars Episode 25 - ft. SgtBallisticGaming

what's up guys it's that back again from Texas and welcome to setup wars episode 25 what do you see at your desk setup to get featured on the channel if you guys are new to the series and want to submit your desk setup make sure to watch the video link down below without wasting any more time let the setup wars begin GTA is your one-stop shop for extremely cheap cd-keys for any game out there never pay full price again for your favorite games guys check it out by clicking on the link down below so you guys can see i'm kind of in a new set setup wars is usually done with me sitting on my couch but the living room is currently being furnished and it's not quite ready for setup wars hopefully it will be completed and ready to go for next week's episode so this week we have a very special guest brian from sergeant ballistic gaming he has a pretty cool tech channel he will be showing off his setup at the end of this video and you guys can find the link to his channel down below so make sure to check him out as always all of the gear for everyone setup will be linked down below along with anything I recommend in this episode so without wasting any more time here are your 5 lucky contestants Aaron Chris Daniel Eric and Harry Potter you're a wizard everyone is first up with an interesting setup so we have a dell 24-inch monitor on the left and a 24-inch BenQ on the right and both of them are hooked up to a monitor arm I gotta say this is a very clever way to hook up two displays on such a tiny desk we also have the CM storm devastated keyboard and mouse combo a charging station for the PlayStation 4 controllers and a raft power 6 port USB hub to charge your devices kale management is okay although I would have loved to see the cables wrapped up together instead of having them just came down like that but it's not really a big deal on the other side of his room we have a giant 65 inch samsung 1080p TV which is hooked up to an Xbox one alright that shelf either has to go or you need to line that directly in the center of your TV I mean your bed is right next to it how do you sleep at night but I'm really liking this setup you made everything work in such a small space I like the shelf that's holding up your PC underneath that you have the PlayStation 4 speaking of PC's we have a 5820k processor and a gtx 960 in this bad boy well yeah not a bad setup at all thank you a room for entering setup boards is it a ruler Arun next up is Chris with his battle station we have three million 24 inch monitors on top of a custom-made monitor stand and on the desk we have a trust LED keyboard and a trust GXT 152 mouse on top of the Goliath this extended mouse pad also no desk we have a blue snowball Mike a total Beach px4 headset resting on one of the shelves really great work with cable management and the LEDs everything is nicely coordinated and symmetrical absolutely love how you setup the two speakers below the middle shelf and how you have the Assassin's Creed figurine looking down at you with that LED spotlight on it there's definitely some personality in this setup no doubt a few things that bothers me are those creases from the posters I mean they are kind of obvious and I think that it takes away a little from your setup but I gotta say though that monitors that is bitching man job well done I don't even know what to say about that original ps3 you have hung on the wall that's definitely cool in a strange way but yeah overall a very unique setup indeed thank you Chris for entering a number three we have Danielle with a dual display setup we have 2 a 3 24 inch monitors a logitech k5 20 keyboard and mouse we also have a pair of Z 200 speakers and a Sony pulse elite headphones but you have an Xbox one cable management can definitely be better if you replace that 2 outlet power strip with something that has more plug and sources that way you can just hook up all of your cables into one source and just have one cable connecting to your wall outlet also I don't like how the Xbox one is just sitting there with an extra keyboard right next to it if you must have those next to your PC might I suggest a stand for the Xbox not only does it add a little spice to your setup but you will have room underneath to keep your extra keyboard it will definitely clean up your desk set up now there are a bunch of cool stands available so I'll link a few of them down below for you or anyone to choose from with some minor modifications I think this black and white setup has real potential Thank You Daniel for entering next up is Eric with another triple display setup we have three BenQ 24-inch monitors on top of the ikea Galant desk we also have a Razer Tartarus keypad Manticore keyboard and a bloody r9 mouse kale management is pretty bad I suggest you buy an 8 outlet surge protector and hook up all your devices to it and put the surge protector on that rack under your desk after all it's there for a reason now if you want to be more organized you can actually pick up an omni mount cable cloth and wrap all your cables together it will really clean up your cable management I do like the fact that you drilled a hole in your desk to out the keyboard and mouse wires through and a lot of guys actually been asking me to do the same for my set up but I don't know maybe one day I'll give in and actually do it I do want to point out those speaker stands you have on the sides of your setup this is great for anyone that doesn't have