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Setup Wars - Episode 27

yes I know one of the coup stick foams are missing from the wall I ordered some they're on their way you're OCD just has to deal with it what's up guys it's that back again from tech source and welcome to setup wars episode 27 where you submit your desk setup to get featured on the channel if you are new to the channel or new to series and want to submit your desk setup make sure to click on the link all the way down below to watch the instructions and requirements but with all that said and done let us set up wars begin never pay full price for games ever again guys g2a offers the cheapest cd-keys you can find anywhere check them out by clicking on the link below as always everyone's gear for their setups will be linked down below if anyone is interested along with anything I recommend in this episode so with that said here are your 5 lucky contestants awesome dude Brad Falco Jake and Jason congratulations for making it to setup wars episode 27 first up we have a 13 year old person that goes by the name of awesome dude I'm not really sure why you didn't give me your name so we have to Samsung 24 inch monitors logitech g502 speakers on top of the Alex drawer Adam unit very nice to see that in setup wars again on the desk we had Logitech MK 360 keyboard and mouse combo and a Razer vascular mousepad what is that sticker still doing on that keyboard oh pretty good job with cable management I noticed the IKEA Signum rack underneath the table where you keep all the cables on top of and I'll give you a point for the zip ties but yeah you're pretty simple and straightforward setup I love the symmetry and how clean the overall desk looks job well done awesome dude and thank you for entering Brad Pitt is next up with our second dual display setup to Asus 24 inch monitor is an apple wireless keyboard and Magic Mouse with a pair of sony MDR headphones hidden in the drawer underneath we also have an iPad 3 under the monitors cable management is pretty good I noticed that you use some velcro strips to tie the wires against the table but if you really want to hide that ugly power strip you can pick up an e box cable organizer and put your entire power strip inside that way you don't see any plugs I think this will definitely clean up the overall look underneath your desk oh let's not forget about the LEDs which are practically everywhere inside your room a little too much for my taste but overall a very simple and clean setup Thank You mr. Pitts for entering captain Falco is next up with an all-white setup we have two dell 27 inch ultra slim bezel monitors god damn you know how i feel about those thin bezels no but seriously sexy monitor choice and I love how you mounted them on the wall we also have another Apple wireless keyboard and Magic Trackpad combo and a pair of Logitech Z 333 speakers which are spray-painted and white to match the theme job well done to the right we have a MacBook Pro duct inside the hinge dock station and a USB 3.0 hub mounted in the center of your custom-made monitor riser so basically he picked up a large thin table and used the IKEA capita legs to secure them on top of the desk it seems like you really put in a lot of thought into your setup and it turned out beautiful cable management is pretty good once again we have the IKEA Signum rack holding all the wires but as long as they're off the ground it works for me under the side of the room you have a 60-inch Sony TV with a ps4 and ps3 console underneath came so any baby honestly I'd love to recommend everything is symmetrical organized and you have yourself a very clean and gorgeous setup thank you for entering setup words Jake Gyllenhaal is next up with somewhat of a black and red setup we have two asus 23 inch monitors a razer Deathstalker keyboard and a Death Adder mouse on a courser extended mousepad we also have a pair of ath m50x headphones on top of the Thermaltake headphone anger and a pair of Logitech z4 speakers we also have a road NT mic hooked up with a boom arm for recording audio excellent work with cable management I see that you have a cable tube against the wall to wrap your wires through and it goes all the way up against your wall to the power outlet which brings me to a question why the hell is there a power outlet up there in the first place some countries are just weird pretty dope EC as well we have a 4790k and a GTX 970 inside the NZXT phantom looking case the setup seems a bit cramped mainly due to that huge PC case of yours I also feel like the red case throws off the color balance of your setup I mean we have some greens some silver and the rest of your setup is black and then we have this giant red case next to it by judging from that extra space near your mouse I'd say you have plenty of room to work with it's a little cramped but it works nonetheless Thank You Jake for entering last but not least we have Jason and his gaming room setup so on the main desk we have three Acer 23 inch monitors which are mounted a Razer BlackWidow chroma keyboard and naga chroma mouse on top of the cursor extended mousepad which I will never get tired of seeing we also have some recording equipment a blue snowball mic off to the side and audio technica 2035 mic on a boom arm and an M audio mix amp underneath in front of the bed we have a 50 inch Samsung Smart TV with a ps4 Xbox one and another 32 inch Smart TV near the setup do you really need all those displays cables are not visible so I can't really complain or recommend things but overall you've a really cool gaming room thank you Jason for entering so as a for this week's episode of setup wars you guys know what to do drop your comments down below and vote on who has the best desk setup and as always I will announce the winners on Sunday on my social media accounts or I should say my Twitter and Instagram so make sure you guys are following me there if you want to know who wins if you guys enjoy setup wars make sure to hit that like button and I will see you in the next video Jake - Yolo Jake gigolo chin chin Jill Jake Gyllenhaal Jake Jill no Jake Gyllenhaal is next up with Jake Gyllenhaal
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