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Setup Wars Episode 30 - Ft. Hardware Canucks

thirty freaking episodes of setup wars you guys that is just crazy I can't believe I've already hosted that many episodes but you know what since we're nearing the end of the year would you guys like to see me do a video on the 10 best setups from setup wars if so let me know by dropping a comment down below what's up guys it's that back again from Texas and welcome to setup wars episode 30 when you submit your desk setup to get featured on the channel if you are new to the show and want to submit yours make sure to watch the video linked down below let the setup wars begin never pay full price for games ever again guys g2a offers the cheapest cd-keys you can find anywhere check them out by clicking on the link below so this week we have a very special guest dimitri from hardware canucks you'll be showing off his sexy setup at the end of this episode and if you guys are into PC gaming or other tech related content definitely check out Hardware Canucks I'll drop a link down below to their channel alright so here are your five chosen for this week we have Jacob Jairo Kenneth Martin and Landon congratulations for making it into setup wars episode 30 by the way everyone's gear will be linked down below if anyone is interested first up we have Jacob with a try display setup hooked up to an agro tech monitor arm we have three Asus 24-inch monitors a mad cat strike seven keyboard and a few selection of mice a Logitech g600 a Hama you rage mouse and a Mad Catz fly five fly stick on the left side we have a pair of Razer black shark headphones and we also have a blue snowball mic for recording audio keyhole management is pretty good for the most part although I would clean up the wires on the right side a little bit but overall great work you have a bunch of stuff on your desk and we know that I'm not quite sure why you need two different types of mice but hey I get it you like variety what you can do with that headset though is to hang it under your desk closer to your PC using the anchor so that way you not only have one less item on your desk but you don't have a cable running over it but other than that a pretty dope setup indeed Jacob thank you for entering Hiero is next up with an interesting setup we have two asus monitors a 27-inch 1440p monitor as primary and a 23 point 8 inch 1080p in vertical mode which he uses for coding on the desk we have the corsair k70 RGB keyboard with custom vortex white key caps to the side of that we have a logitech g502 mouse on top of the white glorious extended mouse pad which you have magically kept clean also on the desk we have a pair of JBL speakers and a HyperX cloud headset and white also I love how you kept the black and white theme consistent excellent work with cable management as well everything is neatly wrapped and kept off the ground also I think your cat is plotting something after the left side we have a setup for console gaming a ps4 hooked up to a 32 inch LG TV and a pair of astro a 50 s hanging from the Silverstone aluminum headphone stand I haven't forgot about that stick PC though I mean look at this Wow we have a 5820k clocked at 4.5 gigahertz and EVGA 980ti superclocked Edition 16 gigabytes of ddr4 ram at 26 66 megahertz in a gorgeous custom loop with black and white cables and painted parts what a beauty you know what guys it's been a while I don't have a single reason why this guy doesn't deserve the set-up boards seal of approval the organisation symmetry cleanliness of the desk and even the mousepad plus the amazing color coordination and attention to detail ladies and gentlemen the second ever setup wars seal of approval goes to Jairo congratulations dude hell even a console is skin to match the setup those of you who are new to the series the seal of approval has only been given out one other time and I think that was on episode 17 but I do have to emphasize that receiving the seal is extremely rare and I don't give it out easily so receiving I set upwards seal of approval you get a prize hundred dollars in cash you get a choice of a tech source branded t-shirt and also a custom-made one-of-a-kind plaque congratulating you on winning such an achievement so Jairo if you're watching this go ahead and email set up boards and claim your prize my friend well deserved so moving on with the show at number three we have Kenneth with a quad display set up a 40 inch samsung tv up top hooked up to the Xbox one and below that we have a set of three asus 24 inch monitors on the desk we have a bunch of stuff a steel series apex gaming keyboard Razer Taipan Mouse and an enormous sound bar in the middle of the setup really we also have a pair of Razer Black Shark headphones off to the left side and a bunch of remotes on the right cable management can definitely be spiffed up a bit with some velcro straps or wraps and you can definitely free up some space on your desk if you pick up a drawer and install it under your desk if there is room that is you will have lots of space in there to store your remotes and even room for the Apple TV I know a lot of you guys are probably sick of me mentioning the drawer but you got to realize that there are thousands of new subscribers on a channel so there are probably new people watching the show even as we speak so every time I see the opportunity I will mention it of course the headphone hangar wouldn't hurt either and if this was my setup I would definitely mount that sound bar underneath the TV on the wall instead of having it sit in the middle of the desk