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Setup Wars - Episode 41

I can't believe the last episode of setup wars already has over 200,000 views you guys that's crazy and it's only been out for a week I think that's gonna be like the most-watched episode on setup wars eventually and you guys have like the best sense of humor it's really cool for you to like relax not take things seriously and have a laugh with me while watching the video but those are upset at me for doing a video all that to say is don't take life too seriously it's you know sometimes it's okay to let loose and have fun I even said in the beginning of the video which I think a lot of people missed was don't take anything I say in the video seriously because I'm doing it for fun but I get it I mean there are people out there that just don't know how to have fun but since most of you guys really enjoy that episode I decided to bring back the worst set up Edition and I'm going to be doing it every 10 episode so the next one will be set up for is episode 50 so if you guys are excited make sure to leave a like alright I think this is officially the longest intro for a set up or so without wasting any more time let the setup wars begin as always everyone's gear for their setups will be linked down below as well as anything I recommend in this episode so that's it here are your five lucky contestants we have Erik Jamal Johnny low can use Minh congratulations for making it to set-up wars episode 41 starting the show we have Eric and his very clean dual display set up on top of the Alex add-on unit we also have 2 a 3 20 3 inch monitors a Razer BlackWidow chroma keyboard and coarser mousepad cable management is on point with that Signum rack and the PC powering this setup has a 4790k that's overclocked to 4.4 and a GTX 970 GPU inside the fan takes and through case the thing about these simple minimalistic setups is that they don't have a lot going on and it's pretty easy to keep it clean looks like you got everything under control nothing I can really recommend thank you Eric for entering next up we have Jamal and his single 32 inch HP monitor setup that's resting on top of a monitor stand that he created by using a shelf and two optical drives I'm impressed already beneath that we have the Razer BlackWidow stealth keyboard and Logitech G 6500 Mouse on top of the Goliath is extended mousepad we also have a pair of Logitech Z 4 speakers near the back and a SteelSeries h headset resting on the monitor cable management is pretty good from what I can see I'm not sure what that white piece of furniture is doing there but I'm assume it's helping keep the wires hidden the PC that's powering the setup has a 4690k paired with a gigabyte gtx card unfortunately he didn't write down which card it is so I don't know what that is really clean setup overall I got nothing to recommend Thank You Jamal for entering Johnny is next up with two 24-inch BenQ monitors a logitech wireless keyboard and Logitech MX wireless mouse also no desk we have some mattifier c6 xD speakers a blue Yeti mic and a 12 South MacBook stand off to the right side off to the left of that setup you have a 32 inch sony bravia tv and on the opposite side we have an ancient Mac that he uses mainly for looks underneath the desk we have an Xbox one with a controller charging dock and cable management is not the best but you do have a lot of crap connected so I won't give you any hate regardless every situation can be I'm glad you at least use some type of Raceway to run the wire through and a rack to keep most of that stuff off of the ground I was like the fact that you mounted your AppleTV against the alux drawer and the same with the other side we have several battery chargers and an EBL charging Bay which by the way if you guys missed my cool tag of December you need to watch it because these things are rechargeable batteries and they are awesome I'll have a link below if anyone is interested I also noticed you have a USB extension on your desk which is used to connect your MX master receiver since there's really no point in having that in plain view what you can do is add some 3m tape on the bottom of that and stick it either behind your monitors or better yet under your desk another thing you can do is pick up a drawer that you can install on your desk to keep your tablet and other miscellaneous stuff that you don't use often there's definitely a lot going on but overall a really sweet setup Thank You Johnny for entering loke is next up with a triple modern setup mounted against the wall we have three issues 24-inch monitors a Razer BlackWidow chroma keyboard and naga chroma mouse the speakers are the Hitachi a XM 137 s and to complete the razor setup we have a razer kraken pro chroma headset we also have the audio technica at2020 mic hooked up to the road boom arm and I really like what you did with the monitor cables hiding them on the top means that you don't have a lot of wires running down to the floor pretty good job with cable management under the desk although there are some wires still hanging around the PC that's powering the setup has AG 32:58 that's overclocked to 4 gigahertz and a gtx 960 okay first off you can get that cpu easily to four point three gigahertz especially with that cooler and secondly you should probably move that graphics card to the first PCIe slot for slightly more performance not sure what a random box with power beats is doing on your desk but maybe put that on a shelf or somewhere away from your actual setup and since you have a wire running on your desk for your headset a brainwaves trust hanger would work really well with your setup but I thought I got you have a really sweet setup thank you look for entering use man is next up with a white and black set up a 23 inch Samsung monitor razor-like hosted gaming keyboard and a Death Adder chroma Mouse on top of the white extended mouse pad from glorious we also have a pair of jec speakers and for some reason an extra set of keyboard and mouse resting near the monitor really great job with cable management good choice on that spiral wrap I feel like that not only looks a lot better than regular black cables but also matches your setup the PC that's powering the setup is a 5820k paired with a gtx 980ti and i'm glad you went with the white sleeves but please move that GPU to the top PCI slot like I mentioned before you're not maxing out the performance of that build other than removing that extra keyboard and mouse from the desk and maybe grabbing a pair of bad ass white headphones for your setup I think that you are pretty much set Thank You use mint for entering service for this episode of setup or is you guys know what to do drop your comments down below and vote on who you think has the best desk setup as always voting will end Saturday and allows the winner on Sunday on my Twitter and Instagram accounts so make sure you guys are following me there that's it thing guys so much for watching if you enjoy setup wars as always leave a like and I'll see you in the next video
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