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Setup Wars - Episode 60 | Worst Setup Edition

you guys know what time it is episode 60 of setup or is potato addition now normally I would put on my douchebag hat and I would bash on some of the worst setup submissions that I received on the show but this is tech source and you guys know how we do I like to change things up a bit and add a new element if I can to kind of spice things up so this is a set of boards episode 60 potato addition with a hint of vodka so I'm basically going to take one shot of vodka before I look at each setup so I think it's a total 5 shots and just to reminder you guys about a heavy drinker at all I only drink at special occasions like birthdays and like Christmas parties and stuff like that so I'm very lightweight when it comes to alcohol so this video is either going to be a complete disaster or it's going to be an interesting one so it's probably going to be disaster and just like always the person would be worse the set up will receive 100 bucks and there will be a strap holding down below so make sure you guys vote at the end of this episode but ladies and gentlemen without wasting any more time never pay full price for games ever again guys g2a offers the cheapest cd-keys you can find anywhere check them out by clicking on the link below alright so the five victims for this episode are Maurice Calum journey John and you Knights or you nice I'm so so sorry and just to prove to you guys that this is an actual bottle of vodka it's still sealed and you guys will hear me crack it open so to start off the show I will take one shot with my kind of a shot glass I swear it's such a bad idea Oh God alright I should get this over with alright someone sawed up with John's setup and it looks like we have a triple monitor set up with an iMac in the middle looks like the keyboard is from Dell and that is a very strange-looking Mouse which I'm not sure where exactly it's from but there's a lot of crap on the desk honestly sometimes it's not even about the setup but what's around it that really bothers me and this guy looks like he is a very messy person is that a trashcan next to his desk it looks like it does voice-overs maybe has a YouTube channel or something because there is a mic hooked up to a boom arm cable management alone is atrocious and it doesn't look like John has any organization skills that's for sure in one of the drawers he has a random power strip just laying there that's not connected to anything and then we have a set of floppy disks or floppy drives aren't even what they're called at this point okay which explains the ancient Mac way over there in the corner honestly I don't even know what to recommend at this point this setup is so far gone that it is beyond repair honestly there's just so many wires to work with there's some cables running up to the ceiling and there's some against the walls I mean it's just a complete disaster seriously though those floppy drives so yeah I think I've had enough for one setup thank you John for entering let's go to move on to the next setup the first we need to take our second shot I'm not gonna lie I'm like ten percent now I'm pretty good I don't even know how people drink the straight without any tracers honestly I can't do it ah integrate finish this this is not gonna end well all right maurices next up so we have a Yama Pro light monitor genesis rx 55 gaming keyboard speed link dicus gaming mouse and a Plantronics game con headset the setup is actually not that bad wait no I take that back there's just so many random stuff on the floor why do people do this constantly in the cable management is I don't I don't even know what to say is that a loose plug just lying on the floor right there what is that even connected to looks like more easy dirt has a collection of speakers or he basically hoards them I don't know what they're doing on the side of the setup but they definitely don't belong there I'm curious what he has in his PC do so it looks like we have an FX 4100 and a sapphire r9 390 not bad at all I just wish your setup was as good as your PC again I'm not sure what those boxes are doing on top of your PC and there just seems to be so many things lying around on your desk there's no real place to store them and there is definitely no coordination I mean you have a pair of gloves on your ps3 for God's sake I don't know what else to say Maurice but thank you for entering and let's move on to Caleb's setup this one wasn't that bad actually I think I put a second one it's it goes down smooth so Caleb is next up with some sort of a dual monitor setup we have a 19 inch HP monitor paired with the Technica Smart TV and for the keyboard we have a Mad Catz v5 and a Staples optical mouse Kaylin bought a mouse from Staples I don't even know what to say so the first thing I noticed is his mic setup we have a Logitech Guitar Hero World Tour microphone embedded between a set of pens I gotta say that is pretty creative but what the hell is that clay stuff next to it that seems pretty