especially that close to you this setup has great potential once you fix a few things but nonetheless Thank You Kenneth for entering next up is Landon with a minimalistic setup 225 inch HP monitors a poker mechanical keyboard and a courser m65 RGB Mouse talk about minimalism you can probably fit that keyboard in your pocket off the right side of the table we have a pair of astro a40 s and beneath the table is a Bose sound och3 speaker excellent work with cable management I see zip ties keeping your wires together and off of the ground the custom PC on the other hand is running on a 5820k and an asus strix 980 GPU but a little too much red in there even for my taste I would hate to see that glossy table of yours being scratched so perhaps picking up a black and red mouse pad to match your theme and protect your gear but other than that I have nothing else to say very clean setup Thank You Landon for entering last but not least we have Martin with an ultra white setup we have a 34 inch LG ultrawide monitor hooked up to the silverstone arm and on the desk we have a Logitech k-8 hundred keyboard and g9 mouse on top of the huge may tech Genesis mouse pad also notice we have a pair of creative t20 speakers a dock for charging Xbox 360 controllers and all the way on the Left we have an audio mixer excellent work with cable management Wow now that is a very clean job showing behind your setup takes a lot of guts I give you props for that Martin even the PC cables are wrapped neatly inside and outside we have a 4790k GTX 780 and a Noctua NHD 14 CPU cooler inside the courser 350 d case I also just noticed that you attached an SD card reader behind your monitor very clever and the that's actually a really smart place to put one and lastly we have a logitech g27 wheel for them racing games after all you have to take advantage of that ultra wide very clean and organized set up overall Martin thank you for entering so before we move on to the main event make sure you guys drop your comments down below and vote on who has the best desk setup and as always that allows the winner on Sunday on my Twitter and Instagram accounts so make sure you guys are following me there all right so now the amici is gonna be showing off his sexy setup Dimitri go ahead and take it away man hey guys this is Dimitri with hardware canucks and thanks to Ed for having me on the show welcome to my setup first let's start with on the desk and I'm a dual monitor guy these are Acer xB 270 hu g-sync monitors with 1440p resolution and aside from the nasty glossy finish on the frame and the base these are actually fantastic for productivity in gaming and everything I produced for Haruka knucks goes through these pixels first now notice I don't have any speakers on my setup that's because my ears have been sort of spoiled by the wonderful HD 800 made by Sennheiser that powers pretty much all of my audio needs but for gaming I use the Game one headset with an open back design for directional cues and it has a fantastic microphone speaking of the microphone here's my five year old audio technica 2035 now this thing goes wherever I go for voice overs and it's connected to the scarlett 2i2 interface which sits beside the O two headphone amplifier that does a decent job of powering the HD 800 headphones my mouse of choice for now is a Zoe FK one with fantastic tracking and if any of you are csgo fans this mouse has improved my aim by lot beside it as a cooler master no attached tkl keyboard which is compact super simple and tough with my favorite keyboard switch the top row capacitive highly recommended my desk companion is this Trabant toy car and it's a slow as in toy as in real life and you just gotta have a plant as well to bring out some green within all this tech and fun fact it sits on top of my power button so powering this entire setup and my life basically is a recently built the editing PC based on the latest Intel skylake platform with an i7 processor 16 gigabytes of RAM for now but soon to be 64 gigabytes with dual gtx 980ti s-- and only solid-state drives which makes editing very pleasing and it's all housed inside this beautiful aluminum fantex evolved ATX enclosure which also adds a really nice workstation vibe to it i sit on this thing for most of my day the verdict year SL 4000 chair and that looks aside it's actually very comfortable and helps with my posture when I'm going for that eight-hour editing marathon beside the editing then is my shaft that gives me enough surface area which is very needed for organising upcoming videos and builds and believe it or not actually gives a dynamic background when I'm filming right in front of it I'm a bit of a mouse collector so here's where they sit along with some my other gaming gear and so this side of the office is basically full that acts as open storage and backdrop at the same time swinging things on to the other wall it's plain white with my dual lights and a simple tabletop this one's glossy for getting those cool reflection shots but I love this setup that grants me all the maneuverability that I want and so that's basically it thanks to Edgar for featuring my setup I hope you enjoyed so that's it for this week's episode of setup wars you guys enjoyed it make sure to hit that like button and a huge thanks to Dimitri for being on the show I'll go and drop a link to their channel down below they have a bunch of sweet content so make sure you guys subscribe that will do it for this episode thank you guys so much again for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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