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Setup Wars - Episode 66

so last week I said I would come back with another challenge so if this video gets 60,000 likes I will cover my face and ketchup and mustard and do an entire episode of setup Wars that sounds really stupid I mean give up whatever I'm just gonna go with it 60,000 likes ketchup mustard on the face yeah what's up guys is that from tech source and welcome to setup wars episode 66 so when you submit your desk setup to get featured on the channel so if you guys want to participate make sure to watch the video linked below as always you guys can find everyone's gear for their setups link down below in case you guys are interested but here are your five contestants for this week we have Alessandro Anton Chris Jacob and karst congratulations for making it on the show first up we have Alessandro and his triple monitor setup alright I just have to point this out before we go any further but this dude has a plant growing out of a power supply case that's hilarious anyway so we have three 23 inch LG monitors a corsair k70 RGB and a logitech g502 proteus core mouse it definitely looks like alesandro's audio game is pretty strong we have four Kenwood LSM 65 V speakers and a luxmo LED amplifier which he is using as a monitor riser for all three of his displays very clever the cable management game however can definitely be improved there's a few things you can do to clean these up and watching my cable management video will help you out tremendously so I'll drop a link to it down below the PC pushing all these pixels is running on a 50 20 K and the new GT X 1080 founders Edition there are a few mods in here as well like the custom backplate wrapped in carbon fiber along with a custom ROG fan grill which was 3d printed and a few painted parts a very nice black and white build inside the courser 760 T case aside from the setup I do like the atmosphere of the entire room there's these GPU pictures hung on the walls as well as the chassis z' for both the titan x and 980ti although I like the idea behind these I would much prefer that mounted against the wall in some sort of pattern because right now kind of looks a little random just work on the cable management and your setup would be perfect Thank You Alessandro for entering anton is next up with a pretty simple ultra white setup so we have a single 34 inch samsung ultra wide and a razer Deathstalker keyboard MX master mouse and you raise your Firefly mouse pad near the back of the desk we have a pair of fill hue lights a Kingston card reader USB hub and a levitating light bulb that looks pretty though to the left of his setup he has a console gaming area with a massive TV that's hooked up to the Razer Leviathan speaker and also we got the ps4 with some dban skins it also looks like he connected the PC to the TV as well I'm guessing for when he wants to watch videos from its PC you can basically just chill on his bed organization is definitely one of the strong points of this entire set up anton did a really great job with the cable management and everything just seems well organized nothing is left on the desk and it seems like everything has its own dedicated storage I'm very pleased to see this and finally the PC that's powering the setup has a 6700 carry and a gtx 980ti inside the corsair 750d case overall this is a very clean and organized setup Thank You Anton for entering let's change the gears up a bit and take a look at this very unique Mac setup right off the bat I love the presentation it's colorful symmetrical and very clean we have a 27 inch retina iMac on top of the very popular Grove made walnut monitor stand and actually he's using a grove made walnut set across his entire setup the keyboard tray wrist pad and phone stand at first glance I thought there were two monitors on the sides but those are actually digital art frames I guess they cycled between photos over time definitely haven't seen one of these in a setup yet and it's very refreshing to see if I were to describe this setup in one word I would say personality definitely digging the Dwight bobble head and the swinging sticks from Iron Man 2 this thing looks pretty sick excellent work with cable management as well I can see cable jobs being used to hold cables as well as the blue lounge cable bin that's holding the power strip honestly from the art on the wall to the perpetual calendar and the Moose with sunglasses this is another awesome and unique setup that I've come across on setup Wars thank you Chris for entering a number four we have Jacob with another ultra white setup but this time we have an Acer x34 predator the keyboard of choice is the Logitech k810 paired with the logitech g502 Mouse and for some reason he has a cooler master quick-fire rapid tuck underneath the desk there's also the audio engine HD six speakers on both sides of the desk and a pair of San Heiser HD 98 phones resting on the top a few other things on the desk include his 13-inch MacBook retina a d1 DAC and an iPad pro really great work with the cable management I can see that you velcro the wires together against one of the legs and even kept some loose wires wrapped up behind the monitor I like that the PCA is located on the ground has a 4790k and an EVGA gtx 980ti superclocked and that's packed inside a tiny cursor 250 d case other than picking up a hanger for your HD 598 I would say that this is a very clean and organized ultra light setup Thank You Jacob for entering last but not least we have mkbhd I mean karst with a very similar setup on the custom-made monitor riser we have two 24-inch LG displays and below that we have the Logitech g7 10 plus keyboard and MX master mouse and that's pretty much it other than the fake IKEA plant and Edifier Luna eclipsed speakers I'm not even kidding you guys I literally set those up before I started recording setup boards what a coincidence cable Ashman looks pretty good I mean you could definitely be improved by using velcro straps instead of zip ties and maybe even a channel raceway or cable sleeve to hide the wires and finally the PC down here has a 46 70 K and a GTX 960 honestly guys if you're going to go with an unlocked CPU please buy an aftermarket cooler if you're going to be sticking with a stock heatsink you can save money and buy the non K version instead especially if you're not going to be overclocking other than spiffing up the cable management a bit this is a dope looking setup Thank You karst for entering so which of these setups is the best make sure you drop your comments down below and vote I will announce the winners on Sunday on my social media platforms that's basically the thing guys so much for watching and I will see you in the next video
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