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Setup Wars - Episode 31

I got nothing for this intro what's up guys is that back again from tech stores and welcome to setup wars episode 31 where you submit your desk setup to get featured on a channel if you all need to the show and want to submit your setup make sure to watch the video linked down below a little that said and done let the setup wars begin never pay full price for games ever again guys g2a offers the cheapest cd-keys you can find anywhere check them out by clicking on the link below as always everyone's gear from their setups will be linked down below but here are your 5 lucky contestants Julianne Marc Rafi Roberto Sam who that's for making it to setup wars episode 31 first up is Julien with a WoW setup now this is the type of quality I expect for my submissions you guys it doesn't matter if your setup is just a laptop on your bed if you send me high-quality pictures like this you will get featured I think I rejected over 50% of the submissions I received mainly because of poor quality I get super dark images very blurry very grainy pictures but enough about that we have a custom-built desk and a monitor stand which holds up to Asus 21 inch monitors on the desk we have an anchor wireless keyboard Corsair Mouse and a pair of cyber acoustic speakers but that view though probably the coolest part of this setup no doubt but check this out guys he has blinds that doubles as a projector screen which he has an Xbox hooked up to we also have a bunch of wall shelves with some lens show fees which I'm really curious as how you even reach the top shelves caleb anathan is great I don't see any on the ground and down here we have the PC and a pair of em 50s near the bed we have a shelf full of antique cameras and a bunch of photos up top which is safe to assume were taken by you it definitely seems like you have a passion for photography so I wish you the best in your life and your career but thank you James for entering next up is Mark with a 34 inch ultra wide monitor by LG hooked up to an arm off to the side on the desk we have the Blackbird mechanical keyboard and we have a Logitech g600 two miles off to the side to the left we have the console gaming setup a vizio 4k TV and a ps4 underneath we also have some headphones hanging under the wall shelf a Sony wireless headset and a Corsair Vengeance 1500 hanging from the Audio Technica headphone cable management is really good but Jesus do you really need that many power strips I can't 1 2 3 4 and I think there's another one in black why don't you just get 2 large power and then put one on each side I think that will really minimize the amount of plugs you use for your wall outlet I do have to give you props for having the monitor arm off to the side it really gives the monitor a levitating effect honestly looks way cleaner that way I may have to do the same for my setup powering the setup is a 4770k and an AC 780ti which mark is planning to upgrade to a 980ti or dual nine 70s know what the 980ti if you have the money but overall an awesome setup thank you Mark for entering at number three we have Rafi or Rafi with some eye candy 323 inch monitors a Microsoft 800 keyboard and a Logitech performance MX mouse which means this is a Productivity setup we also have a pair of Sony speakers on the table and a custom-built PC rocking an i5 4460 and a GTX 970 great work with cable management I like how you use the velcro straps to combine the cables together I would strongly advise against using zip ties because if you ever need to swap out or remove devices then it's going to be really annoying but yeah not much else to say really pretty straightforward setup I would maybe recommend some hangers for your headsets but other than that a very clean and sexy setup Thank You Rafi or Rafi Rafi for entering next up is Roberto with a quad display 3 ASIS 27 inch monitors any massive Samsung TV up top which is hooked up to the Xbox one under that's we have a Logitech G 19 s keyboard MadCatz rat 9 Mouse on top of the extra-large enhance gaming mouse pad because of a pair of Logitech Z 5500 speakers and a national a 50 headset hanging from somewhere I have no idea where though kale Baldwin is spot on we have the popular IKEA Signum rack which is holding up the cables and we have a parish tip attached to the roof of the desk I also like the cable shields you put on the wires from the TV and monitors that definitely cleans up the overall desk set up the TV isn't exactly centered with the three monitors which really messes with my OCD and but overall I'd say you have a killer set up Thank You Roberto for entering last but not least we have sand whoo with a triple display setup three ACS 24-inch monitor side-by-side with an apple keyboard and mouse as peripherals on the left side we have a sony laptop pair of Beats solo headphones and a sweet-looking black-and-white build in between a 4790k clock to four point seven and a gtx 980 hall-of-fame addition caleb management can definitely be improved by using cable sleeves and velcro straps which I will leave down below also the LED strips would look a lot better in the back of the table instead of the front the point of having LEDs is to get that glow effect behind an object and not have them visible in the front I also think that three monitors side by side in a straight line like that is not productive at all I'm almost positive that you are not able to see the edges on both of the outer monitors without having to lean forward so either bring those monitors closer or go with a dual monitor setup because I feel like you aren't really utilizing all of those pixels but yeah other than that it's a great setup sound whoo thank you for entering so that's over this week's episode of setup wars make sure you guys drop your comments down below and vote on the best desk setup and as always I'll announce the winner on Sunday on my Twitter and Instagram accounts so make sure you guys are following me there if you guys enjoy the show make sure to show your support and I'll see you in the next video
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