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Setup Wars - Episode 53 | PC Desk Edition

ladies and gentlepeople do I have a special episode for you today so not only do we have an extra episode of setup boards this week but we have a special episode as well welcome to setup wars episode 53 PC desk edition so these setups are way too good to be in a regular set of boards episode and they're overpowered to be in a PC Wars episode so I thought I'd gather all the contestants and make a special dedicated video just for them with the PC Wars oh Jesus let the set-up wars begin never pay full price for games ever again guys g2a offers the cheapest cd-keys you can find anywhere check them out by clicking on the link below if you guys want to check out the full specs for these pcs I'll have them linked below but here are your 5 master builders we have Corey giorgos Jeffrey Peter and stands I am so sorry for butchering your name this first setup should come as no surprise since Corey has been featured on PC wars episode 6 with this very impressive joker color scheme this monster is rocking a 59 60 x + 3 EVGA GTX 980 s super clocked addition it also has 32 gigabytes of RAM and 17 terabytes of hard drive space 17 terabytes he's got storage for days of course with all this power you gotta be rockin a multi-monitor setup so we have two 27-inch LG monitors sandwiching a 27-inch Asus monitor which are all hooked up on a monitor arm after all why would you place those displays on the desk and block the precious view the front of the desk houses a car head unit which the two 4 inch speakers are hooked up to for listening to radio and also to receive phone calls by bluetooth through the desk truly a one-of-a-kind setup Thank You Corey for starting things off strong next up we have giorgos that has a setup which isn't as Extreme as the first but nonetheless it's still pretty badass we have a single 27 inch dual monitor up top a corsair strafe RGB keyboard and a razer MMO gaming mouse on top of the awesome red and white build adding those LED strips around the desk definitely was a good choice so this build is rocking a 5820k that's overclocked to 4.4 and it's paired with 2 sapphire r9 290 s and finally we get to see some AMD GPUs in these high-end builds I really like how we use both red and white tubes and fans to stay consistent with the theme overall another awesome PC desk thank you George for entering jeffrey is next up with something a little different so instead of a full glass desk we have a smaller window showing off his build which appears to have a red and black theme a 4770k overclocked 24.0 and a GT 980 paired with the asus rog Maximus 6 motherboard if I'll be honest there's not much of a presentation on the outside I mean we have two different sized monitors and the art on the table surface really doesn't go well with the rest of the PC I mean at least it matches what the speaker stands this setup definitely has a potential to be something even better but this is definitely a start and it's badass nonetheless now this is what I'm talking about right off the bat you can see that the presentation is much better with Peters setup we have an LG ultra wide in the middle with two Dell displays in vertical mode on each side and a pair of Bose speakers underneath on the desk he has a Corsair k70 RGB keyboard and the corsair Sabre mouse on top of the Razer Firefly mousepad so this is a black and neon-green theme which is something I've actually never seen before it's running a 59 60 X overclock to 4.5 gigahertz and 2 GTX 980 s in SLI even some parts are painted neon green like the SSDs to give it that extra spice then you guys might be wondering where on earth the radiators are well apparently he put them on the ground where it's nice and cool excellent work with cable management as well just an overall amazing setup and PC build thank you Peter for entering last but not least we have stands and his battle station so we pretty much have two setups a laptop on the right and a dual monitor setup to the left right smack in the middle of these two you can find two enormous reservoirs for their water-cooled PC and below that you can find the build itself that's running on a 3930k and a gtx 770 I like the front panel that's displaying the SSDs like it's in some sort of museum and the red LED strips up top and the red LED fans near the bottom there's definitely a lot of planning and work that got put into the creation of this and for that I applaud you even though some parts are outside the desk I still consider this a PC desk setup Thank You stands for entering it's gonna be a tough decision to be honest but which one of these setups you guys think deserves to win and move on to the best desk setups of 2016 make sure you guys drop your comments down below and vote I will announce the winners on my Twitter and Instagram accounts next week on Saturday so make sure you're following me there if you want to know who wins think I so much for watching if you enjoy this special and extra episode of setup orders make sure to hit that like button a towel and I will see you in the next video
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