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Setup Wars - Episode 68

guys I don't even know what to say to challenges in a row that did not happen last video that I get 60,000 likes so I'm not gonna be covering myself in ketchup and mustard honestly I'm very relieved that did not happen because that have been a very disgusting and gross episode and I'm sure you guys would have been disgusted as well so in a way I'm very relieved that did not happen so instead of me coming up with these stupid challenges I'm gonna let you guys decide what you want to see for the next few episodes so go to leave me your comments down below on what challenges I should do making reason make them reasonable guys and I will pick a few of them and I'll make a straw poll on my Twitter account and you guys can vote on that the reason why I still do these challenges is to change some things up guys instead of giving you the usual set of polls every single Monday I like to spice some things up maybe give a retarded intro or cringe-worthy challenge I don't know just to change things up just for my sake and hopefully you guys enjoy that as well if you don't then just are here for the set ups that you guys can always skip the video sway to the setup portion but anyways let me know what challenges you guys want to see by dropping your comments down below I'll pick up a few of them put them on my Twitter account and run a straw poll for you guys to vote but anyways without wasting any more time what episode are we on welcome to setup wars episode 68 let's just start the show if you guys are shopping around for your next game make sure to check out g2a comm because they have the cheapest CD keys available for pretty much any game I'll drop a link to them down below if you want to check it out as always you guys can find the gear for every one setup link below but here are your five contestants for this week we have Alex Ali Jai Jai Lucas and Sam congratulations for making it on the show starting off the show we have Alex and a Razer theme this setup featuring two 24 inch dual monitors a Black Widow ultimate keyboard DeathAdder Mouse and an extended mousepad from Eric's keeping the Razer theme going we have the Razer H 440 tower that's housing the 4790k and a gigabyte gtx 980ti very good job with the custom sleeping and painted fan rings Alex does have a mic hooked up to a boom arm and I love the fact that he attached that to the monitor arm instead of the desk below the monitors we have a set of Logitech Z 150 speakers and has ps4 which is looking very bland I would personally pick up some skins to spice it up a bit it doesn't really matter where you get them from but if you do add some to your ps4 it will make your setup look Foust cable management is pretty good I do appreciate the fact that you drilled a hole in your desk throughout the keyboard and mouse wires through it also looks like we have a signal rack holding up the rest of the cables and a headphone hanger that's holding up the Astro a40 s any sound blaster tactic 3d rage headset definitely a huge fan of the color scheme and I'm glad that you even have a matching chair I would give this a solid eight out of ten oh yeah I'm actually doing this new rating system I don't know if I should continue doing it or not but basically a 10 out of 10 is seal of approval worthy and a 1 out of 10 setup basically belongs in the worst setup edition of setup wars but I'll drop a shop holding down below if you guys want to maybe vote on this and let me know if I should continue the rating system or not all these next up with an ultra white is set up so we have the acer x34 predator logitech g7 10 plus keyboard and the razer naga mouse on top of an Ikea table behind the monitors we have a pair of Edifier speakers and to the right of all this is the matte of PC that's running on a 6700 K and 2 GTX 1084 the wins and SLI I don't know how I feel about the blue LEDs from the fans or the tubing but it's definitely a beast of a PC cable management can definitely be improved but I will give you a point for at least attempting to cover up the wires with those omnimount sleeves I mean at least you have a hanger for your headset though 6 out of 10 for the setup you can definitely improve your cable management by a lot and you can watch my video for tips thank you ollie for entering at number 3 we have Jay and his jaw-dropping setup get it because Jay and Ja they're very live three 27-inch Dell monitors on the bottom all of which are 1440p resolution and on the top shelf we have a single 21 inch samsung 1080p monitor below that we have the Razer orb-weaver chroma keyboard courser strafe RGB keyboard and a Logitech g600 mouse I do like the fact that you position the audio engine a 5 plus speakers at an angle so that the sound is directed towards you I was like the position of the PC you have a very clear view of everything inside it a 6700 carryin a gtx 980ti with white custom sleeping and the s340 case excellent choices in the parts to the left we have a banana holder holding a pair of sanitizer momentum wireless headphones and I'm already gonna guess and say that the cable management is flawless and yep everything is neatly tucked away and there are several holes jeweled inside the desk that have cables going through job well done this setup is definitely worthy of the seal of approval and I want to give it to you Jay I really do man I don't think there's been a winner since episode 49 so it's been a long time but the reason why I can't give you the seal is because the top monitor is not centered with the bottom also there are a few wires visible near the back now I know everyone's going to hate me but I'm sorry guys one of the criteria of winning the seal is symmetry however I will give this setup a solid 9 out of 10 awesome job Jay thank you for entering and number three we have lucasfilm's with a very clean black and red setup did I say very clean I meant the immaculate I don't even know where to start so we have two 27-inch Dell gaming monitors hooked up to the wall-e mount and below that we have a snowball mic BlackWidow chroma key board and a SteelSeries rival mouse on top of the VIP Hamm's mousepad I love that you kept the setup somewhat symmetrical even on the wall shelf up there isn't directly centered with both other monitors you did redeem yourself by adding one CS CO knife on each side of the desk and by the way bravo for keeping the color scheme so consistent throughout this entire setup on the right side we have is console collection an Xbox one ps4 and two controller stands holding up the remotes all of which are skinned by D brands very impressive and finally we have the mov headphone hangar that's holding up his headset and the notes it states that it's a national headset but these look like Triton's to me I'm not gonna even try and guess what rifle that is on top but I do like the custom painted IKEA wall shelf that's holding that up and finally in the corner we have is PC that's powering this entire set we river is that an alienware so inside this overpriced piece of metal we have a 5820k and two gtx 980ti 's I mean what's the point of putting all this power in here if you can't even show it off cable management on the other hand is perfect all the wires are off of the ground and mounted against the roof of the desk personally I think the LEDs are a bit too much and instead what I've gone with white ones and put them behind the desk instead of the front and because of that reason and the misaligned shelf I'm going to give this setup an 8 out of 10 Thank You Lucas for entering last me at least we have Sam and his black and yellow productivity setup we have the LG 34 inch ultrawide monitor sitting on top of the Rene 2 wooden office desk and sandwiching the display we have a pair of KRK Rokit 5 audio monitors the setup is being powered by the six core Mac Pro hence why we have the Apple wireless keyboard and mouse and this is actually something I haven't seen before Sam has drilled a hole in the desk to route the microphone and audio interface wires through now that's very clever under the desk we can see that he is using a signal to store all of the cables along with the anchor that's holding up the Bose Soundlink wireless headphones oh and I almost forgot about the massive 50 inch vizio 4k TV that's being used as a second monitor a very clean and organized set up no doubt worthy of a solid score of 8 out of 10 thank you Sam for entering so ladies and gentlemen that will do for this episode of setup words as always please drop your comments down below and vote I don't know why people don't vote anymore but please vote on what you think or who you think has the best desk setup and as always I'll ask the winners on Sunday on my tweet and Instagram accounts hey guys so much for watching thing guys so much for watching and I will see you in the next video
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