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Setup Wars Episode 70 | Worst Setup Edition

if you guys are shopping around for your next game make sure to check out g2 AECOM because they have the cheapest CD keys available for pretty much any game I'll drop a link to them down below if you want to check it out what's up guys is that from Texas and welcome to setup wars episode 7 the worst setup Edition where you submit your worst set up for a chance to win $100 again guys this is all done for purely entertainment reasons and these submissions are actually sent purposely to be on the worst set up Edition so if you guys have a really bad setup and can use the money to upgrade something make sure to watch the video link below to submit your setup for the next episode I do these every 10 episode so the next one will be on episode 80 but as always guys if you enjoy these make sure to leave a like and I will continue to do them every 10 episodes so your five lucky victims for this week are all rally Oh Hudson Oscar Toby and will congratulations for making it on the show so first up we have all rele o with a single water setup featuring the Logitech G 100 keyboard and a Lenovo all-in-one mouse now I don't really know what an all-in-one Mouse is but apparently he has one the monitor is 17 inches and it's from LG with what appears to be a dead vertical pixel from the top to bottom I do have to give him props where props are due this guy made a PC out of a shoebox talk about budget this little beast is running on a 47 70 and an r9 270 it also has 16 gigs of RAM and a 2 terabyte storage from Seagate I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that the fan not being positioned correctly is OCD enticing cable management isn't the best and I'm not really sure what a random power brick is doing on the floor picking up a channel raceway or cable sleeve will definitely help you shape up the cable management we also have some miscellaneous things on the right side it looks like you are collecting bottle caps for some reason and you have an iPod resting on a self-made stand if you do win the hundred dollars I'm sure you will make great use of it towards your setup maybe work on getting better parts on your PC first but thank you all for entering now what's going to feature Kellan in this episode but after looking at the setup for a few seconds I realized that this is a completely faked setup I get a lot of people purposely ruining their setups just to be featured and this one is way too obvious I mean you have stuff lying around on the ground could you at least pick them up before taking pictures to scroll home Hudson is next up with a laptop setup so he has the Acer Aspire 55 60 G hooked up to a 22 inch monitor from HP and for the gaming gear we have a cougar for 50 K keyboard any Cobra II blue mouse what after bad you can tell that the cable management isn't the best you kind of just let them hang off the nightstand without properly routing them in the back picking up some velcro straps along the cable box will definitely help you clean up that mess of it I would also recommend that your headphone hanger for your Plantronics game con headset and maybe even some cable drops to keep your charging cables off of the ground not a terrible setup though with some minor changes this can definitely improve greatly Thank You Hudson for entering okay so this next set up is from oscar and it might be faked but after looking at it for a few more times i came to the conclusion that it actually might be real i mean this dude has a spare mattress on the bottom of his bed no bedsheets on top and even spilled drinks on the floor if he did fake this then he went through a lot of trouble so I just decided to feature it anyways but what do you guys think let me know in the comments section I mean if you can't afford bed sheets that I'm pretty sure you can't afford a desk to put your setup on but call me crazy though does that look like a desk in the corner over there alright so here's a pro view 17 inch monitor with the Microsoft wired keyboard and mouse and I don't even know the specs of that PC since you didn't list them but I think we can all agree that he has a modded custom cooling fan to keep the temperatures low I'm not so sure about the dinner plates around your setup also why your PC isn't on but I think we've seen enough damage on one set up Thank You Oscar for entering Tobey is next up with another interesting set up not because there's a bunch of items on the desk or some broken parts on his chair but because of the speaker placements they are pretty much grouped up together we have one on top of the TV and a subwoofer on the desk which is kind of blocking the TV my first advice would be to obviously keep the subwoofer on the ground where it belongs and advice to would be to maybe keep the rest of the items that you're not using in some sort of a storage because you don't even have space to move your mouse cable management is pretty bad but what I find hilarious is the power strip that's dangling in the air also why do you need two irons and two Xboxes I don't even know if I would call this an actual set up it's pretty much a table used to store unused devices but good luck and thank you Toby for entering last but not least we have will he's rocking an HP laptop with a Microsoft keyboard and mouse combo with a pair of Ozlem mo6 headphones there may be a bunch of stuff on his desk but at least most of them are organized and they're not all over the place the major ones that really stick out though are the iPad Mini the Bluetooth speaker and a notepad cable management isn't the worst I've seen but then again it can be improved by picking up a cable box and some velcro straps I'm also not sure what a flyswatter is doing under your desk with those boxes do you really need to put on insect repellent inside your own home or is that a different type of lotion disguise than that bottle all jokes aside this is one of the more cleaner setups I've seen in this episode but thank you will for entering as always guys there is a strawpoll link down below make sure you click on it and vote on who you think has the worst setup and the person that deserved $100 as always I'll announce the winners this weekend on my Twitter Instagram account so follow me guys if you want to as always you guys enjoy setup wars please leave a like let's see if you get this video up to 30,000 likes that would be freaking crazy and losing my voice already thank you guys so much for watching as always and I'll see you in the next video
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