gross come to think of it that actually doesn't even look like a desk it looks like some sort of a drawer or a nightstand because that monitor on the left is definitely about to fall off I honestly don't see how you can even game on this let alone do any work and of course the cable management is completely devastating there's so many wires everywhere and you have a random set of CDs way on the bottom which you probably forgot about the PC does magically powering the setup has an FX 4300 and a gtx 750ti I mean I get that you have a small surface to work with but why do you have extra stuff on there anyways like those note cards or a random screwdriver I mean those can easily be stored somewhere else honestly the biggest recommendation I can give you is to get a bigger desk that will you have a much larger surface to work with and for the cable management I would buy an omni mount cable sleeve and without those cables through and maybe even pick up a cable box to hide the power strip in but overall not the worst setup I've seen on the worst set up edition of setup wars Thank You Caleb for entering setup boards all right so moving on to Unisa setup we have what in the actual is this it looks like there's a printer on top of a PC case now that ladies and gentlemen is something I've never seen on the show before so we have a 19 inch AOC monitor and a4tech natural a keyboard and a crappy logitech and 105 mouse on top of a fellow's mouse pad I got headed to you nice though I mean for such a small surface area to work with he definitely made it work I mean you put a printer on top of his PC and then he put his phone on top of the printer I mean that this is someone was definitely good at Jenga so on the right side of his setup we have a Rubik's Cube that's solved we also have a wireless Bluetooth speaker looks like and also a set of speakers in the back of his monitor putting the speakers together like this kind of the Feast of purpose so I would definitely move one of those and maybe even put it on the other side or better yet stack it on top of the printer and of course cable management is atrocious Alice II don't even know how it got this bad if I want to recommend a few things I would definitely say first off get a better desk because this one looks like it's about to fall apart and also a new chair because looks like your dog ate half of that I don't know if I should be thankful or upset that you didn't show me the inside of your PC but nonetheless thank you uniess for entering setup boards if you made it this far you guys are good ah so bad I can't do another shot I can't so--that's but not least we have journey with a single monitor setup we have a dell 17-inch flat panel a crossfire Aloha gaming combo for the keyboard and mouse and you have a total beach px 21 headphones or headset I should say honestly just by glancing at the setup it looks like this is the best one out of the episode nope take that back we also have a DeLorean made out of Legos and a pretty cool set from Game of Thrones it appears that journey is a black belt or at least I think he's a black belt and by the looks of the awards and certificates on the wall he's also very educated so hopefully you don't find me and do some bad things to me because I apologize I'm not doing this sober and please forgive me so on the left side of his setup is a giant TCL TV which looks like it's hooked up to the PC as well as the ps3 and you know what that surface looks very dirty need to dust that did you seriously leave a random tag for your clothes on the desk there it's one thing to have a crappy setup because you're on a budget but it's also another thing not to clean the damn area before taking pictures this entire desk is full of dust and dirt and look at the damn ground it's completely filthy well the last time you actually vacuumed the place and lastly the PC that's powering the setup has a GeForce GTX 960 and an AMD FX 6100 I do like some of the stuff that's organized I mean you have a headphone anger against the wall and you have a nice rack for your karate belts or them but overall I mean just the cleanliness of your setup is a complete disaster and cable management definitely needs a lot of work so I would definitely recommend watching my cable management video for some tips I would also strongly advise investing in a vacuum cleaner but ladies and gentlemen that will do it for this episode of setup wars I'm about to pass out seriously Jesus Christ drop your comments actually no click on the shop a link down below and vote on who you think has the worst desk set up ahead of this episode and that person will win 100 bucks anyways yeah if you enjoyed drunk addition potato addition up set up bores leave a like I don't know comment down below if you want to see another episode I don't know what I'm saying at this point honestly I'm like blacking out but my head is freakin sweating Jesus yeah a vote and I will see you guys in the next video Jesus I am seriously freaking this arena holy shit
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