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Setup Wars - Episode 46

watch up guys just add back again from tech source and welcome to the Sean Connery edition of shutup bores or you should meet you what's up guys is that from text source then welcome to setup wars episode 46 where you submit your desk setup to get featured on the channel if you're interested in being part of the show make sure to watch the video linked below but without wasting any more time let the setup always begin never pay full price for games ever again guys g2a offers the cheapest cd-keys you can find anywhere check them out by clicking on the link below as always everyone's gear for the setups along with anything I recommend in this episode will be linked below but here are your 5 lucky contestants we have Alec Arnold Eric castle and Michael congratulations for making it on the show starting of the show is Alec and his single display setup we have a 27 inch asus rog swift monitor razer blackwidow keyboard and a Death Adder Mouse also the desk we have a pair of audio engine a 5 plus speakers a Bose Soundlink 2 next to the PC and a Mac Book Pro on the book arc charging stand we also have a pair of Astral a 50s off to the right side cable lines red looks very clean it appears all the cables are behind the back board so you get an easy pass the PC is powering the setup has a 4790k and 2 GTX 970 s in sli the acoustic films on the wall aren't enough to really make a difference but I like the aesthetics of it and it really makes the setup pop especially with those LEDs behind the 48 inch Samsung TV overall a really badass gaming and productivity setup you have there Alec thank you for entering Arnold is next up with another single display setup we have the 27-inch asus monitor a steel series apex gaming keyboard and a Logitech MX master mouse we also have a pair of JBL a 50 headphones and a Logitech g27 wheel off to the left side cable management is flawless not a single wire in sight I wish you told me the name of the desk because it looks freakin Baus I do like glossy surfaces since it tends to reflect the items that are on top of it and it just looks pretty badass to be honest now to mention the LEDs are more amplified due to the reflection of white the PC that's powering the setup has an AMD 93 70 which is overclocked to 4.4 and a GTX 970 I really have nothing to recommend other than a simple headphone hangar to keep those cans from scratching the desk a very clean and organized setup Thank You Arnold for entering setup Wars shifting to dual display setups we have Eric with two ASIS 20s inch monitors side-by-side what is it with a susan 27 inch monitors this is like three in a row also plus one on that wallpaper you sure have taste by the way this is the monitor I use for my PC builds each month since a lot of you guys keep asking me about it below those we have the Razer BlackWidow keyboard and a Death Adder Mouse on top of the reflex lab extended mouse pad hanging from the desk are the sony MDR XB 600 headphones and is what is that is that a mug just chilling there cable management is pretty good no cables on the ground since you mounted them on the left side of the table and also great use of the 3m tape and even cable clips to keep the wires organized I'm sure the protein shake blender and remotes can be hidden somewhere else to clean up the desk a bit but overall a pretty dope setup thank you Eric for entering castle is next up with a dope black and red themed setup we have a 24 inch Acer monitor in the middle and a 24 inch AOC monitor to the left we have a bunch of stuff on the desk a corsair k70 RGB keyboard Logitech G 303 Mouse on top of the ozone extended mouse pad also on the desk we have the SteelSeries Siberia headset resting on the Thermaltake headphone anger and the go groove bass pulse speakers that actually featured on my cool take on their 100 back in September cable management is great under the desk but it's a mess on top there's just too many things going on there which results in a bunch of wires I don't know if this table is bolted against the wall or what but if it isn't I would suggest running the cables down and behind the desk to clean up the surface a bit the PC that's powering the setup has a 6700 K and a GTX 970 packed inside the gorgeous NZXT noctus case another thing out change is maybe hanging the headphone under the desk instead to free up some space on the desk I mean it's pretty cluttered as it is that way you can move the speaker to the left side of the monitor so it's not getting in the way as for the monitor is not lining up together a dual monitor arm will definitely fix that for you this is the one I recommend for your type of desk since it doesn't need any clamps to be installed and just sits on your desk like this other than those tweaks this is a really awesome black and red build Thank You Kessel for entering last but not least we have Michael a 27 inch Samsung monitor courser case 65 RGB keyboard and by m8000 X Mouse we also have a spray painted blue Yeti mic and a pair of audio motion speakers resting on the desk at the m50 X's and the PC powering the setup has a 6700 K and a GTX 960 cable management definitely needs some work and I strongly recommend you to watch my cable management video I did on the channel there's a lot of good info there that can help you clean up your wires also picking up a boom arm for your blue Yeti would be better since the mic is in the way of your monitor and with the boom arm you can easily bring it close to you when you need to voiceover or use the mic and when you're done you can simply retract it back for a much cleaner desk setup pretty simple and straightforward setup thank you Michael for entering so as a for this episode I've set upwards you guys know the drill make sure to drop your comments down below and vote on who you think has the best desk setup as always voting will end Saturday and allows the winners on my Twitter and Instagram account so make sure you guys are following me they're basically the thing guys so much for watching as always leave a like to show your support and I'll see you guys in the next video
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