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Setup Wars - Episode 5

what's up guys it's ed back again from Texas and welcome to episode five of setup wars where you submit your desk setup to get featured on my channel and win some money now I host them every Monday and I randomly select 5 of your submissions and feature them on my channel you guys get to vote on the best desk setup voting ends on the same week on Saturday and I announce a winner on Sunday by counting the total number of votes and if you guys are new to the series and want to submit your desk setup and you need to watch the requirements video linked down below but with all that said let the set up Wars finally begin alright so the five lucky contestants for this week are Aaron Jessie Vittorio David and Thomas congratulations for making it to this week of set-up wars let's go ahead and start off with Aaron setup so we got a very clean very unique setup and you know who says you have to have a PC and a monitor to inter set up words I didn't say that and you can have a gaming setup and still enter that's completely fine by me by the way I really like how organized you are I can't help but notice that you arranged those items on the left side from smallest to largest and you have no idea how happy that makes me so thank you very much for doing that so on the desk you have some piggy banks a Pikachu statue your Astro a 50s headset a ps4 while the Samsung charger and the one and only Moto 360 I will commend you on the Astro headphones I personally only a 40s and man they are awesome they are a bit pricey but they are definitely worth it I also noticed that you have LED strips installed on the back of the desk which you could control using the remote and on a wall you mounted a samsung 65-inch 1080p smart TV that is definitely a monster TV size cable management is also really great you did a good job hiding this stuff in the back of the desk or the stand or whatever that is but one thing I would recommend is perhaps skinning your ps4 to make it stand out even more kind of like what I did with mine but I will leave a link to a place where you can get some down below but yeah mine really simple and clean desk setup Thank You Erin for entering setup wars next up we got Jessie and it looks like we have a gaming setup with an asus rog swift 27-inch gaming monitor a courser k70 keyboard m40 raptor mouse on a coarser extended mousepad finally someone with a k70 keyboard and an m40 mouse actually have the same keyboard and mouse for my other set up so there's only solid choices on a gaming gear you also have some core set of speakers and I also see the sign Heiser 350 se headphones and a monster and pulse DJ headphones all the way on the right side next to your PC case I gotta say that is a very unique head anger you have over there from Omega I'm actually going to pick one up for my desk I'm actually tired of leaving mine 50s on the desk and I really think that this hanger will add a nice touch see I'm actually getting ideas from these setups as well it's not only you guys the only thing that bothers me is the fact that a mouse and keyboard are way too close to the edge of the table I think will be more comfortable towards the monitor but if that's what you are used to and it works for you then by all means no big deal I also notice you have a custom named coke bottle and really great job on your cable management your PC also looks stunning you're rocking the white 540 case with dual nine 80s and an i7 4790k processor I will leave links to the full PC specs and parts down below as well if you guys want to check it out if I have to choose on my second favorite color combo besides black and red it would definitely have to be white and red so good job Jesse on that stunning PC and thank you for entering setup wars next up is Vittorio and it looks like we have a triple LG monitor setup on the table we have an alienware attack text keyboard with a rat 9 mouse and a SteelSeries mouse pad on the sides you have the Harman Kardon speakers and it looks like you also have some LEDs hooked up in their back we have a lot of LEDs in these setup videos but that's not a bad thing I mean who doesn't like LEDs right you also have a pair of Beats Studio headphones and a really good looking chair if I can find out the model of that I'll definitely have it linked below but I have nothing bad to say it's a simple and clean setup really great job on the cable management and you have a really cool Alienware PC as well so thank you Victoria for submitting your desk setup next up we have David and it looks like we have a 29 inch LG ultra white monitor Razer BlackWidow Ultimate keyboard and MX Mouse with an extended mouse pad from perixx here's the thing about your setup you don't have much space to work with since you decided to put your PC on a table and I'm glad you got an extend the mouse pad to clean things up but I do recommend getting a headphone stand that attaches to the side of the desk that way your headphones aren't just sitting there actually I mention a pretty cool headphone hanger that I did for the cool tech video for June a few weeks ago and I'll leave a link to that video down below if you want to check that out but I think you'll really clean up your desk space then had a really nice look to it overall no cables underneath and you have a pretty awesome PC as well you got the core i5 3470 with a single GTX 780 and as always I'll leave a link to the full parts below but yeah David add that headphone hangar and you will have a really awesome compact desk so thank you for submitting your desk setup last but not least we have Thomas and it looks like we have a bunch of stuff on your desk now here's the thing I have no problems whatsoever with a bunch of stuff on your desk as long as you have the space for it this desk has more than a few items that I would like to see for example the Xbox controller the Nintendo DS and that NES controller looking thing if those are removed I think that the desk will look a lot cleaner by the way a point for T Microsoft so you have the Dell 24-inch monitor and alienware keyboard a rad7 mouse and the air force x12 headphones you also have the Samson meteor microphone for voice overs for your YouTube channel I'm guessing and a pair of creative t12 speakers I really like the lava lamp you have on the desk I think that add some spice to your setup although I'm not quite sure what that glass thing is right next to it you didn't really explain it in a note but anyways moving on I will give you credit for the PC case I love and win simply because they have the most unique cases in the world I mean you did go with a more traditional square chassis design but the fact that it's from anyone really makes me appreciate it that much more your packing an i7 4790k processor with a gtx 970 along with the rest of the specs link below now the cable management is not too bad but given that the case design there's really not much you can do in the first place I do want to recommend two things for your setup to clean it up a bit first up is the headphone hanger that I mentioned earlier in the video I think that'll definitely contribute to a cleaner desk and the second thing is a suspension arm for the mic not only will it give you tons of more space to work with but it will also be more convenient to do recordings it's actually a funny story how I came across that extension arm actually my last episode of setup wars someone was using that for that desk setup so I immediately picked one up and if you guys are following me on Instagram then you already know I've been using it past week and it makes the world of a difference coming from a basic stand on a table so I'll go to leave a link to that down below in the products recommended section so it's easier for you to find it but yeah once you clean up some of the stuff on the desk it would look a lot better but overall wooly sweet setup you got there Thank You Thomas for entering setup words so that's it for this week's episode of setup wars voting begins now so make sure you guys drop a comment down below on who has the best desk setup voting will end this Saturday and I will now say winner on Sunday on my Twitter and Instagram accounts so make sure you guys are follow me there if you want to know who wins if you guys enjoy watching setup wars and really want me to continue doing this every Monday then let me know by hitting that like button on the video the only reason I continue doing these every Mondays because you guys enjoy watching them and the only way I know you guys enjoy watching them is by the like meter on the videos so definitely hit the thumbs up if you guys want me to continue this anyways thanks again for watching this is that from tech source I'll see you guys in the next video
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