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Setup Wars - Episode 52

what's up guys is that from tech source and welcome to set up boards episode 52 where you submit your desk setup to get featured on the channel so if you want to participate make sure to watch the video linked below bye ladies and gentlemen without wasting any more time let the setup for is begin never pay full price for games ever again guys g2a offers the cheapest cd-keys you can find anywhere check them out by clicking on the link below as always everyone's gear for their setups will be links down below if anyone is interested but here are your 5 lucky contestants for this week we have Dustin Sam Nick Kalin and Justin congratulations for making it on the show starting off the show we have Dustin and his single monitors set up a 34 inch asus rog swift ultrawide monitor hooked up to the freedom arm on the massive desk we have the corsair k70 RGB keyboard and a logitech g502 mouse on top of the enormous neonics mousepad I like how you kept the black theme consistent across the entire setup we got black audio engine a 5 plus speakers black headphone stand and even a black LED lamp job well done cable management is excellent great use of the cable clips routing the wires on the roof of the desk and I even noticed that you use a cable channel for your wall shelves as well as in cable box for your power strip so what's been watching my videos for a while it doesn't even stop there we have a cable tube for his PC wires I have never been more proud the PC that's powering the setup has the 6700 K overclock 24.7 and a ZOTAC extreme amp gtx 980ti the rest of your room is extremely OCD friendly I mean everything is organized and very clean what can I say a pretty solid setup to start the show Thank You Dustin for entering Sam I am is next up with a try display setup now at first I thought this was a Mac setup from the misleading wallpaper but it's actually a Windows PC so we have two 24-inch LG monitors and a 32 inch LG Smart TV you right above on the desk rip the coolermaster octane keyboard and mouse bundle on top of the all key mouse pad we also have a pair of je-vc bookshelf speakers and a blue snowball mic right there in the center I love the symmetry but I can't say the same about the choice of color on those speakers it looks like Sam went with the IKEA linen desk with some Alex drawers underneath we do have a headphone hangar for 50 X's and a headphone amp that's mounted against the roof cable management looks very clean from this angle but looking in the corner we can see the true disaster a cable box will definitely help keep the power strip and brick hidden neatly away and even using simple things like velcro straps to tighten cables together will really clean up the mess back there the PC that's powering the setup has an FX 6350 that's overclocked to 4.1 and a GTX 960 besides the cable management this is a very clean setup thank you Sam for entering coming in at number 3 is Nick with a very modest black and red setup we have two 27-inch BenQ monitors the right one being a regular display and the one on the left being a gaming monitor with a 1 millisecond response time and a 70 Hertz refresh rate on the desk rip the Corsair a RGB keyboard saber RGB mouse on top of the course our extended mousepad we also have the famous cloud 2 gaming headset on the lign headset stand and a dxracer chair to complete setup CCG is using on the other hand desperately needs a GPU upgrade but it's currently rocking a 44 60 and a GTX 650 cable management isn't really the best I mean this can definitely be fixed by using some velcro straps and these super thick cable sleeves since you do have a bunch of cables down there these are actually better than the omnimount sleeves that I keep recommending since it comes with a zipper function making the job a lot easier you could also watch my cable laser video if you need any tips other than that it's a pretty sweet setup Thank You Nick for entering now this is something I haven't seen before on the show we have Kalyn with dual ultra wires that are hooked up to a monitor arm not sure how I feel about this but it definitely looks cool desk itself is the IKEA linman which is actually modded to fit his height on the desk we have a courser keyboard and a vengence mouse on top of the white extended mousepad and a pair of Logitech z3 20 speakers near the back cable management looks pretty good from what I can see it looks like we also have an Xbox one on the bottom and a corsair void headset hanging from the desk the pc on the other hand doesn't really look at r active I mean there's a random SSD trying to escape have a cluster of wires that's all over the place not much else you can deal with the headset wire but if you want to clean up the overall look I would consider hanging the headset off to the side of your desk so that way your cables aren't visible when you do decide to hang it a very interesting setup no doubt Thank You Kaelyn for entering last but not least we have Justin with another interesting setup so we have a giant 42 inch wasabi 4k monitor sandwiched by 2 M audio studio monitors which are resting on the IKEA lack shelves it doesn't seem like a symmetrical but it still looks awesome on the desk we have the poker tree mechanical keyboard and logitech g502 mouse on top of the artisan mousepad we also have a vegeta figurine and his super saiyan god mode keeping watch from up there and a nice set of lenses below the speakers now the pc here is a completely different story this year is a custom modded water-cooled build is running a 5820k that's overclocked to 4.2 and it's paired with a single gtx 980ti custom s lights panel power coated case and brackets and finally a custom aqua computers circuit wired to allow control for all lights fans and pumps through windows this is the mother of all mods that is insane I'm fairly certain the cable management is on point and yep it sure is after all why wouldn't it be if you can do that to a PC there are however a few extra things on the desk that kind of make a look cluttered simply adding a stand for your smartphone and tablet with really clean it up and even minor things like attaching an SD card reader on the roof of that shelf will contribute to a much cleaner desk despite the alignment of those speaker shelves I say that this is one badass set up Thank You Justin for entering but that will do for this episode of setup wars as always drop your comments down below and vote on who you think has the best best setup and allows the winners on my Twitter and Instagram on Sunday basically the thing guys so much for watching as always if you enjoy setup boards make sure to leave a like I'll see you in the next video
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