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Setup Wars - Episode 44

so you guys might be wondering why I sound like this well over the weekend I got pharyngitis which is a form of sore throat and I've been using these crappy cough drop pills to kind of help me out with honestly it isn't even doing anything so I apologize if I sound like a dying giraffe in this video what's up guys is that from Texas and welcome to setup wars episode 44 where you submit you desk setup to get featured on the channel if you want need to see reason want to submit your desk setup make sure to watch the video linked below little that's that I'm done let that set up boys begin never pay full price for games ever again guys g2a offers the cheapest cd-keys you can find anywhere check them out by clicking on the link below as always everyone's gear for their setups will be linked below along with anything I recommend in this episode but here are your 5 chosen contestants we have Alec Andres King Mitchell and Ryan congratulations for making it on the show starting the episode is Alex ultra wide set up we have a 34 inch LG monitor on top of the Alex add-on unit and below that we have the Corsair Vengeance k60 keyboard and a razor Orochi mouse on top of the IKEA Galant desk also on the add-on unit we have a pair of Logitech x2 30 speakers and hanging from the desk below is the Logitech G 430 gaming headset since we're down here let's check out the cable management it appears that the IKEA Signum Rack is here to save the day great work keeping all the wires off the ground not much else really going on here we have a Macbook hidden between the monitor riser and to Ikea lamps on each side of the desk which are not parallel with each other the only thing I'll recommend is to run the headset wire underneath the desk since your PC is on the ground a modification that small believe it or not makes a huge difference oh I almost forgot about the PC so we have a 45 98 gigabytes of RAM and a GTX 960 that's powering the set up I also like that you have your USB hub on top of your PC and set up on your desk a pretty clean and organized setup overall Thank You Alec Baldwin for entering Andre the Giant is next up with a gorgeous black and white build on top of the IKEA glass home tabletop other that's we have the acer 24-inch g-sync monitor coolermaster quick fire rapid keyboard with vortex white back with key caps and a me onyx Neos mouse excellent choices for the gaming gear you sure know how to pick them up to the left side is the pair of grado sr 325 e headphones which are connected to a DAC and amp also great choice on the headphone hanger I'm actually using the same one in black for my set up back there and this is the Silverstone headphone hangar I do like the little turret from Portal that you have on the desk which is a nice and subtle contribution to symmetry and overall personality of the setup kale management is not bad I mean you didn't keep all the wires off the ground and wrap them around the rails but it does look a little messy and it doesn't look like you spend a lot of time organizing it the PC that's powering the setup has a 4790k Asus GTX 980 Strix and eight gigabytes of Platinum's inside the stunning s340 case by NZXT I gotta say Andres I really like the small modifications you made like routing the mouse cable under your PC and reversing the keyboard wire small changes like that really contribute to an overall clean setup the only thing I would change is maybe removing the Xbox controller since it doesn't really have a purpose there and maybe running the headphone wires any few more loops around the stand to shorten the cable slack but other than that you have a very sexy black-and-white build thank you for entering coming out number three is king coyote with his bedroom set up under the desk we have a median monitor uh yeah we also have a CM storm quickfire TK and Amy onyx caster on top of a mousepad which is also on top of another mousepad from razor talk about mousepad ception you also have the ever-so-popular KRK Rokit six studio monitors hooked up to a focus right to eye for audio interface cable management is on point we have yet another IKEA Signum rack saving the day and I also just noticed the v-moda headphones you have attached on what looks like a custom headphone hanger the PC is powering the setup has the 46 70 K and an Asus GTX 580 what other than having some loose cables running along the floor I think that this is a pretty sweet bedroom studio Thank You King for entering next up is Mitchell with his quad display setup up top you have an LG 32 inch TV and below that we have three 27-inch dual monitors hooked up to the ez mount triple monitor stand we also have a pair of KRK V XT four speakers which are actually symmetrical with each other good job on that on the desk is the Corsair strafe RGB silent keyboard a SteelSeries sensei raw mouse on top glorious extended mousepad we also have a Thrustmaster t500 RS wheel setup for racing games there are two pairs of headphones resting on hangers and those are the m50 X's and the Beats Studio wireless headphones to be truthful this was my face when I saw the cable management but after reading the notes you left for me I'm gonna go ahead and give you a pass apparently for god knows what reason this desk is built into the house which makes cable management difficult and my only question is what the hell was the architect thinking when he designed this I mean there isn't even enough space for poor Mitchell to put his PC on the right side of the desk this is something I definitely wouldn't hide I mean look at this piece it's rocking a 6700 K though he took a good bytes of RAM and to Asus Titan X's I mean besides the ugly sli bridge and random colors this is a hell of a build I'm really sorry to see that it's against the wall but I get why you had to do that other than destroying the desk and getting a new one so that you can improve your cable management and move your PC I really don't have anything to recommend but I'm sure you made the best of what you have so with that said thank you Mitchell for entering last but not least we have Ryan with a cool but OCD taunting setup yes I would I'd love to see the giant 40 inch Sony TV right above your setup but we all don't get what we want so on the IKEA linman desk we have a 24 inch Dell monitor courser K 65 RGB keyboard and an EVGA Torx x3 mouse I mean it's pretty much the gist of it we have a pair of Sony headphones off to the left side and as PC on the right which is rocking a 6600 K and an EVGA GTX 970 and finally cable management is on point with the Signum rack yet again I do see a bunch of stuff on your desk and although most of them have purpose being on there the remotes are kind of just sitting there picking up a drawer that you can install under your desk can really clean up the unnecessary accessories or items on your desk like the remotes but that's all I got Thank You Ryan for entering so that's for this week's episode of setup wars hopefully you guys didn't stab your ears out because of my amazing voice you guys know the drill make sure to drop your comments down below and vote on who you think the best desk setup as always I'll announce the winners on Sunday on my Twitter and Instagram accounts so make sure you guys are following me there if you want as always leaving a like to shorter support goes a long way and I'll see you guys in the next video
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