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Setup Wars - Episode 42

if you're watching this video on YouTube that means the next episode of setup pores has already been uploaded on my vessel account so if you guys want to watch it a week early check out the link below what's up guys is that from Texas and welcome to setup wars episode 20 for Brad we use immature desk setup to get featured on the channel submissions are still closed but they will open next month so make sure you guys keep an eye out for that with all that said and done let the setup board begin never pay full price for games ever again guys g2a offers the cheapest cd-keys you can find anywhere check them out by clicking on the link below as always everyone's gear for the setups will be linked down below along with anything I recommend in this episode so here are your five lucky contestants for this episode we have our women Gregor Hayden Mitchell and Sam who congratulations for making it a set-up wars episode 42 starting up the show we have Irvin and his single LG 27-inch monitor setup at first you think it's mounted against the wall but look again it actually has a clear base which gives it the illusion that it's floating on the desk we have the Apple Wireless Keyboard rabu mouse and a MacBook Pro 13 that's powering this setup we also have a ps4 console with some games off to the left and a bunch of controllers on the right I was never a fan of having new motor controllers on the table because not only can it scratch the surface but it's also taking up extra space but I mean it's your desk and if you like the look of it then by all means leave them their cable management isn't bad I do like the cable channel you are using to run the cables down to the ground from your monitor but there's a lot of loose wires behind that trash can over there grabbing a cable box can not only hide a power strip but also help keep the bulk of the wires in there I would also recommend one more cable channel for the ground that way you can cover those cables other than those extra items on your desk I think it's a pretty sweet setup thank you or win for entering griego's next up with a very bright setup we have a Samsung 24-inch monitor Corsair k70 RGB keyboard and a razor at this mouse on top of the mat cats glide 3 mousepad we also have a pair of Logitech Z 200 speakers and a rode NT USB mic on a stand excellent work with cable management then again the ikea mount desks really make cable management an easy task also props on the remote placement the PC that's powering the setup has the 4690k and a gtx 760 inside the zig Matic Aquila case other than having a headphone hangar with no headphones I think this is a very clean and simplistic setup Thank You Gregor for entering taking a break from single monitor setups we are moving on to Hayden's setup with three Asus 24-inch monitors hooked up to a desk mount down below we have the Roseville RGB ad mechanical game keyboard a SteelSeries sensei mouse on top of an extended mousepad after the side of the setup we have to Rockville ASM five studio monitors and the popular ath m50x is hanging from below cable management is definitely not the best but can be improved greatly if you spend some more time on it using a cable raceway or even picking up a signal rack can make your life a lot easier the PC that's powering the setup has a 4690 and a GTX 970 graphics card inside yet another fan text and food pro case there is definitely potential here once you clean up the cables nonetheless Thank You Hayden for entering speaking of three monitor setups this next one is from Mitchell once again with 324 inch asus monitors side-by-side on the desk we have the Razer DeathAdder keyboard and the mouse I'm having trouble figuring out you probably can't see it but there are actually Logitech Z 200 speakers behind the monitors not the best place to put speakers but you don't really have any space off to the left of the main setup we have the PC which has a 4690 and an asus r9 280x GPU inside the design are for case and next to that we have the blue snowball mic and a random LG monitor just sitting there cable management is atrocious you can use the Elmi mount cable wrap and hide those nasty cables and once again I'm gonna recommend the cable box to keep that Perish dip it in the cable box is such an easy thing to use yet it really cleans things up it's crazy before we do something with those speakers let's talk about those monitors for a second I don't know how effective that setup is for you I mean even if you sit in the middle there's no way you are able to see the edges of the two monitors since they are far from your eyes I would recommend putting the two outer displays at an angle so that you can get a curve effect and that way they won't be as far from your eyes and all you need to do is just rotate your head as for the speakers and stay out long you can actually lay it on its side in landscape orientation so that the sound is not being interfered I don't know how that will affect the sound so maybe you should try that out and see if it works another solution is that you can actually buy an or go tech martyr arm and raise them up a bit so that the speakers aren't being blocked and at the same time it will solve your monitor distance problem lots of different ways you can tweak this set up but nonetheless thank you for entering last but not least we have a razor set up three 24-inch ISO monitors a corsair k70 RGB keyboard and a death chroma Mouse on top of the razor Firefly mousepad for the headset he is using the ashtray 50s and we also have a MacBook right next to that cable management is pretty good I see that all the cables are resting on top of the rack with barely any wires on the ground the PC that's powering the setup is in another define r4 case and it's running a 4770k and a Titan X this is a small recommendation but I noticed that you are using the cable spirals for the wires behind your monitors so I know that you like hiding visible wires so why not hook up both of the miles and the mousepad wired together with some velcro straps so that looks like there's only one wire running down the back of your desk instead of two separate wires that should look a lot cleaner but that's all I got very nice green black and white set up Thank You samu for entering so that's a for this week's episode of setup wars you guys know what to do drop your comments down below and vote on who you think has the best desk setup as always voting will end Saturday I lost the winner on Sunday on my Twitter and Instagram accounts so make sure you guys are following me they're basically a thank you guys so much for watching as always show your support for setup boards by leaving a like and I'll see you in the next video
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