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Setup Wars - Episode 6 ft. RandomFrankP

what's up you guys is that back again from Texas and welcome to episode six of what's up you guys inside back again from Texas and welcome to setup Wars Episode six where you submit your desk setup to get featured on my channel and a chance to win some money I host them every Monday and I randomly select five of your submissions and feature them on my channel you guys get to vote on the best desk setup voting will end on the same week on Saturday and I announce the winner on Sunday on my social media accounts and if you guys are new to the set up series and want to submit your desk setup and you have to watch the video link down below for the instructions and requirements this week actually we have a special guest Frank from random Frank P and he's gonna be showing off his setup at the end of this video but with all that said let the set up Wars finally begin already so the five lucky contestants for this week are Jen caliper Dan Rolly and LPG congratulations for making it this week of setup Wars by the way all the products I mentioned in this video will be linked down below in the description section for those of you that are interested all right so first up we have Jen and it looks like we have a bumblebee setup we have a black and yellow color theme going on with a single dell 24 inch monitor and krk speakers one thing I would strongly recommend for you to pick up is an extended mousepad by the way due to popular request on my previous setup war videos the products that I actually recommend in these videos will have its own special section down below so it's easy for you guys to find them also on the desk it looks like you have the surface pro 3 which is an excellent choice for a laptop tablet hybrid and you also have the black and yellow theme dxracer chair to go along with your theme cable management is great no complaints there and I'm really liking your style you have an overall very clean setup I don't see any headphones on your desk so I actually did spend some time on Amazon looking for a pair of really awesome black and yellow gaming headphones and I let the link to that down below as well but I hope you liked it and thank you so much for entering setup wars next is Mark and we have here an apple setup for the most part starting from the left we have the Apple 27 inch cinema display a 2012 MacBook Pro and an HP 23 inch monitor hooked up to an HP PC this is more along the lines of a Productivity set up with your Logitech M 186 Mouse and Apple wireless keyboards which is great because we don't get to see many of these on set up videos on the wall you have a Star Wars and Ironman poster along with some license plates which I think has a really nice vibe to your setup especially with those mkbhd wallpapers cable management is also great and it does look like you are very organized with your stuff so a really great job there one thing I would strongly recommend for you to pick up is the new Logitech MX master wireless mouse your setup is perfect for the features it comes with you can connect up to three pcs to the mouse and you can swap between them by hitting a button which will not only eliminate the need for your extra mice and clean up your desk you also have access to the same gestures you would on a regular Apple Mouse so it works great for your MacBook as well I did do a review on it so we should definitely check it out if you're interested and also a bigger mousepad would definitely help you out as well but really a great productivity setup you got there mark thank you so much for entering setup pores next up is done and it looks like we have a dual monitor gaming setup now I can't tell if the chair is orange or red but either way it would have master setup better if you picked up the same dxracer chair but with green accents instead and maybe even a wallpaper to match that as well we have two BenQ 24-inch gaming monitors on VESA mounts and on the desk is a black widow gaming keyboard a sharkpoon mouse a razer chimera headphones and Samsung speakers all on top of a Razer Goliath extended mousepad by the way great choice on the extended mousepad I like the collection of sunglasses you have on the side there and once again I am jealous that you get to sit in front of a window great job on cable management as well I don't see any cables touching the ground okay now for a few things that stood out to me first thing is that the right speaker is way too close to your mouse I know for a fact that it'll be bothering you on gaming so I would suggest that you maybe move the speakers to the top shelf or move the headphone hangar to the other side and push the speaker to the right a little bit to give you more space again all of these recommendations are personal to me and they're my own opinions and basically what I would do if I had that particular set up so I hope you guys aren't taking it the wrong way or getting upset when I say stuff like that so another thing I noticed is the gap between the monitors now I'm not sure if that's how the mount is made or if that's just your style but I definitely think that it would not only look better closer together but it also helped productivity wise under those two minor changes you have a pretty cool setup so thank you dean for submitting your desk setup next up we have Raleigh a dual 21 inch BenQ monitor setup ducky keyboard and a SteelSeries mouse and mouse pad do you have your red astro a40 s on the bottom left of the screen I wish you would have taken a pic of it but it looks like it's hooked up to the side of your table really great job with cable management it looks like you use velcro straps to tie the cables together and then you tie the cables to the desk legs so a pretty good job there I'd any complaints one thing that bothers me is the pen holder and the yellow cat thing in the middle of the test I think if you move