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Setup Wars - Episode 74

we were getting there guys we're getting pretty close 48,000 likes out of 60,000 at the time of this recording so unfortunately we do not make the 60,000 like go so I won't be destroying my brother's PC a lot of you guys don't like destruction instead of destroying the PC you guys kept writing the comments section that you wanted to do a giveaway it doesn't work that way guys either I destroy it or I don't so I'm sorry I do have other giveaways obviously on the channel but these are just challenges so I'll be back next week with another challenge so with that said welcome to setup wars episode is 74 let the set up wars begin if you guys are shopping around for your next game make sure to check out g2a comm because they have the cheapest CD keys available for pretty much any game I'll drop a link to them down below if you want to check it out as always you guys can find a gear for everyone setups link below in case you're interested but here are your five contestants for this week we have penguin Danielle Ritchie Rick and Ryan let's start the show so first up is atomic penguin and it looks like we have a fairly simple triple monitor set up the center being a 24-inch IOC and the side to our 24-inch band cue monitors on the IKEA rig astad table I think that's how you pronounce it is the Corsair Vengeance k-6 t5 keyboard paired with the logitech g502 and both are resting on the glorious extended mousepad I love the clean wireless look of these setups so drilling a hole in the desk to run the wires through is always something I love seeing hanging from the brainwaves holder is the m50 X's and finally we have an audio technica mic cooked up to a boom arm it appears that he's a streamer cable management looks pretty good at this angle although there are some additional wires visible usually people send me pictures at the bottom of the desk to see how they did their cable management but I'll have to just deal with these pictures instead I would recommend putting a piece of wood or something underneath your PC instead of leaving it on the carpet like that which attracts more dust but it looks like you have a 49 30 K and an msi gtx 1070 seahawk grab as card this is a great setup I like the placement of the boom arm off to the side which doesn't get in the way of the monitors when you are not using them I also like how clean the surface area is not a single wire in sight but it's lacking some personality and seems a bit too plain if I'm being Frank it's also missing some consistency I mean we have two different monitors different color accents it just doesn't blend well together but don't get me wrong this is a very clean setup it just needs some spice I guess is what I'm trying to say thank you penguin for entering next up is Danielle with an OCD anti scene setup so we have three different monitors 27-inch Ben Q which is the main monitor a 24 inch Asus as an overhead and finally a 22 inch dual monitor to the right side on the desk we have a habbit keyboard and another logitech g502 mouse on top of a really badass looking an extended mouse pad I'm not sure if you move the keyboard off the mousepad on purpose just to show it off but I'm glad you did for those of you who are wondering this is actually a custom-made a mousepad from a website you can basically upload your very own image and they print it out and send it over very nice to the left we have a pair of Harman Kardon headphones hanging from the wall but that's not the only thing that's hanging from the walls and Daniels room nope we have a 50 inch LG TV hanging right above his ps4 we also have a wall shelf holding up to the best superheroes in any comic book yes I did go there and two freaking crossbows it's hunger games up in this piece I'm not gonna lie this is far from the average boring setup there's plenty of personality and color yes color the custom PC has all sorts of it it also has an i7 930 processor paired with the GTX 970 I can't really see much of the cable management other than some wires on the left side but overall nothing too bad it may be lacking some organization and consistency but it's definitely a cool setup but an even better man cave Thank You Daniel for entering richy-rich is next up with a very clean ultra wide setup I'm starting to see more ultra light setups on the show I'm not really sure why anyway so Ritchie is rocking the a soup editor x34 which is sandwiched by two audio engine a 5 plus speakers and also on the desk he has the K 70 keyboard from Corsair and the SteelSeries rival 300 Mouse finally something that isn't Logitech on the wall shelf to his left is a pair of handcrafted pistols and oh you know just a casual EBG a 1080 just chilling there not much to show for cable management since the backboard is pretty much covering everything but there is a HyperX cloud 2 gaming headset hooked up on the side which I like to see and finally we have is very stunning white and blue water-cooled PC rocking these 6700 K and a GTX 1080 this is a very clean build and I'm digging the Adventure Time wizard that's chilling on the top of one of those fans this is definitely a clean and organized ultra light setup no doubt Thank You Richie for entering speaking of ultralight setups we have another one from Rick so we have two 29 inch monitors from LG mounted against the backboard and just look at that speaker placement that is music to my ears so symmetrical and so beautiful there's definitely not a whole lot going on here I mean the only thing that's on this massive custom desk is the Logitech J 810 keyboard and MX master mouse I feel like this setup belongs in an art museum speaking of art take a look at that cable management God Daniel we have several power strips that are powering everything for the setup and then there are also four LED RGB strips that run along the edge of the backboard that kind of give it that glow effect we have a cable drop on the left side holding up his charging cable and a few more cable clips underneath the table that help with routing the wires we also have the PC down here which has an i5 750 and a gtx 550 ti running in tandem with the Radeon HD 5 770 overall the cleanliness of the setup and the cable management blew me away but I feel like it's missing something the item - the empty space ratio is way too large and I feel like something needs to be done with the surface of the desk regardless this is one of the cleanest setups that I've seen on the show thank you Rick for entering last but not least we have Brian with a killer blackened red gaming setup he's rocking a 29 inch LG ultra white in between - 24 inch Acer monitors the keyboard of choice is the fire dancing first player and he also has these Lotus gaming mouse on top of the Swift gaming mouse pad I just love the consistency of the setup and to have a matching chair is the icing on the cake also on a desk key as the some vision gaming headset resting on a headset stand and above his setup is his PC I really hope that shelf doesn't break off because that would be traumatizing but inside here is the 6700 K and a gigabyte gtx 1070 another thing i noticed is the USB hub that you hooked up against the wall which is a very unusual spot most people keep that under the desk I would personally pick up a flat design USB hub so that you can add it under your desk because it's a lot cleaner than sticking it on the wall but that's just me cable management on the other hand is pretty good the IKEA backhand desk comes a net underneath which is excellent for storing cables and I like the fact that you wrapped up the PC wires together using some velcro straps it also looks like we have another Star Wars fan from the posters to the collectables and then we have this thing other than the relocation of that USB hub I see that this is a very badass color-coordinated gaming setup Thank You Ryan for entering so that is it for this episode as always make sure you guys vote down below by writing down who has the best desk setup from this episode and as always announce the winners on my social media platforms thank you guys so much for watching as always leave a like if you enjoy set up boards and I'll see you in the next video
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