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Setup Wars - Episode 64

never pay full price for games ever again guys g2a offers the cheapest cd-keys you can find anywhere check them out by clicking on the link below what's up guys it's ed from tech source and welcome to setup wars episode 64 will you submit your desk setup to get featured on the channel so if you guys are interested in being part of the show make sure to watch the video linked below but here are your five contestants for this week we have bruno brian chandler florian and jonas congratulations for making it on the show starting the episode we have Bruno Mars and his interesting desk what what is that oh never mind I just read the notes so apparently it says in here that this is a custom made desk so he has a 29 inch LG Ultra why that's hooked up on the wall and below that we have an assortment of mugs and models for added personality I guess we also have a Logitech G 100's keyboard and mouse combo there's also a Sony Poles headset hanging from a self-made headphone hanger and a boom arm that's holding up a microphone or at least that's what I'm assuming at least when you built the desk you didn't forget to make a dedicated place for cable management although it's not the prettiest desk I've seen it's sure as hell it has its usefulness by the way very good job on the cable management it definitely looks like you spent some time to clean up the wires and finally the PC is powering the set up has an i5 4440 and a gtx 950 inside the NZXT s340 case I want to be surprised if I saw more and more as 340 cases magically showing up in the next few episodes thank you Bruno for entering next up we have Bryan Cranston with a very nice black and white setup rocking 2 23 inch Lenovo monitors that are hooked up to a triple monitor stand hence why there are extra arms sticking out on the desk we have the paradise v60 keyboard logitech g502 proteus core mouse on top of the glorious mousepad i do at the whiteboard that you attached between the desk and the monitors stand i know you did that to protect the desk from being scratched and dented but honestly blends in nicely with your color scheme also the mic setup you have is very I haven't seen anyone bring the mic underneath the monitors like this before it actually looks more convenient this way and it's not blocking the monitors at all hanging from one of the arms we have three pairs of headphones a hi-fi man a chi 400 I which is his primary headphones then we have a Sennheiser HD 558 and Sony expiate hundreds not a bad collection and finally below that we have a ps4 console with a controller charging dock right next to it honestly the ps4 looks a little bland compared to the rest of the setup it feels like the entire left side of the desk can use more white I was wrongly recommend picking up some v-band skins to pump up that ps4 maybe even go with a black and white carbon fiber or matte color scheme I think it would look sick with your setup but I'll drop links down below in case anyone is interested in checking them out they don't only make skins for consoles guys they have them for smartphones headphones laptops any bunch of other devices the other thing that kind of bothers me is the text on the wall now I'm all for motivational quotes but writing on your wall is never a good idea especially since it's not even parallel to your set up I would have gotten a custom-made poster or even a picture and framed it with those words on it instead of writing something like that on the wall but that's just me cable management though very very impressive excellent work keeping everything contained I absolutely love the organization that went into creating this velcro straps cable drops and 3m tape job well done and finally the PC that's powering the set up has a 4790k and an r9 390 inside another s340 case also great work keeping the color scheme consistent in your PC as well honestly this is a very impressive setup the only thing I would change is by adding some skins to your ps4 and maybe adding some posters or picture frames to cover up the text you have up there thank you Brian for entering changing things up we have Chandler and what appears to be our second ever black and yellow setup I'm not so sure why these are so rare on setup wars but black and yellow were actually really great colors maybe I'll do a PC build using these colors really guys think this is also our second setup with a custom desk gets made out of three-tier drawers and various pieces from bookshelves and other furniture so on the desk we have a Delgado keyboard razer deathadder and a 2012 MacBook and between two 24-inch LG monitors on the left side we have a rode nt1-a microphone that's kind of just sitting on the desk and a focus right audio interface perhaps going with some v-band skins for your m50x headphones that looks like a sick combo although I'm not really sure what's going on up here it looks like a bunch of Legos built inside of a shelf that's holding up a guitar handle I don't know maybe there's some sentimental thing going on here but you didn't mention it in the notes cable entry looks pretty good from what I can see I didn't notice that you hit the power strip in one of the shelves on the right side and finally his PC which also has a black and yellow color scheme is rocking a 4790k and a gtx 750ti you have a pretty beefy CPU so I would suggest upgrading of graphics card to a gtx 1060 or even an RX 480 to take advantage of that extra power that you're missing out on I would also recommend picking up a boom on for your mic since I have no clue how you even record without one other than those minor tweaks I think that this is a very dope black-and-yellow setup Thank You Chandler for entering next up we have Lauren with a refreshing setup but what is it with custom made desks in this episode so this desk is made out of ten pallets which has a tabletop mounted against it and there's also a CD shelf that's been laid out horizontally which is using as a monitor riser very clever the custom work doesn't even stop there looks like he made his very own headphone hanger speaker mount and even controller stands I'm impressed on the desk we have a 28 inch Samsung TV that's used as a monitor and below that we have the Logitech k7 40 keyboard and a razor model mouse there are a bunch of other stuff on the desk like the Logitech z3 33 speakers a printer lamp empty picture frame and other miscellaneous stuff there's also a lot going on up there on the wall but honestly it doesn't even bother me I feel like this all blends in well with the ambience of the room I've honestly impressed with the cable management - there's a lot going on but you managed to have everything on the control we do have a PC down here it kind of looks like a prebuilt PC actually but I could be mistaken it's rocking a 37 70 and an msi gtx 960 but that will do for this setup thank you very much Lauren for entering last but not least we have Jonas and his very clean why set up I mean look at the symmetry just beautiful we have a 29 inch ultrawide monitor in the center and two Edifier m22 80 speakers on both sides the keyboard of choice is the Corsair Vengeance k70 with MX blue switches and that's accompanied by the oak at TN Mouse the mouse pad is also pretty sick it kind of reminds me of the xqo mouse pad that I had a while back with a different design other than the HyperX cloud 2 sitting on a headphone hanger any salt lamp on the right side there's really nothing else on the desk very simple very clean just the way I like it I'm not too sure about the wallpaper though cable management is also spot-on not a single wire in sight good job Jonas the PC that's hiding off to the left side has a 47 70 and a ZOTAC gtx 980ti extreme edition with the coarser graphite 780 T case it's a shame that you have to put this on the floor and away from sight but I understand why you did that it would have messed with the appearance of the setup actually you know what I think it would look fine with a PC on the desk just remove the salt lamp and put the PC over there but what do you guys think should Jonas put his PC on the right side of his desk let me know by droppin a comment regardless would you decide this is one fine setup Thank You Jonas for entering so that will do for this episode of setup wars as always make sure you guys drop your comments and vote on who you think has the best desk setup and as always I'll announce the winners on Sunday on my Twitter and Instagram the guys much watching if you enjoy set up boards leave a like and I'll see you in the next video
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