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Setup Wars - Episode 4

what's up guys is that from Texas and welcome to episode 4 of setup wars where you submit your desk setup for a chance to get featured on my channel and a chance to win some money I hope sees every Monday and I randomly select five of your submissions and feature them on my channel you guys get to vote on the best desk setup if you guys are new to the series and want to submit your desk setup then you need to watch the requirements video linked in the description section down below but with all that said let the set up Wars finally begin all right so the five chosen contestants for this week are Danny Reba natto Brendan George and Tyler congrats for making it into this week's episode of setup words by the way all the products I mentioned in this video will be linked down below in the description section for those of you guys that are interested but with that said let's go ahead and check out Danny's setup okay so we have a fairly simple setup going on over here you have a 29 inch LG ultrawide monitor with an interesting wallpaper choice I guess you're kind of going for a red and white beam over here but I do like the red glow we got going on behind the monitor I guess since you're up against the corner the LEDs form like a triangle shape and it looks really cool a few things you have on your desk are the 13-inch MacBook Pro Apple keyboard and mouse you also have an iPhone Lightning dog and a quirky Cordys for cable management not a whole lot on your desk which is good because you do have a very clean setup I also notice the humongous speaker you have on top of your desk now normally this would bother me but for some reason it just works with your setup and there's really no other place you can put it since you only have one so not many cables underneath as well it looks like you rattled them underneath the carpet I think I'll see I have no idea how you did that without the carpet having bulges so I give you a thumbs up on that and I'm also glad you don't have an H 440 PC case because I've seen enough of those in these setup words now this is just me but if I were to put up a picture of a car and frame it on my wall it's definitely not going to be picture of a Honda so I'm assuming you either do that and want to display your artwork or there's another meaning behind it by the way if you did draw that I give you an A+ really good job on the details I was going to make a sarcastic joke on the fact that you have a landline phone but I'm gonna let it go since it offsets the lamp on the opposite side to make it somewhat symmetrical but anyways overall very clean I'm really diggin the glass table and you have great taste and monitors Thank You Danny for submitting your desk setup next up we have webinar oh and damn there's there's a lot going on over here first up I want to mention that I'm really diggin the atmosphere you got going on this does look like the real deal man cave I also notice that you went with a white red and black theme I like so on that awesome desk of yours there is a 40 inch philips TV hooked up to your pc along with a 24 inch Dell monitor you also have a Razer Tartarus gaming keyboard a rabu wireless keyboard any Mad Catz rat 7 Gaming Mouse by the way that Gaming Mouse looks like a damn Transformers Mouse I mean this is what Optimus Prime uses when he's gaming but usually you guys have to check it out I'll leave a link to it down below I also see a Plantronics 780 headset with a red cable you definitely pay attention to details so I will give you props for that one thing I would strongly suggest is perhaps getting a larger gaming mouse pad because I have no idea how you game on something that small so on the wall looks like you have a mounted Toshiba TV which looks like it's hooked up to your ps3 point for Team Sony you did a fantastic job on cable management and you have a very unique desk layout I honestly haven't seen anything like that and the red LEDs that you had behind the desk really ties everything together however I don't know how I feel about those stools I'm sure they are for guests but I would have done something with back support so that your guests can relax while gaming or watching movies for a long period of time in one of your other picks you actually have really comfy one seat sofa so I'm not sure what made you decide to switch them I also want to mention that you have a beast of a computer really great choice on the Corsair 780 T tower if you're going to build a badass PC like this you have to have a full window to show off your stuff and plus one for keeping your theme and really great job on the cable management once again inside the PC I won't waste time going through the parts or aspects of the PC but I will have them linked below the set up equipment in the description section for those of you that are interested all right next up we have Brandon looks like we have a dual monitor setup different models but they are both from Asus to be fair he didn't mention that one of the monitors is discontinued which is why I wasn't able to get to so thank you for letting me know I can sleep better at night I'm not sure what the deal is with that huge poster on your wall I mean what is so special about it that you have to remind yourself that is designed made in New Zealand and what is designed and made in New Zealand I don't get it so on the table we have a Razer BlackWidow chroma keyboard a DeathAdder mouse and a razer mousepad and is that a ps4 controller I see you know what that means I also notice that you have a Razer Mouse bungee and for those of you that don't know what that is it basically keeps the mouse cord off of the desk so that way the mouse isn't get stuck when you're actually gaming but I want to hear your experience with it so let me know if it's working out for you in the comment section down below that's going to take a look under your desk so okay looks like you use zip ties and some tape to clean up the cables a bit so not bad at all and I just noticed you eraser headphones near your PC tower I wish you would have sent me pic of your PC but oh well but anyways you have a pretty good setup just get to the same monitors and you will get my approval but thank you Brandon for submitting your desk setup next up we got George let's go in and see what you submitted holy speaker is Batman it looks like we have a triple monitor set up with two pairs of Pioneer 5.1 speakers spread on three separate tables from Ikea I really love the presentation you just can't look away from it I think that the blue LEDs under the desk and I'm guessing there are some behind the monitors as well really adds to the overall setup it's just gorgeous man I mean what can I say really good job so looks like you went with three LG 24 inch IPS monitors mounted under onyx stands and you did a really good job routing the cables behind them you have a black widow keyboard MX mouse and a Corsair mouse pad and on the left of those you have the remote to change the color of the LEDs I'm guessing and the galaxy note 2 with a galaxy tablet right next to it you also have some filming gear which I'm guessing are use for your YouTube channel and a 32 inch sony tv for console gaming and from the controller on your desk it's evident that you are team Microsoft by the way great choice on the Audio Technica headphones amazing job on cable management you have a ton of stuff on your desk and the fact that you kept it all the way from site deserves an award I'm also digging your PC set up overall really clean cable management and I see that you're rocking the MSI GTX 970 graphics card which is a solid choice as always I will leave a link to the parts and specs down below oh yeah my nothing really to criticize you I'm really impressed with the clean and symmetrical setup you have thank you George for entering setup wars last but not least we have Tyler okay so we have two different sizes and two different colored monitors in his defense he did try and get another monitor but they were out of stock so they went in and updated them to a different size model so don't sweat it bro I got you so on the table we got another black widow keyboard and a Death Adder Mouse and an extended mouse pad from glorious you know what makes me really happy every time I see an extended mouse pad instead of the traditional square ones it really does clean up the overall look of the desk props on picking up the snowball mic and mounting it on your desk that reminds me I actually have to pick up one of these for myself but it's going to take a look under your desk and it looks like you did a good job on cable management overall very clean and I didn't even notice that you have LEDs it seems like LED strips are also very common in these desk setups but yeah overall a very simple setup Thank You Tyler for entering setup words so that's it for this week's episode of setup wars voting begins now so make sure you guys drop a comment down below on who has the best desk setup voting will end this Saturday and I will announce a winner on Sunday on my Twitter and Instagram account so make sure you guys are following me there for all the updates if you guys missed my previous episodes of setup wars I'll go ahead and link the playlist down below so you guys can check those out and if you guys want to see setup wars continue every single Monday then let me know by smashing that like button to show support for the series but anyways thanks again for watching this is Ed from Texas I will see you guys in the next video you
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