those to the right side next to your PC it wouldn't be as distracting and also what's with the random hair comb on your desk but anyway is a really cool simple setup by Rolly thank you for entering setup words last but not least we have LPG and it looks like he went with a triple display setup from ALC attached to a desk mount on the desk we see his mic extension arm hooked up to his blue mic and a Logitech G 430 headset hanging from it also on the desk is the Cherry MX keyboard and a Razer DeathAdder Mouse I'm also going to give you a point for using a GPU or whatever that is as a coaster excellent job on the wire management and you have a pretty sweet PC in that Corsair 500 our case AMD FX 8350 the specs and parts down below as well I'm not gonna give you crap not having three the same monitors because I'm in a good mood so instead I'm just going to recommend some stuff view first off is an actual headphone hanger that you can attach to the side of your desk near your PC you will definitely clean up your desk and you won't have any cables hanging down since you can route the wire through the back of the desk and straight into your PC second thing is an extended mousepad and I always say these in my setup or videos but if you're going with a triple monitor setup or even an ultra wide modernist setup an extended mousepad goes really well with it other than that you have a solid setup thank you lpg for entering setup pores alright so that's all the submissions for this week voting begins now so make sure you guys drop a comments down below on who has the best desk setup voting will end Saturday the same week and now that's a winner on Sunday on my social media account so make sure you guys are following me there if you want to know who win all right so the special guests for this week's episode is Frank from random Frank P and he's gonna be showing off his desk set up to you guys but keep in mind that he is not part of the contest so voting for his setup will not count but with that said go ahead and take it away Frank so starting off I'll show you guys a desk tour first going off all my pc hardware and peripherals and it's really just to go along with my black and white theme that i have it think it looks really nice and clean that's the style I was going for you can see I haven't set up there and on top some boxes in my router and stuff like that but I keep it nice and organized so quickly going over the desktop I will start off with the stuff that I use daily my daily peripherals and we'll get into some of the more detailed stuff in a bit I have the ATH m50x headphones in white I use them as my secondary pair of headphones the coarser gaming k70 keyboard which is really nice with the white key caps getting along with my theme and the lights are always customizable this is my logitech g502 proteus core Gaming Mouse it enhances my gaming experience greatly and my daily headphones are the master op Edition AKG k7 x axis they are open backs have a great soundstage amazing for gaming and I have them hooked up to my file a 10k headphone amp and DAC which is mounted as well as a USB 3.0 hub and a controller from my desk but I'll show you guys that in a minute this is my random Frank P custom mzx th for 40 nothing special inside at the AM dat 350 gigabyte r9 290 and these are the LG 34 um 67 ultra wide monitors they are absolutely great for gaming never gamed on 21 by 9 ratio before so it's really cool as you can see I have them in the back rigged up with this custom kind of a monitor mount so I can have the one on the bottom at my primary monitor and the one on top is like my overhead it works really well so I can be gaming on the bottom and on top I can have like Twitter twitch OBS or xsplit just like that as an overhead these are some other headphones I have on the side if I want to switch them out they get different sound stage sound signatures and a few bins and cubbies just to like throw random papers in or cables and pretty much just like jumped roads underneath my desk and now going over to the control that I talked about before I have the uplift desk 900 and as you can see it moves up and down at the touch of a button I have it set for usual around 34 inches when I'm sitting down and gaming it can go as low as 24 inches all the way up to forty nine point five inches for like a standing desk so you want to switch it up and it's good for your back you can do that and it goes really really high as you can see this is my custom built entertainment center it looks like it's floating and on top of that I have my mounted 42 inch vizio tv with the Ambilight LED strips and the back I said I can change the color depending on what game I'm playing this is my vizio soundbar they connect to the TV obviously and also has a subwoofer underneath my bed which is great for the bass and explosions but I'm playing games like Battlefield as well as these two wireless satellite speakers and it all adds to that 5.1 surround sound experience and I just like the way how it looks like everything is floating there just my overall setup I can lounge back on my bed and console game or whatever to my battle station in game and it's all a really great unique experience all right so that's it for his desk setup I hope you guys enjoyed it a huge thanks to Frank for coming on the show he also has a tech channel with a bunch of cool videos you guys should definitely go check them out I'll leave you a link to his YouTube channel down below if you guys missed the previous episodes of setup wars I'll go ahead and leave a playlist linked down below so you guys can catch up on that and if you guys want to see setup wars continue every Monday then let me know by hitting a like on the video to show your support for the series but anyways with all that said thank you so much for watching this is that from tech source I'll see you guys in the next video you
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