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Setup Wars - Episode 58

so yeah remember that one video where I said I was going to tase myself if it got to ten thousand likes this video gets 10,000 likes I will tase myself with this and one of my setup boys videos well turns out that this is actually not a Taser just by reading the billions of comments you guys left me which by the way thank you because you saved my life this isn't actually a Taser turns out it's a plasma lighter yeah I don't want to burn myself to death so you guys know me I'm always a man of my word so if this was a Taser I was ready to tase myself but yeah I don't want to die I don't want to get 10 degree burns so I will do a different challenge of course because I owe you guys so come up with a challenge a reasonable challenge please like leave a reasonable challenge down below and I'll pick the top comment and I will do it in a setup wars episode so yeah just to prove to you guys that this is an actual lighter like here oh I seriously almost burned myself like I felt the heat on my thumb and almost burned the damn carpet luckily add a bowl of water and I've dipped it in there but it seems like something's burnt in here now what's up guys it's ad from tech source and welcome to setup wars episode 57 right so obviously the smoke got to me because it's episode 58 and when you submit your desk setup to get featured on the channel so if you guys want to participate make sure to watch the video linked below without wasting any more time let the setup wars begin never pay full price for games ever again guys g2a offers the cheapest cd-keys you can find anywhere check them out by clicking on the link below as always you guys can find the gear to everyone setup link down below along with anything I recommend but here are your five contestants for this week we have Eli Felix Gregory Jonathan and Josh congratulations for making it on the show so starting off the show we have Eli and three 23 inch HP Pavilion monitors on top of the IKEA lindeman desk a fairly clean and straightforward setup on the desk we have the Logitech AK a 360 keyboard and mouse bundle on top of the coop ex mousepad and we also have a pair of Logitech z3 one three speakers off to the sides the PC that somehow pushing all of these pixels is running on an FX 4300 and a geforce GT 720 seriously how the hell do you have a triple monitor set up with those specs surprisingly cable management is on point we have the usual Signum rack holding up the cable wait wait a minute you didn't leave a like on my video hello darkness my old friend I've come to talk with you again other than that we have a handmade clock above the middle monitor a random light meter and a pile of right on the wall seriously though what's the purpose of this and why is it on your drawer okay then they fairly clean a pretty interesting setup Thank You Eli for entering felix is next up with a setup on top of the piranha corner desk we have a pro lights 22 inch monitor sitting on top of a 34 inch ultra wide from LG which looks like they are hooked up to the wall well the top monitor is but the ultra white is being held up by the silverstone monitor arm which is actually off to the side by the way a quick tip if you guys want to get a soft glow effect behind your monitor like felix has done here then you need to hook up a set of LED strips to the back of the monitor this way you can combine both of your LED strips and create a very nice glowy effect of two different colors below the monitors we have the core circ 8:30 keyboard and a map cast we're at three Mouse on top of the courser extended mouse pad and on the other side we have a 13 inch MacBook Pro Retina and a pretty cool charging dock in the back between both setups we have a little stand for the Asus Strix gaming headphones and Felix actually custom-painted the orange wings to white to better match his setup but look at the cute little snow here too bad he died just kidding you guys relax speaking of headsets he also has a Razer Kraken pro hanging next to his PC which is rocking an i7 4790k overclocked to 4.4 and an msi r9 270x cable management on the other hand looks pretty good I love the fact that you drilled a hole in your desk throughout the keyboard and mouse wired through and it seems like most of the stuff is hooked up on that power strip which is also attached on the roof of the desk very clean and organized setup no doubt I have nothing to recommend Thank You Felix for entering at number three we have Gregory with another interesting set up we have a 24 inch band cue monitor on the left hooked up to another 34 inch LG ultra wide on the homemade desk we have the Razer Deathstalker the Death Adder and the Logitech MX master for his Mac setup we also have a pair of course sir SP 2500 gaming speakers and a blue Yeti mic off to the left side next to his pc which by the way is rocking a 4770k and an EVGA GTX 770 excellent work with cable management all the wires are off the ground and they are neatly routed across the roof of the desk and into a power strip no complaints here I did however notice that you have a few remotes laying around and I would suggest a drawer that you can install on your desk to store miscellaneous items like that if there's space on there there also the mic seems to be a bit far from your monitors a simple fix to this is to pick up a road boom arm and hook it up to the desk behind your monitors now if you don't want to hook them up to your desk you can actually attach it to the monitor arm instead like a few people have done on setup Wars not only will this look a lot cleaner since it's technically not touching a table but you will also have a much easier access to it for recording audio I also like to portrait paintings on the wall that definitely adds some personality to your setup but thank you so much Gregory for entering next up is Jonathan with a massive 43 inch vizio 4k TV sitting on top of another homemade desk with some acoustic foams in the back on the desk we have a co prism keyboard logitech g502 mouse and a rode nt1 mic hooked up to the newer boom arm there's definitely a lot going on here there's the halo 5 collector's edition items off to the left side a halo 5 metal or Gundam model which I'm sure took you long as time to put together and finally we have a pretty cool r2d2 applica underneath the desk this thing actually looks pretty legit I wonder if it does anything on the right side we have an MSI prestige gaming laptop sitting on top of the Xbox one and finally a set of four Harman Kardon surround sound speakers positioned around the set up cable management looks pretty clean from what I can see one cable is routed alongside the floor and the rest are routed against the roof of the desk and down to the PC which by the way has a 3770k and a gtx 750ti also props on modding a side panel for one of the legs on the desk I guess since you technically have a side panel you don't really need a side panel on the actual case itself I mean it's not the cleanest job I've ever seen but it's not bad either a pretty dope setup overall thank you John for an entering finishing up the episode we have Josh and his very minimalistic setup a single 29 inch LG monitor and a razer blackwidow keyboard with a Rapp who Mouse other than that we have a phone stand holding up the iPhone a fake IKEA plant and one badass-looking Walter White ready to kick some ass but what is that in his hand is that that meth so you guys might be wondering where is the PC well Josh decided to occupy an entire cabinet just for his PC seriously there's like nothing else in there the specs he has in there however is the 5820k processor 16 gigs of Dominator Platinum's and msi gtx 970 the wall definitely needs some cleaning but cable management does seem very organized we have a Signum up top and a bunch of zip ties keeping the wires together also a plus one adding the USB hub under the table as well I would recommend the cable box for your dresser just to hide the wireless routers and power strip but I'm sure you don't care since none of that is visible anyways when the door is shut that's pretty much it though there doesn't seem to be a consistent color scheme going on here but overall a very clean and straightforward setup well aside from that dirty wall Thank You Josh for in three so that will do for this episode of setup wars you guys know what to do drop your comments down below and vote on who you think has the best desk setup as always I will announce the winner on my Twitter and Instagram accounts so make sure you're following me there I will announce the winners on Sunday so basically if you guys enjoy setup wars make sure to leave a like and don't forget to leave a reasonable there down below I love you guys think guys so much for your support honestly and I'll see you in the next video
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