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Setup Wars - Episode 65

if this video gets 60000 likes I will destroy one of my GPUs in front of the camera with a hammer well I tried guys we didn't hit 60 thousand likes so unfortunately I cannot destroy a GPU a lot of you guys were actually against that in the beginning so you guys did it you save the GPU from getting destroyed so I'm mad about word unfortunately I won't be destroying the MSI GTX 1080 however I will be back next week for a different challenge I never pay full price for games ever again guys g2a offers the cheapest CD keys you can find anywhere check them out by clicking on the link below what's up guys is that from tech source and welcome to setup bores episode is 65 where you submit your desk setup to get featured on a channel so if you guys are interested in being part of the show make sure to watch the video linked below here are 5 contestants for this week we have Dustin Erik Luke or luck Samantha and Tommaso congratulations for making it on the show so starting to show off we have Dustin and is incredibly unique setup at first glance you might think that this is another one of those desk modded pcs but it's not this is actually a handcrafted desk with motherboards inside he's calling it the motherboard graveyard now I don't know if those were his past motherboards from his previous builds but what I do know is that they are all dead it also looks like he handcrafted the monitor riser which is holding up to 23 inch acer displays and a 17 inch dell monitor in vertical mode on the desk we have the key cool 104 RGB keyboard and a razer deathadder mouse he did add a USB hub on the top of the riser for easy access right next to his blue yeti that's also attached to a boom arm organization definitely seems to be present and the cable management is no exception very clean job hiding all the cables behind the desk and it looks like we also have a SteelSeries Siberia v2 headset hanging on a self-made hanger finally the PC that's powering the setup has a 35 70 K and a GTX 780 with some handmade custom sleeving very impressive and unique set of what the hell I just noticed he made a clock out of an old hard drive alright so I think this is officially the most creative setup I've seen on setup wars and you know what because of that I want to ward you $100 so if you're watching this video make sure the email setup wars can claim your prize' brilliant work Dustin thank you for entering arrogance next up with a very clean set up Wow did I say clean I meant immaculate an Acer predator ultrawide monitor hooked up against the wall and below that we have a Logitech G 19 keyboard and R at 7 miles a reservist pule a mousepad on the right side we can see is total beach elite 800 headset and all the way on the other side is the PC with a 5820k that's overclocked to 4.5 gigahertz and that's paired with a none other than the GTX 1080 founders edition graphics card I do love the wall shelves with the figurines and the posters I think those add a nice touch of personality to the overall setup but God Bernal look at that cable management this is next-level I mean everything is neatly wrapped together and mounted against the roof not a single wire is visible from the top excellent work Eric you make me so proud ladies and gentlemen the seal of approval goes to so yeah it looks like one of the bottles has less liquid than the others so close seriously though all jokes aside this is a very impressive setup thank you Eric very much for entering Luke is next up with another very cool setup this episode is on fire so we have a 34 inch dell ultrasharp monitor in the middle with a 27 inch a user right next to that in vertical mode and below that we have the Razer BlackWidow chroma key board and you rat 7 Mouse on top of the technic XL mousepad that's pretty much all there is on a desk other than the set of speakers and the preamp in the center cable as well looks pretty good I can see that he wrapped the cables together and use the Signum from Ikea to hold everything up the PC that's powering the setup is an interesting one it looks like a custom-built case and inside that we have the 4790k and a gigabyte extreme gaming 980ti now although i'm against putting that under the table you pretty much have no choice so I get it overall a very clean ultra light setup Thank You Luke for entering samantha is next up with a black themed setup so we have two 24-inch asus monitors a logitech 800 keyboard and m 705 mouse on top of the VIP hands extended mousepad also on the desk we have a pair of logitech x2 30 speakers an anchor USB hub and a new Alexi phone stand when it comes to cable management she did a really great job routing the wires near the bottom and keeping everything else off of the floor I will give you some points for using cable drops and organizers for the loose charging cables and on the other side we have a Samsung TV with her Wii U and ps4 underneath as well as a nice collection of games and DVDs I'm definitely liking the overall organization but finally wrapping the set up we have her PC inside the s340 case we actually got a really nice black and red thing going on over here with a 6600 K and an msi r9 390 you already knew I was going to comment on the wall shelf up there since you left a note about it but other than a minor fix and maybe adding some more red here set up to match your color scheme of the PC I see that this is a very organized and good looking setup Thank You Samantha for entering finishing up the episode we have tomato soup with a very modest a single display setup we have a 27-inch Dell monitor hooked up on the wall and below that we of the CM storm quickfire TK keyboard Logitech g600 Mouse and they both sell five soundbar also mounted on the wall as the logitech g930 wireless headset one of the dudes from Assassin's Creed is here along with little Walter jr. I still don't know what that is in his hand we even figure out what that was from the past episodes I'm thinking it's meth but I could be wrong now this is something I haven't seen before now normally the cable boxes are supposed to be on the floor but Tomaso said catch and mounted it against the roof of the desk but the rest of the cable management is excellent everything is neatly tied together and you also have a wall Raceway running down all the way to the floor and finally let's take a look at the PC it's running on a 5820k with a gigabyte gtx 970 there's definitely not a lot going on here but it's clean and I like it the only thing I would suggest is maybe adding some posters or maybe even a shelf above your monitor since there's a lot of blank space but overall a very clean and simple setup Thank You Tommaso for entering so that is it for this episode of setup wars as always make sure you guys drop your comments down below and vote on who you think has the best test setup as always I'll announce the winners on Saturday and Sunday as always I'll as the winners on Sunday on my Twitter and Instagram accounts so make sure you guys are following me there if you want it's basically as always if you guys enjoy setup wars make sure to leave a like and on a serious note what'd you guys think about my new hair trying something wacky I don't know give me some feedback guys but anyways thank you guys so much for watching as always and I'll see you in the next video
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