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Setup Wars - Episode 56

what's up guys it's ad from Texas and welcome to setup wars episode 56 will you submit your desk setup to get featured on a channel and if you guys want to participate make sure to watch the video linked below little outside and done but the setup wars begin never pay full price for games ever again guys g2a offers the cheapest cd-keys you can find anywhere check them out by clicking on the link below as always you guys can find the links to their gears for their setups down below if anyone is interested but here are your five contestants for this week we have NN antonio Chaska Colin and Devin let's go ahead and start the show so starting off the show is my good friend Annan and is very clean and organized white and black setup and apologies if I butchered your name we have two LG 24 inch monitors mounted on a CNC T arm which is hooked up to a modded dining table of his and then sandwiching the monitors are a pair of Clips Pro media 2.1 speakers and on the desk we have the courser k7 10 plus keyboard and Logitech G 402 Mouse on the legendary gamers extended mouse pad a few other things on the desk include his ps4 and a nice lineup of headphones which include the ATH M 30 X and 50 X and Logitech G 430 for gaming cable management is superb and I like how even the subwoofer has a stand the PC powering the setup has a 2500 K and a GTX 970 but you know what the shelf on the top isn't exactly aligned perfectly with your setup I think it's off to the left side a bit and it's kind of bothering me but I do like how you kept everything else symmetrical and a huge plus on that boom arm holding up the blue Yeti mic overall a very clean and organized setup Thank You NF for entering Antonio Banderas is next up with another white and black theme but this time we have a semi glass desk between the audio engine speakers we have the 34 inch curved monitor from Dell that's mounted on the freedom arm and below that we have the Logitech k-8 hundred people and G 602 mouse on top of the glorious extended mousepad I'm definitely digging the desk design it has a glass top with a pullout drawer that also has a bunch of storage compartments which is really awesome there's even space for cable management on the roof of the desk and it kind of caves in a bit making it really easy to keep the power strips and cables hidden from view slap on a Nike ride-on unit and you have yourself a monitor riser with extra storage space the PC that's powering this setup is actually hidden away inside the ste we stand after the right side and it's rocking eight 3770k and a gtx970 super o'clock the cables are then routed near the bottom into the cable box which is also housing the power strip for the entire setup well done Antonio beautiful setup and thank you for entering changing things up is Cheska's black white and red set up with 2 24 inches monitors which are hooked up to the rows will arms and on the desk we have the CM storm devastated keyboard and mouse bundle which is resting on the white glorious extended mousepad cable management is pretty good I can see that most of the cables are routed near the top and against the wall the PCs running the setup has an FX 83-70 which is overclocked to 4.8 and a GTX 980 Extreme Edition which is sitting inside the custom painted and the Xth 440 case I also like what you did with your PNY power banks by creating a power bank stand using connects pieces very clever I'm not so sure how effective it is mounting the blue snowball mic on the monitor arms since it's pretty far from your mouth instead I would strongly recommend an inexpensive boom arm which you can mount on the arms and I will give you the option to bring it closer to you while keeping it off the table at the same time also a headphone hangar that you can attach to the back of your monitors would be a far cleaner approach to keeping the Razer black shark headphones away from sight and closer to your reach with some minor tweaks this can definitely be a better setup Thank You Chaska for entering Colin Farrell is next up with a clean set up indeed we have two 34 inch LG monitors which are mounted against the wall and they are sandwiched by two sony chp 7 speakers which are being held up by custom-made wooden stands below that we have the courser strafe RGB keyboard and MX master mouse but check this out guys you have a custom-made phone stand with a Samsung wireless charging pad that's built-in we also have a boom arm to the left side holding up the audio-technica ATR 2100 mic and a 2009 MacBook Pro which is hooked up on the roof of the desk by a custom-made contraption speaking of custom-made stuff we have a custom-made PC stand pokeball stand and even headphone stand for the MTX Street audios ladies and gentlemen the sixth ever set up Wars steel ruble goes to Colin with his very creative and very impressive setup congratulations Colin for winning $100 a custom-made plaque which is hand signed by me and also a text source t-shirt of your choosing so if you're watching this video make sure a mail set up words to claim your prize so Louise in Colin got the sixth set up Wars seal of approval was simple symmetry cable management creativity presentation and most importantly this is a very unique setup hopefully the hundred dollars will go towards a better PC because this simply won't cut it especially with a beautiful setup like this Thank You Colin for entering last but not least we have Devon with our first triple monitor setup for the episode three ACS 24 inch monitors courser strafe RGB keyboard with the eraser or Weaver and Mad Catz rat MMO seven Mouse and that's pretty much it that's on the desk the PC that's pushing all these pixels has a 6600 K and a single GTX 980 inside the NZXT phantom case under the custom-made desk we have a pair of em 50 X's and the Corsair Vengeance 1500 gaming headset cable manager on the other hand can definitely be improved I mean routing the purple wire across the top of the desk along with the white cable with definitely cleanup cable management using some cable clips will definitely help you out but if you need some more tips on cable management feel free to watch my cable management video on the channel but that's pretty much it for this minimalistic black and white setup Thank You Devon for entering so W of this episode of setup wars as always you guys know what to do drop your comments down below and vote on who you think has the best that's setup as always the winner will be announced on Sunday on might water and installations so follow me there if you guys want the guys so much for watching if you enjoy setup wars make sure to leave a like and I'll see you in the next video yes I do that on purpose so I can mess with your OCD if you're still watching us that is
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