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Setup Wars - Episode 67

what's up guys it's that from Texas and welcome to setup wars episode 67 where you submit your desk setup to get featured on that channel so if you guys want to participate make sure to watch the video linked below but here are your five contestants for this week we have Andre Julius Nathan Sammy and Zack congratulations for making it on the show starting off the show we have Android and his very clean white and black Clone Trooper ultra white setup also on the desk we have a Razer BlackWidow chroma key board and a Razer DeathAdder mouse that's sitting on top of the victims extended mousepad I also see that you drilled a hole in the desk to route the wires through very clean after the left side with the msi ge62 gaming laptop with a gtx 850 m and the right is a desktop pc that's running on a 47 70 and a gtx 970 cable management has done really well i do love seeing cable clips and velcro's keeping all the wires together and oh my lord you actually manage the cables on your earbuds I just have to apply that's just I'm gonna be sleeping so well tonight good job keeping your logitech g930 wireless headset on a hanger but what I like most about this setup is that you hung product boxes above your bed imagine FDS to be 40 bucks drop straight on your face while you're sleeping pretty dope setup andre thanks for entering julius caesar returns with a new revamped setup it looks like he finally sent her the massive TV with the monitors good work so it looks like we still have the same 24 inch samsung monitors and corsair strafe RGB keyboard with custom white key caps from vortex also the desk we have Logitech G 430 headset and a pair of a th and 50 X's that are skinned by D brand and I also noticed that you drilled a hole in the desk for both the keyboard and mouse wire a few things I liked about the setup are the consistency of the color scheme and symmetry the fact that you place both of your Xbox one controllers like that makes me very happy cable management looks pretty good from what I can see I wish you could have sent me picks up on your desk so I can't really give you props on cable management on the other side of the desk we have a 15-inch MacBook Pro with a pair of Swan m10 speakers and SPC that's pushing all of those picks it's currently running at a 4770k at a GTX 970 super clock as always your setup is pleasure to my eyeballs Thank You Julius for entering Nathan Drake is next up with two 27-inch Dell monitors a cursor strafe RGB and a Logitech MX master this is literally the third setup that has a drilled hole in the desk for cable management it seems like everyone is on top of their game we also have a pair of audio engine 85 Plus speakers a samsung meteor mic and M 50 X's by the way amazing picture quality seriously these are awesome to look at cable management is flawless there's not a single wire that's out of place and finally the PC that's located on the right side has a 4790k and a gtx 970 I love the cleanliness symmetry and personality of this setup from the beautiful family portrait that's centered up top to the Star Wars figurines and a wireless setup of the keyboard and mouse this is a very well-put-together setup the only minor thing I recommend is maybe picking up something to store your headphones but other than that this is a perfect setup Thank You Nathan for entering Sam is next up with a triple monitor black-and-red setup so we have an Asus 22 inch monitor up top with two different 24-inch band Q monitors on the bottom on the desk we have the Razer BlackWidow chroma key board and a Razer DeathAdder chroma Mouse on top of the reflex lab extended mouse pad we also have a pair of Logitech Z 200 speakers and a blue Yeti Michael to the new alarm Sammy did decide to keep the PC on the floor since there wasn't any space on the desk which was a good call but it's rocking a 4790k and another gtx 970 at least you put something underneath the pc instead of leaving it on the carpet like some people i see that the brand is dominating we have another pair of em 50 x's which are claimed by the brand skins a very sick black and red combo by the way cable management is pretty good I can see that you routed all the cables behind the back board and off to the right side and into a single power strip I would recommend picking up a cable box to keep the power strip in for a much cleaner look and also it's generally not a good idea to keep them on carpet since they can be a fire hazard but overall this is a very clean black and red setup Thank You Sammy for entering last not least we have Zack and his interesting dual monitor setup why you would have a custom PC and an iMac on the same desk is beyond me but hey it's your setup not mine so we have a 22 inch AUC monitor in the center with the very famous Budd Tron PC build right next to that it does have a different case but the rest of the parts are identical like the g3 258 and the gtx 750ti the keyboard and mouse of choice are both from TechNet and they are resting on the VIP hems extended mouse pad on the left we have a 2006 iMac that's just there for some reason and under the desk we have the scroll H g5x gaming headset are you seriously running a pirated copy of Windows 8.1 pro how dare you I'm just kidding Zack I pirate movies all the time hello darkness my old friend I've come to talk with you again honestly there's a much better place for the iMac I feel like if you move it into this location your setup would look so much better Thank You Zack for entering so that is it for this episode of setup wars as always make sure you drop your comments down below and vote on who you think has the best desk setup and as always I'll ask the winners on Sunday on my Twitter and installation so make sure to follow me if you want to think as much watching leave a like if you enjoy setup words and I will see you in the next video
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