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Setup Wars - Episode 38

what's up guys is that from Texas and welcome to setup wars episode 38 where you submit your desk setup to get featured on the channel if you guys want to submit your desk setup make sure to watch the video linked down below without wasting our time let the setup wars begin never pay full price for games ever again guys g2a offers the cheapest cd-keys you can find anywhere check them out by clicking on the link below as always everyone's gear for the setups will be linked down below if anyone is interested but here are your 5 lucky contestants we have Andy Ronnie touka Z big I'm just gonna call you Z and then B that congratulations for making it to set of 4 is episode 38 so starting off the show is Andy's single display set up with a white and wooden theme we have a 24 inch LG Ultra right on top of the walnut monitor stand by grove made and below that we have the wireless apple keyboard mouse and trackpad I love how you kept the theme consistent we have wooden wrist pads pencil holders headphone stands MacBook stands and hell even a freaking USB hub is wooden it's definitely nice to see something fresh every now and then on the show Caleb and Ruben is also on point the power strip is mounted against the roof of the desk and we have several velcro straps holding up the cables so they don't hang down I'm also really liking the get done poster off to the left side with of course of wooden frames on the other side of the setup we have a white canon printer on top of a drawer and to top off the entire setup we have a black and white tea chair from the x-ray sir I love this setup it's clean organized and everything has purpose it's not on the desk just for show it's not too crowded and at the same time it's not minimalistic this setup has a great view and I love the atmosphere you have going on there just looking at the setup makes me want to be more productive and get done I definitely love the attitude of this setup all that combined is why I'm rewarding this the setup wars seal of approval if you guys are new to the channel the setup that gets awarded the seal receives 250 bucks a custom made plaque and my t-shirt so Andy if you're watching this video make sure to toss me an email to claim your prize' buddy really an awesome setup Ronnie is next up with a single display black and red set up we have a 24 inch LG monitor that's hooked up against the wall and on the desk we have a thermal take eSports challenge your keyboard and black element Mouse on top of the Pyrus mousepad we have a bear dynamic DT 770 headset hanging from the wall as well and a few other miscellaneous things on the desk like a docking station for the Xperia Z phone an Xbox 360 game pad and a speed link microphone kale management is pretty clean for the most part I can't really see any wire so I can't say much but the PC that's powering this entire setup has a 4670 CPU and a gigabyte gtx 770 graphics card inside the BitFenix shadow case with custom-made logos pretty straightforward setup the only thing I'll really recommend is to hide those LED strips since they are visible the point of the LED strips is to give a glow effect so if you can bring the desk out a little bit and put it behind the desk then it will look a lot better also maybe hiding that remote as well what people usually do is stick some velcro or 3m tape on the back of it and then put it against the roof of their desk but that's just my recommendation awesome setup Ronnie thank you for entering to CRA's next up with to Samsung 27-inch monitors on the desk we have a Microsoft Wireless 800 keyboard and a gigabyte M 6900 mouse on top of the asus strix mousepad also know that's keep a pair of logitech Z 323 speakers and RS 122 headphones from sennheiser that's resting on its own Stan cable management is excellent it appears that you hooked everything up against the backboard at the desk very clever idea and the PC that's powering this entire setup has an FX 6300 that's overclocked to 4.4 gigahertz and an asus strix r9 285 but yeah everything looks organized and clean for the most part thank you to Kerr for entering next up we have V dad with his minimalistic triple display set up three days to 23 inch monitors a steel series mechanical keyboard and CM storm week on Mouse I do see a mouse pad and some of the pictures so I'm not sure why you removed it in some of the shots but regardless I'm gonna go ahead and recommend a white extended mousepad to go along with your setup and a white headphone stand for your sony MDR s as well there are a few different designs to choose from so I'll have them link below for you to check out if you're interested excellent work with cable management not a single wire in sight that SteelSeries vertical rack thing in the back of your PC seems to help quite a bit I didn't get any pictures of inside the PC but it is running on a 4690k with a GTX 970 but yeah other than that extended mouse pad the only other thing I'd recommend is maybe some covers for your bed so you don't freeze your ass off how do you sleep at night last but not least we have Z with a single 24 inch monitor hooked up against the wall on the best we have a wrap ooh-ee 950 keyboard and a logitech m5 10 Mouse fun fact this desk was made out of a freaking sewing machine what talk about unique anyways you also have a pair of creative t20 speakers and creative our vana live headphones lying on the desk excellent work with cable management then again there aren't really that many things to connect in the first place so I'm sure at this point you guys have noticed something missing something significant if you still haven't found it I'll give you a few seconds to figure out what it is so yeah the thing that's powering this set up is not there there is no MacBook iMac or even PC so where the hell is it well it's on the other side apparently he ran the cables underneath the floor and into this IKEA TV stand as running on an FX 6350 and an NVIDIA Quadro GPU that's sitting on a self-made aluminum extended rail that's been customized to fit inside the ikea unit I think it's safe to say that the cable management is on another level get it cuz it's Underground that's another very impressive set up Z thank you so much for entering setup Wars but that's basically for this episode you guys know what to do drop your comments down below and vote on who you think has the best best setup as always voting will end Saturday and allows the winners on Sunday on my Twitter accounts and Instagram accounts so make sure you follow me there if you want to know who wins thank you guys so much for watching setup wars it's been really fun to do these every single Monday but anyways let me know by leaving a like if you want me to continue as always and I'll see you in the next video
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