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Setup Wars - Episode 73

what's up guys is that from tech stores and welcome to setup wars episode 73 I believe where you submit your desk setup to get featured on the channel so if you guys are interested make sure to watch the video linked below so guys it's challenge time I reached out on Twitter because let's face it my challenges suck and I asked you guys to come up with a pretty cool challenge so I scroll through a few minutes and I found a pretty good one which was to destroy my PC so if this video gets 60,000 likes I will destroy a budget PC actually to be specific I'm gonna destroy my brother's PC because his birthday is coming up soon and I need to upgrade his PC anyways so it's kind of like a $450 budget build now so I want to destroy that on camera if this video gets sixty thousand likes and yeah check the setup wars begin if you guys are shopping around for your next game make sure to check out g2 AECOM because they have the cheapest CD keys available for pretty much any game I'll drop a link to them down below if you want to check it out as always you guys can find the gear for every one setup link below but here are five contestants for this week we have Brock Jonathan K pig and abusive congratulations for making it on the show so starting up the episode we have Brock with a somewhat of a minimalistic set up on the IKEA torn linen desk he has 227 inch 4k monitors a mechanical Eagle z77 keyboard and logitech g502 mouse surprisingly there is no mouse pad off to the left side is the actual 850 headphones and behind that is this custom PC built inside the fantex Mini ITX case which is actually the PC I did a buildin recently inside here is the 6600 K and a gtx 1070 founders edition very nice combo cable management isn't that bad but it can definitely be improved what you can do is pick up a power strip that has a cord and plug that into the wall then you can either hook up the power strip on the bottom of your desk or put it inside a cable box on the ground another thing I would change is the placement of your PC I would ship both of your monitors to the left side and put your PC on the right side exactly the same way it's facing now this way the back end of your PC is blocked off by the monitors and you won't be able to see any wires coming out of your PC also this way you can see the front of your rig as well definitely some minor tweaks are needed but overall it's a pretty clean setup Thank You Brock for entering next up is John rocking three issues 24 inch gaming monitors clocked at 144 Hertz refresh rate they are hooked up to a triple monitor arm and they are resting on a kitchen countertop with two Alex drawers as support on the desk keys rocking the corsair strafe RGB SteelSeries rival 700 Mouse on top of the overwatch razor goliath s mousepad so kind of looks like he went with a black and blue setup although it's not as consistent after the left side of the table is the HyperX cloud 2 gaming headset and he also has a pair of Edifier or 1800s speakers cable management is excellent and props on a placement of the LED remotes I'm not a fan of leaving the HyperX cloud to adapter on the desk like that and instead I would have routed that underneath the desk and attach it close to the edge using some cable clips this way it's out of sight and it won't interfere with you when you put on your headset and finally the PC that's powering the setup has a 6700 K and an EVGA 1084 the win Edition great choice on a sleeping and I really like the cable management behind the PC overall a very badass triple display setup thank you John for entering K is next up with a single 29 inch ultrawide monitor from LG that's sitting on top of the IKEA linman desk but it appears to have some sort of tablecloth over it on top of the course our extended mousepad we have the taro so labora keyboard and Armageddon alien g11 Mouse I've never heard of these brands before did you pick these up from Mars or something sandwich King the monitor is a pair of sonic gear evo 7 speakers and we do have a headphone hangar holding up the ws 770's from audio technica excellent work with cable management everything is neatly grouped together and routed alongside one of the legs it's a shame that you have to keep your PC on the ground because this thing looks beast it's rocking an i5 4460 and a GTX Strix 960 inside the air 240 case it appears that his girlfriend threw away his paddles from the PC while they were hanging to be dried after spray painting I feel the pain man that really sucks how about this if you live in United States hit me up and I'll send you a brand new air 240 case if you want so make sure to toss me an email at setup pores I actually think it looks cooler without the panel's because the thermal take fans kind of stick out a bit but it's your call whether you want the case or not a very well-put-together set up no doubt thank you Kay for entering a number 4 we have pig with a yard Daniel that presentation got me not gonna lie so we have three BenQ monitors sitting on a custom-made wall-mounted desk on the surface we have a custom-made RGB keyboard which he soldered by himself Wow is the mouse custom made to Jesus guess not it's the Logitech G 402 with the dxracer mousepad there's definitely a lot of stuff on the dash including a pair of Philips Fidelio headphones just laying there I'm not sure we got that cable management box from but it's really cool and I like it next to that he has his iPhone 5 sitting on a stand and also on the same type of stand he has the galaxy tablet hooked up it looks like he's using that as some sort of a teleprompter or something similar since it's located close to his Samsung mic which by the way he has hooked up on his wall a very interesting placement speaking of interesting placements the massive Celestion 100 speakers are mounted above the set up against the walls I feel like you really put some effort towards coordination of this setup and is starting to show cable management is also done really well things are wrapped up together zip tied and kept hidden away from sight also down here is where the Xbox 360 is resting along with his PC that's rocking a 4790k and a gigabyte gtx 1070 it's also pretty cool that he managed to tie the LED lights to his music and in fact he included a video check this out guys a very sick setup Thank You Pig for entering last but not least we have fouseytube and his black and red set up he's rocking a 29 inch ultra wide monitor that's resting on a custom-made desk and unless we have a red dragon k5 52 keyboard and a logitech g502 mouse on top of the VIP hams extended mouse pad it seems like the logitech g502 Mouse is extremely popular for some reason keeping with the color scheme you have a Logitech G 6:33 headset and SPC that has a 40 460 and a GTX 960 other than a set of peculiar Turtles on his desk and a pair of n Studio speakers there's really nothing else to go over it also appears that you're into cars judging by the massive posters on your right when it comes to cable management you did a pretty good job I mean I can see that you use some velcro straps to keep the wires together and you even have a power strip hooked up on the bottom of the desk it's also interesting to see that you have your taskbar on the top of the display instead of on the bottom I don't think I've ever seen anyone do that before I mean I would recommend a hangar for your headset but that's already obvious at this point I feel like there really isn't much that can be changed to improve this setup Thank You Yusuf for entering so that is it for this episode as always make sure you guys drop your comments down below and vote on who you think has the best desk setup and as always announce the winners on my social media platforms on this weekend thank you guys so much for watching as always leave a like if you enjoy setup wars and I'll see you in the next video
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