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Setup Wars Episode 72 | Ultimate Edition

so unfortunately we didn't hit a hundred thousand likes and my last set of boards video so I won't be shaving off my hair so I'll be back next week with a different challenge but in the meantime welcome to setup wars episode 72 let the setup wars begin if you guys are shopping around for your next game make sure to check out g2 because they have the cheapest CD keys available for pretty much any game I'll drop a link to them down below if you want to check it out as always you guys can find the gear for all the setups links down below but here are your five contestants for this week we have Dalton hire Slee or higher clay Shawn Tom and Tommy congratulations for making it on the show starting off the episode we have dalton with a triple monitor setup and spoiler alert by the way all of these setups do have triple monitors Dalton is rocking three Dell 24-inch ultra sharp displays and the desk he is using is an 8 feet Baltic butcher countertop that he picked up from Lowe's and for the support he's using to Alex drawer units keyboard of choice is the corsair k70 RGB luxe that's paired with the Logitech g600 Mouse and both of them are resting on the glorious extended mousepad I like how he focused on symmetry by keeping his ps4 on one side and the charging dock for the ps4 controllers on the other he also did the same thing for his headsets we have a pair of astro a40 s on the left and Logitech G 430's on the right great work with the cable management - not just with the Astro a40 s but with the entire set of cables it looks like he hooked up everything on the bottom of the desk utilizing tiny cable raceways and even some zip ties job well done finally the pcs powering this entire set up has an i7 3930k and an EVGA gtx 980ti I hope you are using an X 16 PCI slot to take full advantage of the cards performance but overall a very clean and badass setup Thank You dalton for entering here Ackley is next up with three 27-inch HP Pavilion monitor is resting on the ikea lindeman desk with the Alex your unit combo there's definitely a lot going on here so I will start off from the left side and move towards his PC on the edge of the desk is a strange looking lamp I'm guessing and then we have his smartphone resting on the e candy stand in the center is the Thermaltake eSports Poseidon keyboard in between the eraser Tartarus and ghost shark Mouse judging by the blue accents on the pad and the blue LEDs on the keyboard I would have imagined this would be a black and blue setup but the red Logitech G 230 headset kind of threw it off a bit next to the headset is the popular blue yeti mic and off to the right side is his PC with a black and red color scheme it currently has the 6700 K and a gigabyte gtx 1070 graphics card not bad if there is a strong aspect of the setup it has to be the cable management I haven't seen anyone wrap cables quite like this before it also looks like everything is grouped up together and neatly organized in the back of the table I would obviously pick up a boom arm for your blue Yeti mic and hook that up behind your desk but that would mean that you would have to move the table away from the wall a bit I would also add a hanger either against the Alex your or under the table for your headset because honestly you just don't have the space to put those on the table they are blocking the third monitor with some minor tweaks the setup has the potential to be an even better setup Thank You higher Clee for entering Sean is back at it again with his very popular quad display setup I honestly can't get tired of seeing this but it looks like he has made some major improvements since the last time he was featured so let's just jump right into it starting off with the main stars of the show the monitors he is still walking the massive Samsung TV up top with 324 inch acer monitors near the bottom it looks like he still has the corsair strafe RGB with the vortex key caps and the logitech g502 proteus core mouse both of which are resting on the glorious extended mouse pad which he kept pretty clean this entire time I seriously don't know how you guys keep white mouse pads so clean like this mine would be pretty much black after a week a few other stuff on his desk include the two terabyte Xbox 1s a pair of audio technica m50x is white edition and an Amazon echo which looks to be wrapped in some sort of carbon fiber skins the attention to detail is something I've always liked about Sean's setup cable management as always is flawless I don't see a single wire in sight last but not least we can't forget the PC that's pushing all of these pixels and it looks like you got rid of the dragonballs for a more cleaner look so this bad boy is rocking a 6700 K and two gtx 980ti is TW edition in SLI I'm definitely diggin the customs leaving and the paint job on the sli bridge but I feel like if you painted the PCI brackets white as well it would have looked way better but that's just my two cents there's definitely a lot going on here and the fact that you managed to organize everything including the wires is incredible Sean you've been on the show for multiple times and I've seen you improve your setup over the past year so you know what I think it's time congratulations for being the 8th person to receive the setup wars seal of approval you've been Preston as a reminder the person who receives the seal also gets $100 a custom-made plaque with an optional signature and also a text source t-shirt so if you're watching this video make sure toss an email to claim your prize Congrats again at number four we have Tom with a black and green setup rockin three 22 inch acer monitors and if you guys are wondering what desk this is well it's the ikea freddy desk and as always you can find the links to everything mentioned down below he also has the corsair strafe RGB keyboard and a Mad Catz rat 3 mouse I also just noticed a giant Technica sound bar that's sitting under the monitors cable management is pretty good I can see that he wrapped everything up and stuck them behind a desk although there are a few wires that are still visible the PC is also down here and it's equipped with the 4690k and a gtx 960 I'm not so sure why you would go with an unlocked CPU with the stock heatsink since you could have saved some money going with a non KC PU I will give you props for sticking some things on the bottom of the desk like the USB hub and remotes although instead of using 3m tape to keep the wires from hanging down I would strongly recommend using these cable clips instead they do a much better job and they are a lot cheaper definitely some minor improvements are needed but overall a very dope setup thank you for entering last but not least we have Tommy with a very badass black and red setup he is rocking 3a through 24 inch gaming monitors that are overclocked to 180 Hertz what tough for the gear here is using the coarser strafe RGB with cherry MX silent switches and he also has the Razer Naga Mouse so I'm guessing he is an MMO player if I had to take a wild guess I must say roll of Warcraft some other things on the desk include his audio setup which consists of the scarlett studio and a boom arm as well as his note 5 that's sitting on a wireless charger I enjoyed the tiny figurines for the added personality but there are some items on your desk that can be stored away like the glasses remote a random cable drop and whatever that is in the middle on the bottom of the desk we have two pairs of headsets the logitech g930 3 and the scarlett HP 60 and since we're down here the cable management looks pretty good I'm not so sure what you did with the wires but it seems to be working I don't know what you do for a living but god damn this is a beast of a PC it's rocking to GT x 1080 founders editions and sli with the 6700 K I'm pretty sure you didn't mod the green GTX logo for warranty reasons but overall a very very nice PC if this was my setup I would have bought a triple monitor arm and hooked up all the three displays for a much cleaner look but that's just me a very impressive set up nonetheless Thank You Tommy for entering as always make sure you guys drop your comments down below and vote on who you think has the best desk setup out of this episode and as always I'll announce the winners on my social media accounts on the weekend then guys so much for watching as always if you enjoy setup wars leave a like and I will see you in the next video
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