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Setup Wars Episode 77 | Ultimate Edition

what's up guys is that from tech source and welcome to setup wars episode 77 now I don't know whether to call this the triple monitor edition or the ultimate edition since both of them do apply but if you guys want to participate make sure to watch the video linked below but with that said and done let the set up or is begin if you guys are shopping around for your next game make sure to check out g2a comm because they have the cheapest CD keys available for pretty much any game I'll drop a link to them down below if you want to check it out as always you guys can find the gear to everyone setups link down below but your five contestants for this week are chase Kyle Tim yo-hwan and Ozzy do we have an awesome show for you guys today let's begin starting up the episode we have chase and his triple monitor setup and that's probably the last time I'm going to say triple monitor setup in this episode since everyone does have three displays I don't want to sound redundant so looks like he uses the left monitor for console gaming while the other two are for screaming or PC gaming in this case so he has two different asus martyrs all of which are hooked up to an arm and below that we have the mad cat strike 7 keyboard and Mad Catz teehee mouse which I think stands for tournament edition for audio he is using the Altec Lansing 221 speakers and subwoofer system and a pair of astro a40 s hanging under the desk the actual a 40 s are used for his consoles and he does have both Xbox one and ps4 by the way both system controllers have custom skins from Team CR which apparently he is the CEO of I don't really have anything negative to say about the cable management looks like it's under control for the most part and there is some sort of rack that's holding up majority of the cables finally the PC that's powering the setup has an FX 6300 and a gtx 660 a well-put-together setup Thank You chase for starting off this episode strong kyle is up next he's rocking a 24-inch BenQ monitor in between two 27-inch AOC displays on the IKEA Mackay desk he has the corsair k70 RGB keyboard paired with a razer deathadder chroma talk about mix and match for audio he's walking a pair of creative t20 speakers and a pair of actual a 50s which are resting on the wooden Omega headphone Sam I'm not too sure why he has a random at2020 microphone just chilling on the desk without it being connected to anything I don't even see boom arm anywhere let alone an audio interface cable management looks good but I would definitely cut those extensions off the zip ties for a much cleaner look the PCs powering the setup has a 59 30 K and a GTX 1080 founders Edition a pretty straightforward and badass setup Thank You Kyle for entering at number 3 we have Tim with a very interesting style setup so he has a predator x34 ultra wide in between two 24-inch Pankiw monitors which he has also mounted against the wall that's a hell of a setup you know the monitors are a pair of argon speakers laying on its sides and a pair of razer kraken headphones the keyboard of choice is the Corsair k70 RGB and the mouse is the logitech g502 both really solid gaming peripherals you do have a few wires visible and the extra one from the Razer Firefly isn't really helping your case now if I were you I would drill two separate holes one for the keyboard and one for the mouse and the mouse pad and then route the cables through for a much cleaner look instead of having to pass them through your desk normally I wouldn't recommend drilling holes and desks for most setups since that is permanent but I see potential in this one and I would like to see you perfect it the cable management under the desk though is excellent the only thing I would grab is a cable box to hide the power strip and but overall very solid work but that PC though a very sexy black and red water-cooled build rocking the 4790k and a GTX 780 I definitely think it's time to upgrade that GPU though a headphone hangar for the headset and some double sided velcro holding the remote on your desk will help clean up the surface a bit but overall a pretty badass setup thank you Tim for entering I swear these setups get better and better take a look at this one god damn the presentation is just perfect I love the white black and red color scheme and you did such a great job keeping everything consistent UN is rocking three of the same 27-inch BenQ gaming monitors and for the gear he has the corsair k70 RGB keyboard m65 mouse on top of the reflex lab mouse pad I love the fact that you drill a hole in the desk even though the desk itself is pretty expensive I would say it's definitely worth it also on a desk we have the Focusrite audio interface which is hooked up to the blue Yeti microphone I didn't even know they made white pop filters that looks pretty though speaking of white to you is a pair of Yamaha HS 8 speaker wresting understands he's also using a pair of m50 axes for monitoring audio and he's keeping those away off to the right side should I even bother going through cable management I mean at this point I'm sure you are knows what the hell he is doing not only is everything routed beautifully near the back but all the wires are either sleeved or hidden superb job and of course we can't forget this beast lurking down below god damn this thing is running on a 39 70 X and two GTX Titan X's in sli the PC also has a ton of mods from custom painted parts all the way to the cables I'm definitely happy that you kept with the color scheme even in your PC I'm personally not a fan of keeping such a beauty on the table but I understand why