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Setup Wars - Episode 57

if this video gets forty thousand likes I will do an entire episode of setup whores completely covered I just got this over with d brands the most precise fit in the world check out the link below if you guys want to pick up some skins what's up guys it's ad from Texas and welcome to setup wars episode 57 will you submit your desk setup to get featured on the channel so if you guys want to participate make sure to watch the video leaving below for the love of God without wasting any more time or the setup always begin never pay full price for games ever again guys g2a offers the cheapest cd-keys you can find anywhere check them out by clicking on the link below as always you guys can find the gear for the set ups link below if anyone is interested but here are your 5 lucky contestants we have Andrea's Ashley Ben David and Dean congratulations for making it on the show so starting off the show we have Andrea's with a 24 inch Acer between two Samsung 24-inch monitors for the gaming gear we have the OCAD ryos MK pro keyboard and a ro cation mouse on top of the sense mousepad the microphone that's hooked up to the fox nove scissor boom arm is the rode podcaster and we also have a pair of wave master M x3 plus speakers cable management looks great no wires on the ground then it seems like everything is grouped together and hook it up to the roof of the desk a fine job in the the PC powering the setup has a 4770k and a single Asus GTX 970 Strix the only thing that bothers my OCD is the middle monitor since it's not the same size as the other two but overall a very straightforward setup Thank You Andrea's or entering next up is Ashley with a dual monitor setup so we have two 24-inch BenQ monitors on top of a custom-made wall shelf and the desk is actually made out of a kitchen worktop would you look at that below the monitors we have a Razer BlackWidow chroma key board and a Death Adder chroma Mouse on top of the extended Swift gaming mouse pad everything is nice and symmetrical with two Logitech Z 200 speakers on each side ps4 console on the left and wireless router and modem on the right the cable management game is also strong here I really like how we routed the speaker and modem wires across the side of the shelf and straight down to the floor also the wires up top are tied together with zip ties I mean even cable manage the mouse wire excellent whoa whoa whoa whoa you didn't even watch my perfect desk setup episode one yet that's like the best video on my channel how do you I'm just kidding you're probably new to the channel so I'll drop a link to the video down below if you want to check that out the PC that's powering the setup has a 6700 a an msi gtx 970 and also a +1 on picking up a brainwaves headphone hanger for your m 50 x's overall a very clean setup and the cable management is just excellent thank you so much for entering and i'm a 3 we asked ban who was featured in the ultimate edition of setup wars it looks like he listened to my advice and removed the brown box next to his setup and he also moved his headphone hangar to the left as well which was something I recommended Thank You Ben for listening to my recommendations I really hope this new layout suits you better as far as the gear we have the same stuff 324 inch dual monitors Corsair k70 RGB keyboard Mad Catz rat 9 Mouse and you Razer Nostromo gamepad on the left side symmetry is at its finest once again we have 2 coasters on each side the webcam centered with the middle monitor and a set of logitech g502 speakers spread out beautifully once again cable line is going to flawless and you also have 2 drawers that appears to be well organized a much better setup than before I'm glad you made those improvements and Thank You Ben for entering this next setup should look somewhat familiar at least a PC should David's PC was featured in PC wars episode 3 with his 3d printed case since then it appears that he has upgraded his CPU from a 4790k to a 5820k which is overclocked to 4.4 and he is still using the Asus GTX 970 strix graphics card definitely still one of my favorite and unique builds that I have seen but back to the setup so david has a single 40 inch Philips 4k monitor that's mounted on the wall with several wall shelves that showcase some PC parts assuming that these were from pcs he has owned in the past on the desk key of the 2015 12 inch macbook CM storm TK stealth keyboard MadCatz rat 5 mouse on top of the HyperX extended mouse pad and we also have a pair of DIY speakers which are from an old iPhone dock we have a pair of AKG k612 headphones resting on a hanger underneath the desk right next to an SD card reader which is also hooked up on the roof cable management on the other hand is immaculate the IKEA Signum rack is doing majority of the work with the help of some cable clips to keep the wires from hanging down he also has a few clips holding up some charging cables behind the dead for when he needs quick access to some brilliant aside from drilling a hole in the desk throughout the keyboard and mouse cable through David has also custom printed the orange desk risers and threw in a few LED strips to create a glow effect which really looks nice you know it's these types of setups that really impressed me setups that are born from creativity and attention to detail David congratulations man I'm awarding you the seventh set of Bors seal of approval call the coordination symmetry organization cable management and simply being unique as always the winner of the seal receives $100 custom-made plaque which is signed by me upon request and one tech source t-shirt go ahead and toss an email to set up orders to claim your prize' buddy congratulations last but not least we have dean with a try display setup we have two 21 inch LG monitors sandwich King and LG 25 inch ultra light in the middle and on the desk we have another set of locat here the SQ keyboard and cone xt d RGB mouse the desk layout is similar to David's in the sense that he too is using the IKEA linman desk on top of to Alex chores also on a desk with a pair of audio engine 80 plus speakers and interestingly enough we also have a set of Logitech z5o 6 speakers around the 32 inch LG TV that's mounted against the wall I also like the spot you chose to hang your total Beach px 20 ones and Razer Electra headphones now here is a brilliant idea that I would have never thought of Dean has managed to wrap his audio interface in carbon fiber skins I'm definitely jacking that idea just saying I don't know how the cable management is since the backboard seems to be hiding them but I will give you a point for using the wall cable covers for both the TV and monitors and finally the PC that's powering this setup has a 6600 and a gigabyte GTX 970 inside the h4 40 case I feel like the only thing missing from this setup is some more blue the PC case and GTO mega chair kind of feel out of place since majority of the colors are either black or white a few ways to balance this and add more blue to your setup would be to either get some LEDs in the back of your desk RGB lighting for the keyboard or Mouse or even simply changing the wallpaper is something that has blue in them would make the colors more consistent there's even a few amazing mouse pads that I came across Amazon that would really spice up your setup but I'll drop a link to them down below if you're interested other than the inconsistency of the theme and the uncentered TV up top this is a pretty sweet triple monitor setup Thank You Dean for entering praise the Lord that is the end of the episode so make sure you guys drop your comments down below and vote on who you think has the best desk setup as always I will announce the winners on Sunday on my Twitter and Instagram accounts so make sure you're following me there if you want to know who wins as always if you guys enjoy setup words make sure to leave a like and I will see you in the next video ah so painful ah I do this for you guys
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