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Setup Wars - Episode 54 | Budget Edition

if this video gets 40,000 likes I will do an entire episode of setup pores completely covered in the brand skins my face my arms my neck should be an interesting episode what's up guys it's ad from Texas and welcome to setup wars episode 54 budget edition when you submit your desk setup to get featured on the show and if you guys are interested in participating make sure to watch the video linked below but ladies and gentlemen without wasting any more time never pay full price for games ever again guys g2a offers the cheapest cd-keys you can find anywhere check them out by clicking on the link below as always everyone's gear for their setups along with anything I recommend in this episode will be linked below so make sure to check that out but here are your 5 lucky contestants for this week we have Eric bass or bass Ethan I've Elaine and Mike Gees butcher the crap out of those so first up we have Eric and a pretty clean set up a 24 inch acer monitor between two sony speakers and for the gaming gear we have 2 gigabyte a via a so Miam a keyboard and had a logitech m7 or five mouse to the left of the speakers are his phillips headphones and a custom-made headphone stand and speaking of custom work the cable drop and phone stand are also handmade by Eric himself the PC does powering the setup has a 6600 K skylake processor and a GTX 970 Strix gravis card cable management on the other hand is on point and everything is neatly organized other than picking up an extended mousepad this is a really clean and straightforward setup thank you Eric for entering next up we have bass and his shelf set up and I say shelf because that's not an actual desk so on the Shelf we have the AOC 22 inch monitor a Fujitsu keyboard and a Logitech M 100 mouse on top of a razer mousepad we also have the BM 700 mic hooked up to in Oxbow marm and an M Adio interface in near the back cable management looks pretty good for the most part I mean the Signum rack is holding majority of the cable and I do see that you did your best to wrap the cables together and finally the PCG is using has an i-5 45 90 and a GTX 960 so a few things I would change if this was my setup firstly I would hook up the boom arm in the back of the desk instead of having it so close to you the arm should be long enough to reach across the desk also picking up a monitor riser would not only give you some space underneath to store your audio interface and receiver but it will also be in reach of you and lastly getting a hanger for your headphones would be the icing on cake lots of potential to be an even better setup but this is a great start thank you bass for entering a number three we have Ethan with a pretty sweet black and red theme setup we have a 22 inch Samsung monitor and the very popular red dragon central forest keyboard and mouse bundle on top of the red dragon mouse pad excellent choices I definitely approve we will serve a set of Logitech z5o 6 speakers and a corsair raptor Jas 30 headset on a black and red chair cable management is very clean on the ground but it's extreme chaos up top with some cables hanging around I think a cable raceway would help you route the cables through and conceal most of those wires and I also like the cable spiral you have used for the wires running down excellent choice there the PC that's powering the setup has a 6600 K and an r7 370 with 16 gigs of RAM overall a pretty sweet black-and-red setup with little complaints Thank You Ethan for entering and here's another budget setup IVA Len is rocking a 22 inch LG monitor with the a4tech bloody keyboard and mouse bundle there's also a set of Logitech x5 30 speakers near the back and it's pretty much all this setup has the PC has a 6300 that's overclocked to 3.9 and another r7 370 graphics card I also like how you use the pullout keyboard drawer to store a few items the cable management however most likely needs some work I think you would just tuck them away on the side so I won't be able to see them but I'm sure it's a mess back there if they are I would advise using some velcro straps or maybe even a cable sleeve to wrap them neatly together also a cable box for your power strip if you do have one somewhere a pretty good minimalistic setup Thank You Ivan friend last but least we have Mike with our first dual display set up in the budget Edition so the monitor on the left is a 19 inch LG and the one on the right is a 24-inch BenQ gaming monitor with a 144 Hertz refresh rate the keyboard he is using is the arachnid 3 core and we also have a DeathAdder chroma mouse on top of the Corsair miles pad a few other things on the desk are the logitech 2.1 speakers a blue snowball black edition mic and steel series headset the pc that's running the setup has an FX 8350 and a gtx 960 inside the in win case I feel like we're going to see a lot of AMD builds in the budget edition of setup Wars cable management is on point the IKEA mom desk still remains one of my favorite desks of all times even until today the cable management rack is simply amazing and has plenty of surface area for a multi-monitor setup and even room for a PC it looks like the subwoofer is holding up the monitor but honestly I would recommend putting it under the desk because subwoofers aren't meant to be on top of tables also a headphone hangar would keep your headphones off of your PC case and maybe even a boom arm for your mic I would also use a piece of velcro and wrap around the PC cables in the back so that they are organized overall a very sexy setup no doubt thank you Mike for entering so it's basically for the episode I'm kind of testing the waters with the budget Edition so if this is something you guys want to see done more frequently let me know by dropping in comments down below also let me know which of these setups you guys enjoy the most make sure to vote down below as well that's basically it the winner will be announced on Sunday on my Twitter and Instagram as always thing guys so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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