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Setup Wars Episode 75 - Budget Edition

so guys I have a new schedule for setup wars it's still going to be on every single Monday at 12 a.m. Pacific Standard Time but every 5 episodes you guys can expect a budget edition episode just like the one you're watching today and every 10 episodes will still be the worst set-up edition and then in between that I'll throw in an ultra light setup Edition Ultimate editions and of course the regular editions that you guys continue seeing but yeah I think is pretty much it welcome to set of boards episode 75 someone is throwing away trash welcome to setup wars episode with a 75 budget Edition where you submit your desk setup to get featured on the channel so if you guys want to participate make sure to watch the video linked below let the setup wars begin if you guys are shopping around for your next game make sure to check out g2 AECOM because they have the cheapest cd-keys available for pretty much any game I'll drop a link to them down below if you want to check it out so your five contestants for this week are Alexa Ernests faze James and Manuel let's begin starting up we have Alexa and a very modest setup featuring the Asus 23 inch monitor bloody be 120 keyboard and SteelSeries sensei mouse he does have a recording setup which consists of the SteelSeries Siberia headset and a microphone which is hooked up to a boom arm it makes sense I mean he does have a tech channel as well and surprisingly he shoots some very nice videos so make sure to go check out his channel guys I'll drop a link to it down below I'm very surprised that is able to shoot and edit videos using this PC it only has a 44 60 and 8 gigs of RAM there is no GPU in the PC in fact he's using the integrated graphics chip cable management isn't the best but it can easily be fixed if you pick up a cable box or just watch my cable management video I did on the channel a few months back a very simple and modest setup Thank You Alexa for entering and good luck earnest is next up with our very first ultra light setup in a budget edition I guess he couldn't afford a monitor stand so instead he used a pair of Acme wooden speakers to prop up the monitor which is very clever the keyboard of choice is the e blue Cobra and are paired with the e-blue mazer wireless mouse there is a hanger on the wall holding up the phillips 5200 wireless headphones but that's pretty much it for the surface of the desk cable management seems to be well done even though the wall is a bit dirty i don't really have any complaints here maybe a cable box for your power strip on the right side but nothing major needs improving the PCG is using has an x4 740 quad-core processor and a gigabyte r7 250 Thank You Ernest for entering at number three we have my boy phase with our first Mac setup of the episode he's running on the 2014 Mac Mini which is hooked up to a 23 inch tail monitor he's also rocking the Apple wireless keyboard and the MX anywhere 2 mouse for audio he is using the boombox bluetooth speaker and a pair of Pioneer M 521 headphones which is resting on a table that desperately needs some cleaning I will recommend some Clorox wipes or something similar to get that dirt off but all jokes aside cable management can also be improved some cable sleeves along with a cable box will surely clean up the wires a bit down here a cheap headphone stand can also keep your headphones from getting dirty and keep it from damaging your desk any further thank you phase for entering James Bond is next up with a very clean black and blue set up he's rocking the aoc 27 inch widescreen monitor with the cursor k70 RGB keyboard and saber RGB mouse on top of the extended mouse pad also from Corsair the only thing he has for audio is the sennheiser momentum headphones which are hanging from the wall and the only other thing on the desk is the Xbox one cable management is superb James did an amazing job wrapping the cables together using velcro straps and the cable clips are keeping the wires from hanging down the PC he is using has a 49 30 K and a GT 740 honestly I would say this setup is a little far from a budget setup the only thing missing is a solid GPU but nonetheless a very clean setup good luck and thank you for entering who says you only need one monitor for a budget setup Manuel is rocking 2 Dell monitors with a custom painted base I'm guessing to match his black and red setup but honestly that looks really well done on the desk we also have the Logitech G 105 keyboard and low why gaming mouse for audio we have a pair of stockdale speakers and a big blue live bluetooth speaker off to the right side cable management is pretty good I can see that you made an effort to tie everything near the top and I loved that you made your own charging station on the side of your PC using some velcro and power banks although the red one isn't straight and it's kind of hurting my OCD speaking of the PC is running on a 2600 K and a gtx 750ti also down here we have a pair of Logitech g2 30s I love the consistency of the color scheme and these origami or paper art things on the wall look really cool and complement the setup but Thank You Manuel for entering so that is it for this episode of set-up wars I don't know if you guys enjoy budget edition or not if you do let me know in the comments section and leave a like but also more importantly make sure you guys vote down below on who you think has the best budget setup thank you so much for watching as always and I will see you in the next video
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