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Setup Wars - Episode 34

Hiero Verna from episode 31 of setup wars if you're watching this video your plaque is ready to go as I promised winning the seal of approval you get the prize money the plaque and then a t-shirt so once the t-shirt is printed out I'll go ahead and send it out along with this plaque so once again I want to congratulate you what's up guys it's that back again from Texas and welcome to setup wars episode 34 will you submit your desk setup to get featured on the channel now if you guys have been following me on Twitter of the weekend I posted a tweet stating that I'm no longer accepting submissions or setup wars because of obvious reasons I am buried in submissions and I think you'll take me about a year to go through all of these submissions that I have so far so to remedy this I'm gonna try and put out two or even three episodes of setup wars every single week it just depends on how much time I have once I go through all of these setups I will reopen setup wars and you guys can submit your desk setup but currently that's what's happening and you guys can follow me on Twitter and Instagram if you guys want more updates but yeah with all that said and done let the set up wars begin never pay full price for games ever again guys g2a offers the cheapest cd-keys you can find anywhere check them out by clicking on the link below as always everyone's gear for the setups will be linked down below along with anything I recommend in this episode so with that said here are your 5 lucky contestants we have Jim Michael Riley Tim and Tony congratulations for making it to set up for its episode 34 first up is Jim with a triple display setup we have three Lenovo 23 inch monitors a thermal tape poseidon z RGB keyboard and the popular Logitech g600 2 mouse on top of the courser extended mousepad some of the stuff we have on the desk consists of a pink lift glow stash a bumblebee transformer figurine and a pair of flesh pro media speakers clip clip uh I don't know excellent work with cable management I like the fact that you attach the LED remote on the roof of the desk as well as drilling a hole for your keyboard wire a very clean setup with some minor additions that add spice to your overall setup nonetheless thank you Jim for entering Michael is next up with a so we have a Productivity setup and I get asked this before why I assume it's a Productivity set up because of Apple products well because who to help games on a Mac let's be real the main purpose of Apple products are for productivity sure you can do some light gaming on them but it's not a gaming setup so we have to ace or 27 inch monitors being powered by a 2013 Mac Pro with a wireless Apple keyboard and trackpad and a Mad Catz rat 9 Mouse also no desk we have a pair of bose companion 20 speakers and some taotronics RGB LED strips to add a little spice holy mother of cable management such a splendid job with all of those wires everything is neatly wrapped and zip tied it seems like I've actually mentioned this before but if you decide to remove or add a device it's going to be really annoying to redo the cables since you have it zip tied so I would suggest a velcro strap instead but if you're confident that you won't be changing this any time soon then it's all good I would also recommend a cable box to hide those power strips on the bottom if you really want to clean things up although I don't know how I feel about your setup being in front of a heater I'm almost positive you don't use it otherwise it would cause some serious damage to your PC and cables but overall a very awesome setup thank you Michael for entering Riley is next up at number three we have two different BenQ monitors at 24 inches a Logitech g7 10 Plus keyboard and a final Mouse 2015 paired with a mecco Mouse bungee also on the desk you have a pair of Logitech G 430 s's and a Mophie Juice Pack cables aren't visible so I can't really give you any recommendations but I do like those shelves against the backside of the table it's a pretty cool place to hide some of the stuff that you're not using powering the set up is a 4790k clock to four point four and a GTX 970 inside the Magnificent H 440 case so a few things I would recommend it seems like your setup would work really well with a Gambia's headphone hangar since you can just hook it up to the corner of your monitor also what's with the second mouse pad if using that as some sort of a palm rest I guess I can understand but otherwise that and that fake revolver of yours is taking up extra bass other than a few minor tweaks you have a great setup Thank You Riley for entering tim is next up with to Asus 28 inch monitors on top of the Alex add-on unit from Ikea that I've recommended countless times in the past I mean you really get the best of both worlds two drawers to put stuff in and some space in the middle to store something like a laptop or audio interface on the desk we have a logitech k310 and then Logitech T 400 touch Mouse kala banishment is great I can see that you made good use of that IKEA Signum rack and under that is a pair of headphones I can also see that you're a huge console gamer with stacks and stacks of ps3 and ps4 games along with some collectibles it doesn't even stop there we have some custom ps4 controllers and a wall of I'm guessing your favorite movies this actually gave me a really good idea thank you Tim every time I see phones lying flat on tables I always recommend phone stands for several reasons one it prevents the desk and phone from being scratched as you place it down countless times throughout the day and two it's more convenient looking directly at it in a vertical standpoint when you get notifications but overall a really great gaming room setup thank you Tim for entering me last but not least we have Tony with a custom made desk set up we have a 28 inch Acer monitor on the bottom with a 24 inch Asus display on top as an overhead on the desk we have a corsair k70 5 RGB keyboard and an M 65 mouse with a pair of Harman Kardon Sam sticks and a blue snowball mic that's actually the same chair that Bob used for his setup for those of you longtime subscribers out there cable management is awesome and I feel like building a custom desk you get an advantage since you can build one that makes managing wires very easy so Tony started from scratch and slowly built his dream desk against that awesome red wall of his and the other room he attached a plate against a wall and hooked up his wireless router and modem too which is a genius idea powering this beast of a set up is a custom PC inside yet another white H 440 case running on a 4770 paired with two gtx 970 s and sli honestly this has the potential of winning my setup wars seal of approval if I want for a few things but is pretty damn close I noticed you use earbuds and just leave them on your desk so I would recommend some cable drops which you can hook up to the front of your desk or somewhere nearby to hold earbuds in place for easy access oh that's it was just there by accident I also think an extended mousepad and white would really clean up the setup since you have that white armrest but other than those minor mods I think your setup is awesome as is thank you Tony for entering sets for this week's episode of setup words you guys know what to do make sure to drop your comments down below and vote on the best debt setup and as always the voting will end Saturday and allows the winner on Sunday on my Twitter and Instagram accounts so follow me guys if you want to know who wins that's basically it show your love for setup wars by dropping a like and as always I'll see you guys in the next video
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