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Setup Wars - Episode 50 | Worst Setup Edition

what's up guys aside from tech stores and welcome to setup wars episode 50 will you submit your desk setup - all right all right all right all right I get it Jesus you win fair and square Kyle oh they want you man just please don't mess up what's up guys it's kylo from the first-order and welcome to setup wars episode 50 potato Edition where I'm going to be tearing through some shitty setups so without wasting any more time let the show begin no no no stop Kyle Oh Kyle oh dude I told you it's let the setup wars begin now let the show let the set up wars begin never pay full price for games ever again guys g2a offers the cheapest CD keys you can find anywhere check them out by clicking on the alright that's enough of that nonsense the person would be worse the setup in this episode will receive $100 that will hopefully go towards their setup and there will be a trouble link down below so you guys can vote here are your 5 pathetic noobs faze Joey Verbinski Tommy and val-kill starting up the show we have phase and this disgusting laptop setup we have the Lenovo laptop and an HP mouse on top of the world's smallest table I swear my forehead has more space than this I'll give you a point for trying to stick to a black and red color scheme you have the red mouse with a red notebook and a red plastic container which appears to be MD did your parents forget to stock up on food there because it seems like you're eating the crumbs what can I say get a bigger desk and clean up the tables a bit maybe even get a smaller power strip because that thing looks like a vacuum cleaner and it only has one outlet Joey is next up with a ghetto setup we have the 24 inch vacuum monitor on top of some cubbies and the Microsoft Comfort keyboard and cougar 7 M Mouse this poor bastard doesn't even have an actual table but at least you happy pc surely this can't be good for your back sitting on that chair and bend him over to type on a keyboard while you have your neck bending backwards looking up at the monitor cable management isn't surprising at all I mean if you can't afford a bed frame for your mattress then you obviously can't afford a real desk maybe instead of buying a PC and spending almost $200 on a monitor you should invest in an actual desk first at number 3 we have urban ski with this a massive fully inch Samsung TV which is used as a monitor we also have the Razer BlackWidow chroma key board and a SteelSeries sensei Mouse I want to know what possessed you to make this decision of going with a 40 inch display I don't even want to get into the cable management this is pretty much a lost cause the sound bar is being blocked off by the TV and that's supposed to be centered in the front of your the desk is missing a drawer you have stickers on your ps4 and your GPU is not even on the first PCIe slot what the hell did you get me into you're the kind of person that belongs on the dark side someone who doesn't care about humanity and what's right I like you come together we can make people cringe next up we have Tommy with a real set up now you can get head shots and wash dishes at the same time talk about multitasking so it looks like we have a 24 inch asus monitor with the Logitech G 430 headset just chilling on there we also have the Razer BlackWidow chroma key board and a Death Adder Mouse is that a spongebob Cup what are you seven years old I don't even know how your neck isn't broken playing like this can you at least try and Center the monitor in the middle of the keyboard because this can't be healthy especially since you don't have any back support maybe if you end up winning $100 you can not only buy a cheap table from Ikea but also a chance to go with it good luck Tommy may the force be with you I mean I hope you die in a fire last but sure as hell not least we have val-kill with this disaster first off this setup looks like it's in a closet or garage of some sort judging by all of those storage containers is that an ego box I don't even know where to begin with this setup we have the laptop hooked up to a TV a disgusting floor that desperately needs cleaning a random GPU that's being used as a stands for the laptop and is that a power supply unit just chilling there cable management is atrocious and there seems to be way too many things going on here let's hope none of those storage containers fall off and break you into pieces all right I think I don't know these pathetic setups for one day there is a trough holding down below make sure you guys click on it and vote on whichever setup made you barf the most the winner will be announced on Ed's Twitter and Instagram accounts so make sure you're following them there all right so that is it for this episode if you guys enjoy these worst setup editions make sure to leave a like and if this video reaches 30,000 likes I will do these every five episodes instead of ten thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video you
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