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Setup Wars Episode 33 - Single Monitor Edition

two episodes of setup wars and one week you guys who is excited what's up guys is that back again from tech source and welcome to setup wars episode 33 single monitor edition part 2 I guess if you guys are new to the series and want to submit your setup make sure to watch the video link down below but without wasting any more time let the setup wars begin never pay full price for games ever again guys g2a offers the cheapest cd-keys you can find anywhere check them out by clicking on the link below as always everyone's gear for their setups will be linked down below so here are your 5 lucky contestants we have Janne Jean a Matt Ryan and tuber congratulations for making it a setup for is episode 33 first up we have Jan and his single 24-inch AOC monitor on top of some sort of a white block that's used as they stand on the desk itself you have an Amazon basics bluetooth keyboard and a logitech t6 51 trackpad as a mouse this setup is being powered by the 2014 MacBook Air which is off to the side and at the opposite side we have the Xbox 360 and a pretty sweet stand for the controller and the Nexus 7 cable management is very clean just like this entire room to be honest everything is nicely organized just look at this shelf for instance it's organized from small to large I also really like the Justin model artwork you have around your room that's definitely something I approve overall a very minimalistic and very clean setup Thank You Jan for entering GNA is next up with a 24 inch asus monitor a cursor key 30 keyboard and a razer deathadder mouse after the left side we have a pair of Bose QC 5 teen headphones resting on top of the PlayStation 4 and under the monitor we have a Bose Soundlink mini cables aren't visible so I can't really criticize you and give you tips but we can take a look at that dope PC which is rocking an FX 8320 and an Asus r9 290 GPU other than adding a monitor riser to clean up the overall look of your setup there's really nothing else to say Thank You janae for entering a number 3 we have math with a 27-inch Asus monitor on top of this a touchy monitor stand that I recommended in the past it features a few USB ports in the front for easy access and audio ports for connecting headphones or microphones on the desk we have an Apple wireless keyboard any Mad Catz bluetooth mouse which is definitely an interesting combination we also have a pair of M audio speakers and AV 6 a.m. microphone great work with cable management I noticed the e box cable box down there hiding the power strip inside and you know it's always nice seeing my recommendations and a set up regardless if they got the idea of me or not regardless is a very clean setup thank you Matt for entering next setup is from Ryan with a 21.5 inch monitor a Roseville mechanical gaming keyboard and a Logitech g600 gaming mouse I'm really digging that blackmont understand you have and on the top to the left of that you have a pair of em 50s to the right of that setup you have a Samsung TV with a few consoles underneath so we have a n64 up top a ps4 and an Xbox 360 all the way on the bottom excellent work with cable management no wires touching the ground and they are neatly wrapped together I also like how you hide the keyboard and mouse under the monitor stand when not in use you certainly know how to keep a setup very clean and for that I will give you a point Thank You Ryan for entering last but not least we have to BER with a 29 inch LG monitor a steel series apex keyboard and a Roccat Kone mouse on top of the attitude one extended mouse pad also on a desk you have a pair of Logitech z5o 6 speakers and a nice collection of speed link Wireless game pads off to the left side the cable management game is strong on this one I see that the desk comes with a dedicated spot for cables and that is pretty sweet to be honest I will go ahead and drop a link to the desk if anyone is interested it's really rare seeing an in win PC case on setup pours so it's always a pleasant surprise coming across one this is the N win 904 glass case and inside this sexy thing we have a 4790k paired with a ZOTAC gtx 980ti the only thing i'll recommend buying is a controller rack that you could hook up to the wall or even to the side of your desk not only will that free up some space but it'll really clean up the surface of your desk but I don't that you have a really sweet setup thank you - before entering so that's it for this episode of setup wars you guys know what to do drop your comments down below and vote on who has the best desk setup as always I'll announce the winner on Sunday on my Twitter and Instagram accounts so follow me guys if you want to that's basically a thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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