any space or wants to free up some space on their desks you guys can actually pick up speaker stands like these and have them set up on both sides of your desk I'll go ahead and drop a link down below for a few good ones if anyone's interested but yeah you're pretty simple and straightforward triple display set up just fix up your cable management and you will definitely earn my approval but nonetheless thank you for entering last but not least we have Harry with his black and red quad monitors set up three twenty six inch Acer monitors below with a 23 inch hands monitor up top under desk we have a mad cat strike three keyboard a rat three Mouse on top of the Aki large mouse pad which I didn't even know they made mouse pads we also have a HyperX cloud two gaming headset which I've personally used for gaming too and a phone stand from me shop excellent work with cable management this makes me very happy person seeing the cables tied together and mounted on the roof of your desk but why the hell do you have a Swiss Army knife attached on the desk as well is that in case someone tries to bother you while gaming and wanna go watch movie today speaking of gaming I really like that custom MSI side window you have on your PC that looks pretty badass it's also rocking to 960 GPUs and 16 gigabytes of RAM unfortunately you didn't tell me what type of processor it's running a few things I'll recommend to clean up your desk first a drawer that you can install on your desk to keep your remotes and other miscellaneous items in an a headphone hangar for your HyperX headset so it's just not lying on your desk like that but yeah overall a really really sweet setup Thank You Harry Potter for anything so that's it for this week's episode of setup wars make sure you guys drop your comments down below and vote on who has the best desk setup and as always I'll announce the winner on Sunday on my Twitter and Instagram accounts so make sure you guys are following me there if you want to know who wins alright so onto the main event we have Brian from sergeant ballistic gaming he's gonna be showing off his setup Brian go in and take it away what is up i'm sergeant ballistic but you guys can call me Brian welcome to my setup so I like to refer to this setup as a work hard play hard setup I produce most of my youtube videos here but I also like to get down on a lot of games in this setup so in terms of YouTube production I've got a dedicated IKEA linman setup over in the corner so I can film unboxings and do b-roll for reviews my main camera is a Canon 60d and I've got a few lenses I got this konova k2 slider that I've modified to get some nice smooth slides and I use a mono proto tripod and tripod head combo to get some nice b-roll moving over to this other corner of my room I try to store and organize things over here in order to keep my main setup as clean as possible I've got stuff I've already reviewed over here stuff I'm waiting the review processors getting ready to go into build tool supplies and just other stuff I like to show off all right now getting into the first PC build this is my editing rig it's an AMD FX 8350 system I would ask for name suggestions but it's going to be completely overhauled and changed to housing intel i7 59 60 X base build pretty soon the entire right side of my setup is dedicated to production and productivity get these three older monitors including the Samsung sync master below that you can see a lot of the stuff that helps me produce my videos I've got a Logitech g600 gaming mouse the Kingston USB 3.0 card reader these M audio studio monitors a focusrite scarlett 2i2 audio interface and of course audio technica m50x in terms of recording audio I mainly use this audio technica at2020 five XLR mic on a boom stand on the left side of my setup I've got an area completely dedicated to gaming lately most of my gaming has actually been going down on this bad boy I like to call the mo can its military scene build with another AMD FX 8350 the AC sabertooths 990 FX motherboard and EVGA gtx 770 this guy will soon be replaced by an all-white i7 4790k build along with a gtx 980 in terms of peripherals i've got two BenQ 24-inch 144 hertz one millisecond panels stacked on top of each other the older 1080 displays but they're great for getting max frame rates out of my rig you can also see my logitech c920 webcam other peripherals include the Logitech G 15 and next to it I've got the G 500 Mouse instead of a normal headset I've opted for a pair of audio technica ath 8700 X's with an attached mod mic these have amazing sound localization for playing shooters we got a number of controllers and some cool items like the Nvidia shield portable and in the video shield tablet these are great so I can game on the go and one final thing I wanted to show was my cable management I know that's kind of weird but you can always benefit from having good cable management so thanks again to Edgar for having me on peace out so there you have it a huge thanks to Brian for being on the show make sure to check out his channel I will leave a link down below it's a pretty cool tech channel as well but yeah thank you guys so much for watching setup wars if you guys enjoyed these series and want me to continue doing them every single week let me know by hitting that like button to show your support and I'll see you guys in the next video hey wanna go see move today oh oh it falls all the way down
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