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Setup Wars - Episode 39

so since the pc cover is open let's dive inside will quick and what the hell what's up guys it's tech from Texas and welcome to setup wars episode 39 where you submit your desk setup to get featured on the channel if you want to submit your desk setup make sure to watch the video linked down below if the video is private I am no longer accepting submissions because I am jam-packed in submissions so yeah let the setup wars begin as always everyone's gear for the setups will be linked down below if anyone is interested but here are your 5 lucky contestants we have Jack Justin Martin Ming and Ryan congratulations for making it to setup wars episode 39 so first up is Jack with a compact black and red setup we have a 22 inch tail touch screen monitor ATT esports mecca g-unit keyboard m SIDS 100 miles on top of the SteelSeries mouse pad also on the desk we have a custom modded xbox 360 controller a pair of those companion 3 speakers and a red lamp to stay consistent with the theme mounted against the wall on some ghetto raked hangers we have some headphones the p12 s from Turtle Beach and AKG K 99 s hey at least they are in ready to mattress setup fantabulous job with cable management all the wires are resting neatly on the ever-so-popular IKEA Signum rack that I am sick and tired of seeing and powering this set up is a badass PC inside the stunning NZXT s340 case we have an AMD a10 78 50 K paired with an r9 390 GPU which is being cooled by the Triton core CPU cooler I know it's not my place to comment on PC builds for setup wars but you might want to update your CPU because you're most likely experiencing bottlenecking on CPU intensive games like GTA 5 ARMA 3 and others if I can upgrade an FX 6300 or an 80 320 is what I would recommend but yeah overall a very clean and straightforward setup nothing I would really recommend thank you jack for entering okay so this next desk is I don't even know what to say it's kind of like a fortified battle station so it took him ten weeks to build it and it cost around 1100 bucks worth of material so we have chrome diamond platings around the borders the table top and side panels are made out of MDF wood an entire thing was hand painted black so on this battle station we have three Asus 23.6 inch monitors a courser K 65 RGB keyboard Logitech g6 mouse and Logitech z3 23 speakers the main purpose of this desk was to eliminate the sight of all wires according to Justin and I think he succeeded no wires in sight it looks like everything was hooked up against to move the desk and we got a bunch of clips and tape holding up the cables and power strips job well done this must have taken a long-ass time I especially like the modded USB hubs you have implemented on the monitor riser - in fact which is awesome you know for a giant desk like this you definitely don't have a lot of stuff on it and it just feels kind of empty normally I'm trying to keep things off the desk for a more clean look on setup wars but in this case put some more crap on your desk man it's a shame to have all of that space go to waste but very impressive setup Justin thank you so much for showing off your battle station finally away from that dark cave and into something a little brighter we have Martin's a single display set up a 24-inch Dell monitor CM storm suppressor keyboard and logitech g502 proteus core Mouse also on the desk we have a pair of Logitech z5 23 speakers and a HyperX cloud gaming headset resting on top of the PC I kind of like the angle of this setup it's not your usual flat and parallel setup you have a bit of attitude so since the PC cover is open let's dive inside will quick first up I like to mention that the old white build lets do you have a white frackle define our for case a white power supply black and white cables Ram sticks and even the CPU cooler is black and white it's running on a Xeon e3 12:31 v3 processor an Asus GTX 970 Strix gravis card 60 megabytes of RAM and goddamn that cable management very very impressive I feel like if you can cable manage your PC that well you can cable manage your setup pretty clean for the most part but if you really want to hide all those cables you can use some 3m tape and stick it on the back of that power strip and hook it up to the roof of your desk also plus one on that tray under your desk that's holding up your laptop looks like it was custom made by Martin himself the only obvious thing I recommend is a headphone hangar for your hyper X's and you have just a spot for them right there next to your PC you can think later very clean and sexy setup Martin thank you for entering and before we have made with another single display setup we have a 22 inch AUC monitor on top of a riser and below that we have a whoa whoa whoa is that an alienware pc I'm sorry I'm throwing this setup in the trash that is unacceptable get out of here I'm just kidding relax so on the desk we have the stock Alienware keyboard a razer deathadder mouse on top of the courser extended mouse pad we also have a pair of Logitech Z 200 speakers which are hooked up to the denim DJ headphones what is it with all these Logitech speakers I don't get it holding up a ton of 3bs is the Geisel phone stand and wow look at that samurai sword that's hiding over there in the corner that's pretty cool kale management is pretty good it seems like you tied everything together and just toss them in the corner behind your desk not a bad way to save some time so that wire just hanging down from the desk is kind of bothering me so why not hook it up to the back of your PC regardless it's a pretty cool setup Thank You Ming for entering this last setup we'll take your OCD levels to the next level not only do we have two different size monitors which are not aligned perfectly but we have a rainbow-colored set up purple LEDs orange salt lamp brown headphones green keyboard and mouse pad and last but not least a black and blue dxracer chair first ever seal of disapproval congratulations why am i such an asshole in this episode so one of us we have a Razer BlackWidow Ultimate keyboard a Phoenix na c2 mouse on top of the Goliath this extended mousepad some other things on a desk include the sennheiser HD 598 headphones on the Kosmos headphone stand and a pair of cliffs pro media speakers finally speakers that are not Logitech so the PC that's powering this setup is running on a 4790k and a gtx 980ti not bad cable management is flawless we have the power strip attached to the roof of the desk with some velcro straps and the IKEA Signum rack once again holding up all of those cables other than some minor OCD issues I have with the set up I think it's great and hey if it works it works Thank You Ryan for entering sets for this week's episode of setup wars you guys know what to do drop your comments down below and vote on who you think has the best desk setup as always voting will end Saturday and I lost the winners on Sunday on my Twitter and Instagram accounts so follow me there if you guys give two shits but anyways thank you guys so much for watching leave a like if you enjoy setup wars and I'll see you in the next episode
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