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Setup Wars - Episode 51

ladies and gentlemen welcome to a brand-new season of setup Wars basically after 50 episodes we begin a new season which means new contestants and new setups so if you guys submitted your setup a few months ago or even last year and didn't get featured now's your time to submit your setup so make sure to watch the video linked below but yeah without wasting any more time let the setup wars begin never pay full price for games ever again guys g2a offers the cheapest cd-keys you can find anywhere check them out by clicking on the link below as always everyone's gear for their setups along with anything I recommend in this episode will be linked below but here are your 5 very first contestants for the brand-new season we have Cameron Chandler Manuel Martin and William congratulations for making it on the show starting off the episode we have Cameron with a triple display setup we have a 34 inch Acer predator in between - 24 inch Asus displays which are in vertical mode on the desk of the courser k95 RGB keyboard and a Logitech Proteus spectrum mouse with a blue Yeti setup off to the left side we also have a pair of San Heiser momentum M 2's hanging from the drawers and a Samsung wireless charger the PC that's pushing all these pixels has a 59 60 X which is overclocked to 4.5 and then we have 2 gigabyte 980ti s and sli cable management is on point it looks like all the cables are wrapped up and are off of the ground I wish I had an outlet with as many slots as you have there the most I get are two sockets at a time which is pretty annoying I also noticed how close the keyboard is to the edge of the desk and I kind of find it a bit odd since most people including myself love having extra space between the keyboard and the edge of the desk to rest my arms on but if that's comfortable for you then I have no problem with that there are a few things just laying around like the Xbox controller and headphones but overall it's a really sweet setup and also see that you have the black and white dxracer chair as well as a really sweet ocean view Thank You Cameron for entering next up we have Chandler with a pretty simple setup a 25 inch Acer monitor with a Razer BlackWidow chroma keyboard and a razor Mamba chroma Mouse both of which are tournament editions on top of the Razer Goliath is extended mousepad the headset of choice is the Razer Kraken in blue for some reason and we also have a blue snowball mic that's resting on the Xbox one to the left side the PCs powering this setup has a 6600 K that's overclocked to 4.0 and it's paired with two EVGA GTX 970 s and sli with awesome fallout 4 back plates and also a custom painted SLI bridge great work on the mod selection there I also just noticed the Razer Leviathan sound bar underneath the monitor cable management seems to be on point I don't really see any cables anywhere so whatever you did with them seems to be working overall the desk surface seems a bit small to be honest and having the Xbox one there really takes up a big chunk of it if you don't really need to use that space and I guess you can just leave it there but I would recommend an extension arm for the microphone so it's easier to reach there also isn't any consistency in the color theme it looks like you're going for black and white but the blue Razer headset and the green mousepad kind of throw it off a bit I also see that you're a huge fan of The Walking Dead judging by the posters and pictures it is that an autograph from Carl that's pretty dope but you know what no one really likes him overall it's a great set of Thank You Chandler for entering at number three we have Manuel with our second triple display set up and two mice a single 27-inch asus rog swift in-between to 1080p asus monitors the keyboard of choice is the Logitech G 9 10 and we also have two mice a worldcat cone xtd and a Logitech g600 for them mmo's excellent placement with a boom arm which is hooked up to the t-bone SC 440 mic we also have a pair of bear dynamic DT 770 headphones with the mod mic attachment resting on the desk and finally another dxracer chair to top off the setup once again there really isn't a consistency in a theme there's just a lot of different colors which isn't a bad thing by the way it's just a personal preference and this entire setup board series is based off my preference so don't think that you're obligated to change just because I'm recommending it these are just my opinions cable management looks pretty good overall majority of the wires and power strips are hooked up on the roof and then we have a single set of wires going down for the subwoofer which is cool and then we have the headphone wire hanging down there's really nothing you can do with that other than adding a headphone hanger underneath and then wrapping the cable around it that will definitely look a lot cleaner though the PCs powering the setup has a 5820k which is overclocked to 4.5 and a gtx 980ti also a great job on the cable management for the PC I like how you set up the monitors you have the usual layout and then you have the chilling on the bed layout to where you can basically flip the monitor around and watch videos while relaxing in your bed very clever overall a very double triple display setup Thank You Manuel for entering if Mac setups have their own seal of approval I would give it to Martin hands down this isn't just a setup it's a work of art we have a 27 inch iMac on top of the Alex add-on unit and two speakers from Bowers & Wilkins that steal the show ladies and gentlemen this is minimalism at its finest we also have the Sennheiser TR 130 wireless headphones off to the left side an amplifier underneath the Alex unit and a beer opener mounted against the wall not really sure what that's about but overall this is a very clean setup with excellent cable management not much else to say or even recommend but thank you Martin for blessing my eyes with such beauty last but not least we have William and his multi system setup we have two ACS 27-inch monitors and Razer BlackWidow chroma keyboard and a death adder mouse we also have the blue Yeti Mike with a pair of logitech g930 s resting on it and an MSI laptop on the other side breaking the trend of dxracer chairs we have an ache a racing chair instead which honestly looks all the same to me but at least there is more of a consistency in this setup despite the green mouse pad from Razer the PC on the other hand is powering this setup has a 47 70 and a GTX 780 inside the Corsair air 540 case I like the little figurines you have across your desk I think it has a nice touch to your setup and gives a little personality but the cable management on the other hand I do not like there's a bunch of wires on the floor that can easily be hidden in these sleeves that you can zip up together and you can even hide a power strip in a cable box if you want the other set of cables on the other side can also be hidden using the Omni mount cable sleeve and it will honestly clean up the bottom half of your entire setup but make sure to check out the links below if you're interested in picking those up but everything else looks good a pretty cool setup overall thank you William for entering but that will do it for a very first episode of the new season of setup wars as always make sure you guys drop your comments down below and vote on who you think has the best desk setup as always voting will end Saturday and announce the winners on Sunday on my Twitter and Instagram as always thank you guys so much for watching leave a like if you excited for the new season of setup wars and I'll see you in the next video
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