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Setup Wars Episode 63 - Ultimate Edition

if this video gets 60000 likes I will destroy one of my GPUs in front of the camera with a hammer what's up guys is that from tech source and welcome to set of four is episode 63 Ultimate Edition where five of the best setups go head-to-head against each other if you guys want to participate in setup wars make sure to watch the video linked below but without wasting any more time let the setup wars begin never pay full price for games ever again guys g2a offers the cheapest cd-keys you can find anywhere check them out by clicking on the link below as always guys can find the gear to everyone setups link below along with anything I recommend in this episode but here are your five contestants for this week we have Alex CJ downtime Gus and Jeffrey congratulations for making our show starting off the show is Alex and his try display setup so we have three 22 inch HP monitors sitting on the IKEA Lindeman desk and a black web centaur keyboard and an e blue maser wireless mouse on the right side is his custom painted xbox 360 slim they say--it's gaming headset on the left and finally we have a set of Boston Acoustics satellite speakers in the center cable management can definitely be improved I do see that you try to wrap them together but it still needs some work perhaps a cable sleeve or some velcro straps can aid you with grouping those wires together the PC does probably the setup has an FX 8350 at an r7 370 honestly this is a dope setup but the main thing that's lacking is organization I will definitely hang the headset under the desk or behind the martyr so that you don't have the cable running through your setup like this also putting one of those speakers on each side of your desk would give you more of a surround sound experience instead of having all your audio coming out from the center the Xbox controller charging dock is cool but it's also a little too high which blocks the view of one of your monitors so if you want to keep them on your desk I would advise getting something flatter like this charging dock instead and finally the action figures although it does add some personality to this setup I would at least move this dude to the other side so that the legs aren't covering the screen other than those minor adjustments I do like the custom painted r2d2 trashcan and the wall art that you have over there lots of potential for the setup thank you Alex for entering CJ is next up with our second try display setup but this time we have two 24 inch LCD monitors sandwiching a 27 inch Acer on the desk we have the razor Deathstalker chroma keyboard Razer Tartarus keypad and a Naga 2012 Mouse looks like the desk is custom built with carbon fiber wrapping which looks pretty sick I also love the placement of the PC right smack in front of you I wonder if that gets distracting at times because if that was me I would constantly look up at it and not get any work done the PC powering the setup has a 59 30 K and a gtx 980ti inside the Thermaltake core p5 case for audio we have a pair of San Heiser HD 598 a blue snowball mic hooked up to the boom arm and a set of insignia 2.1 bluetooth speakers I didn't really get a clean shot of the cable management but from what I can see judging by this picture is that the cables are tied together with some velcro and are routed through the giant PC stand other than moving the phone to the right side so that it's not directly in front of the monitor I see that this is a well-built setup Thank You CJ for entering changing things up we have down time and it's super sexy black and white set up we don't have to be monitors but instead have two different ones a 27-inch rog swift and a 27 inch 1080p the monitors are resting on top of a riser and below that we have a sony blu-ray player some surround sound speakers and a custom painted Focusrite audio interface which by the way is hooked up to the road procaster mic that's being held up by the road psa1 boom arm for peripherals is rocking Astro a 50s courser k95 keyboard and I'm 65 Mouse both of which are RGB and it appears that he drilled a hole in the desk throughout the cables through speaking of cable management the powder scripts LEDs and pretty much everything else is attached on the roof of the desk and off of the ground and you did all this without using a Signum rack job well done I'm very impressed and of course we can't forget this beast that's sitting right next to your setup a very sexy build inside the cooler master cosmos 2 rocking the 49 60 X CPU that's over clock 24.6 and two GTX Titan X's and SLI this thing is a beast excellent work with sticking with the same color scheme of your setup and a cable management very nice this is definitely an awesome black and white setup thank you downtime for entering back to triple monitor setups Gus is rocking 327 inch band cues on top of the IQ and Lindeman desk and for the gaming year we have another coarser k95 RGB keyboard as well as a corsair scimitar RGB mouse that's sitting on top of the courser extended mousepad let's go team coarser we also have a pair of Logitech z6 23 speakers and has sony tablet and smartphone now although i don't have a problem with the speaker placement the cable is running down one of the legs definitely bothers me I do like the fact that you decided to keep your PC on top of the drawer next to you instead of leaving it on the ground after all why wouldn't you want to look at this beauty that's rocking a 6700 K + 2 gtx 980ti s cable management looks pretty good for the most part I would really try and find a way to route that speaker cable towards the back somehow maybe run it alongside the desk using some cable clips also reaching the HyperX cloud tubes may be annoying since that's on top of your PC and away from reach but at least you have a dedicated place for them apart from that the rest of your setup looks pretty dope some people might say that there is too much red but I for one think it's perfect I love the contrast especially the red wall I think it's a nice change from the usual boring white that we see in most setups symmetry is also on point with those paintings on the wall I mean what more can ask for a very sick setup thank you guys for entering last but not least we have Jeffrey and his battle station this here is a custom-built desk with a PC inside we have a 34 inch LG ultrawide monitor on the bottom and a 23 inch tail monitor up top and for peripherals Jeffrey is rocking a Logitech G 710 keyboard that has a custom paint job and the Logitech MX mouse which is odd considering that this is a gaming setup and that Mouse is more for productivity we also have a pair of hercules XPS studio monitors and an asus epsilon headset hanging from the side so this is no regular PC desk what sets this one apart from the other ones I featured on my channel is the fact that this has two separate pcs built inside one is for a server and the other is for gaming the gaming side has a 4770k and an msi gtx 980 whereas the server build has AG 32 20 and some other GPU which you forgot to list in the notes I'm surprised that cable management is spot on considering that there are two PC's and two monitors in this setup I don't see a single wire in sight and they all appear to be hidden behind not much also say a very impressive setup indeed Thank You Jeffrey for entering so w-4 this episode of setup wars Ultimate Edition make sure you guys drop your comments down below and vote on who you think has the best desk setup I'll ask the winners on Sunday on my social media accounts and that is basically you guys so much for watching as always if you enjoy set up boards leave a like and I will see you in the next video
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