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Setup Wars - Episode 76

what's up guys it's that from Texas or is happy Monday I hope you guys are having a fantastic day it is a brand new week which means we have new opportunities ahead of us but anyways welcome to setup wars episode 76 where you submit your desk setup to get featured on the show so if you guys want to participate make sure to watch the video linked below let us set up wars begin if you guys are shopping around for your next game make sure to check out g2a comm because they have the cheapest CD keys available for pretty much any game I'll drop a link to them down below if you want to check it out so as always you guys can find the gear for everyone setups link down below in case you guys are interested but here are your five contestants for this week we have Jay Luke Manuel Marty and storm let's begin the show starting off the episode strong is Jay and his gaming rooms set up and just by glancing at this picture I can already tell he is a big fan of consoles he's even rocking a custom painted NES over there next to the Phantom 3 drone but let's take a look at his main PC setup so he has two 29-inch ultra wide monitors hooked up to a stand and we know that we have the Razer Leviathan sound bar by the way the desk he is using consists of three separate IKEA desks the Lindman corner table for the centerpiece followed by two lemon table tops with support from two Alex shores but moving on so we kind of stuck with his white and green theme by going with Razer gear he has a BlackWidow chroma keyboard DeathAdder chroma Mouse hooked up to the Razer Bungie and all of that is resting on the Goliath this extended mouse pad instead of drilling a hole through the desk for the keyboard and mouse Jay decided to route them off to the right side and they just kind of disappear afterwards but look at this cable management just look at it I'll leave this here for a few seconds Jay did such an excellent job keeping them behind the desk bundle together that you can't even see a single wire hanging down a plus quality work here also on a desk we have a blue snowball mic and a set of consoles the NES on the left side and the Xbox one paired with the Turtle Beach four 20x headphones Jay is such a boss that he has one TV for each console because you know that's how he rolls the PC that's running this setup has a 6600 and a GTX 970 but what can I say the symmetry is perfect attention to detail is spot-on and everything is so damn clean excellent setup Thank You Jay for entering Skywalker is next up with another impressive and very clean setup we have a 27-inch gaming monitor from Dell in between standard 27-inch monitors which appears to be mounted against the desk itself which by the way is custom made below that we have another set of razor gear the BlackWidow chroma naga chroma and the glorious extended mousepad from Corsair he also has a monitor riser or something similar near the keyboard which he is using to keep some stuff under as well as hiding a bunch of cables very clever near the top he has some shelves which holds his ps4 console ashtray 50s and a few routers I gotta say I love the placement of your mic it's very subtle and doesn't get in the way of anything cable management is also excellent looks like there is some sort of cable box near the bottom holding the power strip and he even wrapped the cables in a sleeve job well done and finally the PC does pushing all of these pixels is running on a 6700 K and 2 980 T is in SLI it looks like we have our first rainbow themed PC build on set upwards I gotta give you some credit for trying something this bold a very creative and clean setup indeed Thank You Luke for entering at number three we have Manuel with a white and black setup he's rocking the 34 inch lg ultra ride which is hooked up to the new star monitor arm and below that we have the Logitech G 510 keyboard and G 602 Mouse sandwiching the monitors are a pair of Edifier speakers and that's pretty much it on the desk besides the PC itself it does have the 4770k and two gtx 970 s and sli cable management seems to be under control thanks to the net that's holding up the cables that comes with the ikea backhand desk which by the way this desk is also height adjustable I can see that the cables are also wrapped in a sleeve and so are the PC wires so good job there I'm definitely diggin the atmosphere I get this really chill vibe and I don't know if it's coming from the furniture in the room or the lighting or maybe everything combined but overall a very clean and beautiful setup Thank You Manuel for entering marty mcfly is next up with our first MacBook setup of the episode I just have to say this for all my Mac users watching this video you guys have some of the cleanest setups I've seen on setup wars connected to the 15-inch MacBook retina is the 27-inch Acer quad HD monitor and below that he is rocking both keyboard and magic trackpad from Apple and we also have a piano keyboard as well there's quite a few things on the desk but he managed to keep most of his setups symmetrical two guitars mounted against the wall two speakers two pairs of headphones we have a blue Yeti Michael amp on the other side and finally two other items and near the back one of which is a signed football from the 2012 Rose Bowl game I'm sure the tablet is just there for show but I would buy a slidable drawer for underneath your desk where you can store that in the cable management game is also pretty strong the use of cable sleeves on both sides are present and there doesn't seem to be any cables hanging down except for that piano thing I don't I don't know if that's called I'm sorry also down here we have a third pair of headphones this one is the beats solo and then on the opposite side if you have a USB 3 hub for easy access a very nice setup Marty thank you for entering last but not least we have storm with another triple monitor setup I don't know what it is with the red wall but it just makes everything stand out I love seeing white and black objects against a red background the contrast is amazing by the way the picture frame and shelves are not straight and it's affecting my OCD already hit that like button if you guys are triggered - so he's got a 29 inch ultra light in between - 23 inch LG monitors and all three of them are hooked up on the wall he also has the Mad Catz v7 keyboard and Mad Catz rat 5 Mouse and there's a hole drilled inside the desk for the cables a hanger for the Astro a40 s would be nice to keep the surface area clean and perhaps a red mouse pad to keep that contrast more consistent throughout your setup I did leave a link to a few of them down below in case you are interested I gotta say the placement of your boom arm is fantastic it doesn't get in the way of anything and then reach when you need to use it the PC which is dangerously sitting on top of - IKEA shelves has a 47 70 and a gtx 750ti I really hope you secure those shelves because it would suck if that piece you were to drop I gotta give you points for not only keeping your setup consistent with the color scheme but your entire room as well I see that coca-cola refrigerator and the toy car near the back and of course we can't skip this awesome Deadpool poster cable management isn't bad I mean you did try to keep all the wires off of the ground but kinda looks a bit messy with those zip ties sticking out I will definitely pick up a flat power strip and hook it up underneath your desk and connect everything to it all you need is a cable raceway to help with the cables and SIM 3m tape which I will link below as well it's definitely a great setup with some minor tweaks Thank You storm for entering so that is it for this episode guys thank you so much for watching make sure you drop your comments down below and vote on who you think has the best desk setup as always I'll announce the winners on my social media accounts during the weekend thank you again so much for watching leave a like if you enjoy setup wars and I will see you in the next video
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