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Setup Wars - Episode 40 | Worst Setup Edition

the douchebag hat is going on what's up guys it's a chrome tech toys and welcome to setup wars episode 40 potato Edition where I go over the worst setups that I've received on setup wars now before all of the hate and dislikes and unsubscribing happens I tell you guys that I'm doing this for fun and everything I say in this video should not be taken seriously I kinda want to take a break from the usual setup wars every single Monday and I kinda just have a little fun so with that being said for me being an asshole in this episode the person with the worst setup will receive a hundred bucks and there will be a strawpoll link down below so you guys can actually vote so yeah 100 bucks isn't that much but it's still something towards their next purchase half a set up boards begin never pay full price for games ever again guys g2a offers the cheapest cd-keys you can find anywhere check them out by clicking on the link below so any thing I recommend in this episode will be linked down below so your 5 unlucky contestants for this week are Mason Chui harab Mitchell Rick and Abdul Ram man Abdul Ram Abdul Ram Abdul congratulations for making it to setup wars potato Edition starting strong we have Mason with a laptop setup we have an HP stream 13 laptop a red dragon keyboard and mouse with some Logitech speakers on the sides we also have an anchor USB hub on the desk and some unsolved Rubik's cubes on the side now no expert but I would think that the 2x2 rubik's cube should be very easy to solve no cable management is I mean you did try to wrap it around one of the legs so a for effort I seriously can't figure out what's worse the actual setup or the quality of the pictures I don't recommending things are kind of pointless for this episode due to budget reasons obviously but I'm gonna do it anyways a pencil tray can definitely help keep some of that stuff off at the desk in fact there's a perfect spot for it down there a cable box is perfect to keep most of those bulky cables in and some velcro straps can definitely help you tie the cables together other than those uh Thank You Mason for being the first victim this next set up from Shri Hari takes the word budget into new levels but at least he has a monitor for crying out loud we have a 16 inch Acer monitor which isn't even 1080p it's a 1366 by 768 the splay it looks like it's on top of an amplifier of some sort we also have a Logitech K 200 keyboard and a terabyte optical mouse I was gonna comment on how terrible the cable management was but I'm still distracted by the cloth on the table I mean this bit has strawberries on it first and foremost get rid of that amplifier or whatever the hell that is under your monitor and get a very simple and clean monitor riser you can also cut holes in that beautiful tablecloth and run your wires underneath it towards the back of your setup I'm sure your parents won't mind a few holes in that I also strongly recommend placing the power strip on the table since that can be as fire hazard and picking up a cable box can definitely make sure that no one sees the perish bit I would also remove all the cables and work on a better wiring job I see potential of running them alongside one or even both of the legs using velcro straps and cable clips an actual mousepad would be nice and maybe a real phone stand instead of that self-made piece of crap you call a phone stand I see potential I'm not gonna lie thank you Shree for entering alright mochilas next up how much worse can it really get alright so we have two all right so we have two 23 inch gateway monitors are you serious guys he has the same exact monitors oh my god you'll stop it Logitech G 510 s keyboard and a red dragon M 901 Mouse on top of a large coaster hanging from the monitor is the total beach air force px 22 headset and also we have a blue snowball mic without a tripod resting on top cable management is surprisingly the best in this episode so far so congrats on that although it can definitely be improved with maybe melting the power strip on the roof of the desk and using some 3m tape but I see that you at least tried to bring them together however the cable management in the PC is pretty bad I mean you have all that space in there that's going to waste and finally the monitors what in God's name I know you don't use them like that it's just not practical I would recommend a headphone hangar but you have no place for them but what I do recommend if you want to use both of the monitors the right way is a wooden plank that extends off the table that way you have some space to put the monitors side-by-side not the worst setup I have seen fix some of that stuff and the setup would be just okay then you find King Abdul is next up with another laptop set up Christ we have a Samsung core i3 laptop a goldfinch keyboard and HP mouse with a pair of HP speakers I think that blue Yeti microphone is the most expensive piece of tech you have on that table of yours at first I thought I was looking at the back of your desk but no it's the front not sure why there are a bunch of cables hanging around but if possible I would get rid of those and maybe route them in the back instead I like the convenience of the parish clip being on the desk but as a safety measure I would put it on the ground I do see that you have a drawer so maybe install a pencil drawer inside there with some 3m tape underneath at least this way you can keep most of the stuff in there without crapping the desk surface but yeah that's all I got thank you a bill for entering so that's for this episode of setup pours what there's more last but certainly not least we have Rick with another laptop setup so it doesn't look like we have much on here a 13-inch MacBook Air laptop a row cat mouse and a pair of jabber areevo wireless headphones hanging from an Ikea lamp cable management is oh oh wow okay Caleb adjoint is pretty good actually okay um I think that's it not really sure why I put this setup in here sadly it's the best setup in this episode oh I know I put this in here I bet you my entire channel that the total cost of that MacBook is not only way more than the 350 PC that I built recently but it will also be outperformed by the PC as well and you would still have extra money to buy monitor and other gear that's why I put that in this episode so that's for this episode of setup wars I hope you are still subscribed to the channel if you are there is a strap holding down below as I promised the worst set up will receive a hundred bucks so yeah that's basically it a winner or loser I should say will be announced on my Twitter and Instagram account so follow me there if you guys want to know who lost that's it thank you guys so much if you guys enjoy the potato addition I guess let me know by leaving a like I probably won't do these for another probably up for a long time but anyways let me know drop your comments down below and I'll see you in the next video
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