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Setup Wars - Episode 59

what's up guys it's ad from tech so I said welcome to setup wars episode 59 will you submit your desk setup to get featured on the channel so if you guys want to participate make sure to watch the video linked below but ladies and gentlemen without wasting any more time let the setup wars begin never pay full price for games ever again guys g2a offers the cheapest cd-keys you can find anywhere check them out by clicking on the link below real quickly guys before I start this episode I have a serious question to ask you and that is has setup ORS even remotely helped you improve your own setup if so please click on the link below and vote there's a strawpoll link I'm just curious about what you guys have to say so with that said you guys can find everyone's gear for the setups along with anything I recommend in this episode a link below but ladies and gentlemen here are five contestants for this week we have Isaiah Kiril Nigel Simon and Sundeep congratulations for making it on the show starting off the episode we have Isaiah and his pretty dope looking black and red setup so this dude has two 24-inch asu's monitors hooked up to a monitor stand and below that we have a Corsair K 65 RGB keyboard and a logitech g502 Mouse on top of the VIP amaz mousepad which is actually the one I'm using for my own setup off the left side we have the audio technica at2020 mic hooked up to the newer boom arm and we also have a pair of M 50 X's with custom brain waves ear cups and deer and skins definitely dig in your style I don't see any cables so good job with cable management it looks like isaiah has drilled some holes in the back of the desk and routed the cables through and even hooked up a power strip on the roof of the desk a few other mods I noticed where the USB hub attached on the left side of the desk for easy access and a cable drop that's holding up the micro USB cable which I'm guessing is used to charge your smartphone the PC that's powering the setup has a 4790k and an EVGA GTX 970 inside the h4 40 case which unfortunately is being blocked by the monitors I would recommend moving the boom arm and sliding the monitor over so that it's slightly hanging out from the desk if you want your case to be visible I would then hook up the boom arm to the actual monitor mounts and pick up a headphone anchor for those headphones and place it under the desk again these are just my recommendations obviously nobody has to do anything I say so this setup works for you by all means don't change a thing a very sweet setup Thank You Isaiah for entering kirilus next up with a very simple and clean setup very unusual to have the PC on the left side facing that way but for some reason it just works we have a 27-inch Asus monitor hooked up to the wall and below that is the HP elite wireless keyboard and a Logitech G 440 mouse all of which are sitting on top of the IKEA lemon table with the Olav legs which are pretty much adjustable the cable management makes me a very happy person we have a Signum rack holding up pretty much everything and then one single cable running from the Parrish grip down the legs and into the wall outlet we also have an SD card reader USB hub and a remote for the LED strips attached on the roof of the desk and away from sight I couldn't be more proud and finally the PC pushing all these pixels has an i5 4460 which is paired with the EVGA GTX 970 I also notice that you at the front side of the case and even the SSD in carbon fiber very nice overall a very clean black-and-red setup Thank You Carol for entering nigel is next up with something a little different so in the corner we have a 25 inch LG monitor on top of a 24 inch BenQ and below that is the Razer BlackWidow chroma on top of the courser extended mouse pad off to the left side we can see a Philips sound bar in an unusual spot and on the opposite side is Nigel's box collection which consists of gear he has previously purchased who needs paintings on their wall when you can slap together a few boxes and hang that instead cable management on the other hand looks pretty good for the most part I like the use of zip ties and cable clips to keep everything organized Nigel's PC is running on another 4790k which is paired with an msi gtx 980ti and it's also nicely modded the motherboard heat sinks are painted along with the RAM sticks and we also have a custom made PSU shroud okay so the acoustics I'm pretty sure they are there for aesthetic reasons since you don't have a mic set up for recording and use a pair of g35 instead but I gotta be honest it could definitely look a lot better first off I would have used two different colored acoustic foams black and white to match your setup and second I would have made some sort of a shape or design with them I would also try and change the location of the sound bar because it just as an effective being mounted on one side maybe figure out a way to get that installed on top of the LG mono but other knows minor tweaks you have been very unique setup Thank You Nigel for entering Simon is next up with yet another very clean set up we have a 27 inch li yama monitor next to a 22 inch dell and on the desk you had the Philco magic touch to keyboard me onyx cast their mouse on top of the shark une mousepad this is an interesting layout in the sense that he didn't Center the monitors to make room for the second speaker he also opted to put the PC on the ground which is something I strongly go against a PC with a side panel should never be on the ground let alone a good-looking one like this but sometimes you just don't have a choice so I understand besides the other Edifier speaker on the drawer we also have a pair of super luxe HD 681 headphones on top of a wooden holder q-ball manager on the other hand is flawless nothing I can really recommend it looks like Simon is on top of his game Sigma rack up top and a spiral tube to hide the rest of the cables running down to the PC excellent job I also like the custom made arcade sticks he built using San Joaquin parts but this is probably the coolest thing in his room a fully working arcade bar top running Nintendo Super Nintendo Street Fighter and a bunch of other arcade games very nice as far as the set up if we're up to me I would do my best to make room for the other speaker and put the PC on the drawer instead but it is what it is great set up Simon and thank you for entering last but not least we have Sundeep with another productivity setup so we have 2 32 inch Samsung 1080p TVs on top of the IKEA Jonas desk which is basically a mom desk but without the cable management rack below those we have the Apple wireless keyboard and mouse which are resting on top of the IKEA Wisla desk mat and we also have a pair of logitech z nano 6 speakers and in between those are the iPhone Lightning doc and Apple watch stand I can't really see the wires because of the back board so I can't judge the cable management but I'm sure there aren't that many to begin with since most of this stuff is Wireless anyways and finally the PC test powering the set up is actually a 2015 MacBook but overall a very clean and good-looking productivity set up Thank You sandy before entering so that will do for this episode of setup wars as always drop your comments down below guys and vote on who you think has the desk setup and I will ask the winners on my Twitter and Instagram accounts on Sunday if you guys wanna know who won it's basically a thing guys so much for watching as always make sure to click on the straw polling and vote really interested to hear your opinions and what you guys have to say but anyways thing guys again so much for watching and I will see you in the next video
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