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Setup Wars - Episode 37

what's up guys is that back again from tech source and I'm here with Mike over for setup or episode 37 say it setup ORS snowing see say setup Wars Episode twenty 37 say there is Christ what's up guys is that from text overs and welcome to setup wars episode 37 where you submit your desk set up to get featured on the channel if you guys want to submit your desk set up make sure watch the video linked down below if the video is private that means that I am NOT currently accepting any submissions because I am jam-packed without wasting it over time let the set up wars begin never pay full price for games ever again guys g2a offers the cheapest cd-keys you can find anywhere check them out by clicking on the link below as always everyone's gear for the setups will be linked down below in the description section along with anything I recommend in this episode so here are your five chosen contestants we have Ollie three rich or fredwich Xavier Roca and laser hawk congratulations for making it to setup wars episode 37 so starting up the show is all he's set up with what tough is that so it appears we have an emperor 1510 workstation holding up three viewsonic 22 inch monitors we also have a logitech MK 300 ryos keyboard and an asus rog gaming mouse below to the left of the keyboard we have a few buttons which appear to control the LEDs and the seat I'm honestly speechless this is insane I mean this thing has LEDs up top a cup holder footrest and even freaking Bose speakers on both sides I actually looked up the price on this thing and it cost around 5 grand let me remind you that's only the base model you can customize your very own workstation so I decided to have some fun and customize my very own which came up to a little over 13 grand talk about a dream setup Jesus Christ but anyways going back to reality ollie definitely has an insane bedroom right next to his godlike device we have the PCs powering this entire setup an i7 3770 paired with a Radeon 7090 I seriously want to give this setup a seal of approval but the cables man so close so close if the cable added rent was a little better I would have easily given the seal I mean I haven't seen anything quite like this and it's not easy to replicate I mean who has 5 grand laying around for a setup nonetheless this is definitely one of the coolest setups I've seen in my life and I thank you very much ollie for entering setup wars so apparently this next name is called Fredrik and I butcher the crap out of it up you guys know me like I'm bad at pronouncing names so just just make fun of me and move on Fredrik is next up with a pretty sweet room setup we have a set of ikea linman desks the left one which is focused mainly for school Brook it seems like with some book stands and a desk ad pretty simple and straightforward moving on to the right side is the actual PC setup we have two LG 25 inch monitors and a logitech wireless keyboard and mouse combo also let us give a pair of bose companion 20 speakers and an Xbox one right in between the displays excellent work with cable management the Signum rack really does a great job hiding the cables and the LED strip stops off the set up nothing I would really recommend it seems like you got everything under control Thank You Frederick for entering setup boards and I'm sorry for butchering your name ID number three we have Xavier with a single 27-inch iMac 5k display we also have an apple wireless keyboard and trackpad along with a Logitech performance mouse I also like the headphone dangers you have attached on the wall even though they aren't aligned perfectly really digging that wall shelf as well that you have all the freaking way up there with some LEDs shining on the products and lastly this cool little modification on the back of the iMac it seems like Xavier installed a fan on the wall to help keep the iMac nice and cool plus one on that modification very clever cables aren't visible so I can't talk smack but what I can recommend are some things to clean up your desk a bit iMac owners are blessed by the many accessories that companies keep making for them for instance I see that they're a bunch of miscellaneous things on your desk that will look a lot better hidden so there's a few options you can go with Xavier but I would recommend any of these to clean up your desk a bit first up we have a monitor riser that has room for your wireless keyboard that also comes with four USB ports for charging and syncing your devices you solve the popular high rise to lift up your iMac a bit which also comes with a hidden storage that you can use to keep some of your stuff in and lastly a simple storage shelf that you can add to the front or back of the iMac either way I'll leave a link to all three down below so you can check it out oh yeah for the most part that's a very clean productivity setup Thank You Xavier for entering next up we have laser hawk with a single 34 inch LG ultrawide monitor mounted against the wall right next to the headphone hanger that's also holding up the SteelSeries Siberia v3 gaming headset on the desk you have a gigantic ass mouse pad and underneath that we have the Logitech k810 keyboard and a corsair m65 RGB mouse also no desk you have the Xbox one play and charge kit roller and the Samsung Galaxy Tab s right below that really great work with cable management everything is hooked up against the roof of the desk and zip tied to one of the legs so the PC that's powering this set up is a very sexy black and red build running on a 4770k paired with two EVGA GTX 780 T is classified editions along with 32 gigabytes of engines program the Caleb management game is also strong on both the PC and the actual setup so plus one they're the only two things I really messed with my OCD are the extremely large mouse pad and the pair of earphones just lying around you can actually use cable drops and hook them up to the right side of your desk that way it's not only closer to you but will remain hidden from sight at least that's what I would do but then again who really cares what I have to say nonetheless really cool setup thank you for entering last setup of the day belongs to Roca with a very clean black and white theme you have a 27-inch benq monitor on the left and a 27-inch Dell monitor on the right with a corsair k70 RGB keyboard and m65 RGB mouse on top of the cursor extended mouse pad the desk of course is none other than the IKEA lindeman desk and to the right side of that is the alux drawer which is holding up his hackintosh build cable management can definitely be improved with some velcro straps and wraps but other than that and the really cool acoustic bombs against the wall this is a very clean black-and-white setup thank you woke up for entering I still have the cable management video coming up you guys I haven't forgotten about that it's gonna be happening sometime in February so stick around for that so that's it for this week's episode of setup wars you guys know what to do drop your comments down below and vote on who has the best desk setup as always voting will end this Saturday and allows the winner on Sunday on my Twitter and Instagram accounts so follow me if there if you want to know who wins it's basically a thank you guys so much for watching as always leave a like you can enjoy set up boards and I'll see you in the next video
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