you had to do that I'm not gonna lie I was very close and giving this the seal of approval but the PC being on the bottom and the headphones being out of reach on the right side kind of changed my decision regardless this is a fantastic setup definitely one of the best I've seen on the show thank you your lion for entering and of course we can't forget about Yas EADS setup he's been on the show two times already however this time he is back with a revamp set up any new color scheme he switched from his black and red theme to a black and purple as you can see and holy where do I begin you know what let's go backwards on this one let's take a look at his beast PC so it doesn't look like the specs have changed much it's still rocking in 59 60 x8 core processor with the msi god-like motherboard 32 gigs of ram as well in fact the only parts he has changed are the GPUs because he's now rocking 2 GTX 1080s in SLI compared to the GTX 980 s from his previous setup aside from the GPU swap he's also repainted most of the parts to match his current color scheme and even picked up a fresh set of cables next to his PC he has a very nice lineup of his consoles he still has the Xbox one and ps4 however this time they have been reskin to match his current setup once again alright so now back to the main setup so he's rocking three different monitors the center one is a 27 inch 4k monitor and between two 27-inch rog swift monitors the only thing that's changed is that he added an additional ultrawide monitor up top which is the 34 inch Acer predator now all of these monitors are mounted individually using the freedom which gives them complete control over each one of them other than that there is nothing else that's new in this setup he's still rocking a Corsair strafe RGB with the MX master and a reflex lab mouse pad for the speakers he is using the JBL pulses and finally in the center he has a controller stand holding up both his ps4 and Xbox one controllers cable management probably has to be the best I've seen on setup Wars as of yet it is flawless not only are all the wires hidden very well but they are routed with such precision that this can be labeled as cable porn what's more is that Yazzie did this on a glass desk which in itself is challenging just about everything in this setup is perfected I love the ambience in the room and there's plenty of personality from the figurines on the wall shelves to the posters and just overall consistency of the color scheme I did say just about everything unfortunately as much as I want to give him the seal this setup is not perfect and here is my reason before everyone comes after me with pitchforks much of the same reason why he didn't get the seal from my previous episodes still apply but here they are anyways you see this setup is constructed mainly based on a color scheme without any regard to the quality of the products the Aussies mentality is that if it's black and purple well it belongs in this setup that's not how setup should be constructed take the JBL speakers for instance these are known to have distorted sound at high levels so the overall sound quality is terrible compared to other Bluetooth speakers I would put in some real quality bookshelf speakers or something similar instead of those also the microphone placement is not practical sure it's sitting on the right side because it's not in use but you have to constantly move it to your desired location when you need to record audio this is a fine example of Yazzie choosing looks over practicality sure it looks better in that location but how often is it really in that location number three is the mouse now this looks like a solid gaming setup and he'll he might even use it for productivity and editing videos which is perfectly fine but why go with a mouse that is only meant for productivity and not gaming as well take my example for instance I do gaming and editing as well probably I would say 70% editing and 30% gaming I recently switched or not recently months I switched from an MX master mouse to my new Logitech G 900 animals for both productivity and gaming and it still matches my color scheme because it does have RGB lighting in my experience you don't have to pick one side you can definitely get the best of both worlds and finally the last reason is that he's using professional monitoring headphones but he has no audio interface it kind of makes me question why you have the m50 X's in the first place if you're not taking advantage of its performance something tells me he bought it just so he can skin it in purple to match his setup you guys kind of get what I'm trying to say seriously though Yazeed I'm in love with this setup and I think you did a phenomenal job with it I'm not trying to crap on your setup by any means I'm just trying to justify why I'm not awarding it a seal of approval because I know my subscribers very well they're going to attack me in the comment section so that is why in the end guys it is my award that I created and I can give it to whoever I want but at least you guys know the reason this time regardless this is an amazing setup no doubt please continue to improve your setup and don't be afraid to submit again in the future thank you Ozzie again for entering so that is it for the show drop your comments down below as always guys and vote on who you think has the best desk setup as always alarms the winners on my social media platforms on the weekend thing I so much watching if you enjoy set up boards honestly if you spend a second and drop it like it helps me out a ton I love you guys so much thank you and I will see you in the next video
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