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Setup Wars - Episode 78

so guys the new year is around the corner and I'm trying to change things up a bit for setup wars so let me know in the comment section down below actually better yet there's going to be a shop hole down below and I want you guys to please vote and here's the options would you guys like to see setup wars done twice a week or would you like to see setup wars done once a week on Mondays but with ten contestants instead of five so those are your two options please click on the link and vote this is going to start sometime in January or hopefully first beginning of the year where's the airplanes coming from what's up guys is that from Texas and welcome to setup wars episode 78 where you submit your desk setup to get featured on the channel if you guys want to participate you know what to do make sure to watch the video linked below with that said and done let the setup wars begin if you guys are shopping around for your next game make sure to check out g2a comm because they have the cheapest CD keys available for pretty much any game I'll drop a link to them down below if you want to check it out as always you guys can find the gear for everyone setups linked down below but your five contestants for this week are I'm gonna butcher this name I know it's Kevon CEO Nigel Tim Robert and Toby let's begin starting off the episode we have Kevon CEO and a very clean set up and again I apologize if I butchered your name I do love the wood tabletop combined with the white Alex atom unit the contrast is amazing and I feel like the colors are well balanced there isn't too much of one color and that's one of the things I really love about this setup the monitor he is using is the Acer 27-inch that features a 165 Hertz refresh rate and gsync needless to say this is a gaming setup he also has the courser strafe RGB keyboard and a me onyx caster for audio he has a pair of AKG K 712 pros hooked up to a Motty DAC and amp I mean it spelled so I hope that's how he said I also like how he balanced that with a cactus plant symmetry is definitely on point for this setup and so is cable management everything is neatly wrapped up and hidden behind the drawer the PC is rocking has a 6600 K and a gigabyte GTX 1080 just beautiful work with the cable management and overall a beautiful setup thank you Kevon CEO for entering next up we have Nigel and his rocking a single 28 inch asus monitor a Razer BlackWidow chroma keyboard and a razor Mamba tournament Edition Mouse Friday oh he has a pair of Logitech Z 623 speakers and a Logitech G 35 headset I think the hole that was drilled on the desk was a bit too big and it's noticeable but it's a lot better than passing the wires across the desk instead the cable management under the desk is done well and everything is hooked up on the bottom of the desk the PC is very sick it's rocking a 6700 K and an msi gtx 980ti I don't know where people get that red ring that's wrapped around the cooler but I think it adds a nice touch to the overall build I'm definitely digging the atmosphere of this entire room you got the joker paintings the acoustic foams even though one of the pieces is falling off I see a lot of people sticking boxes on walls now I don't know if that's considered art these days or there's a meaning behind it but overall a very solid black and red setup Thank You Nigel for entering at number three we have PIM and a fairly clean set up so he's rocking the BenQ 27-inch monitor that he mounted against the wall I can't even tell if this is in the kitchen or in his actual bedroom I've never seen tiled against a wall before that's pretty weird anyways moving on so he also has the Weiser Deathstalker keyboard cursor m65 Pro Mouse on top of the Razer Firefly mousepad for audio he is using solo beats and he also has an audio interface near the back which is hooked up to a pair of massive behringer speakers and since we are down here let's take a look at the cable management not a bad job I mean there is some tape used to hold the stuff up but for the most part everything is kept off of the ground I have no complaints here it also appears that you are a Witcher 3 fan judging by the models you have on your desk it may seem a little random having a motherboard in the corner there but I don't know I kind of like it the PC now that's a different story so we have a custom black and yellow water-cooled build inside the be quite dark Bass Pro 900 case and it's looking bouse it's interesting that you added some red to your color scheme but nonetheless it's a sick looking PC oh by the way it's rocking a 6700 K and a gtx 1070 definitely some beefy specs in there other than the obvious recommendation for a hanger for your headphones this is a solid setup Thank You Pym for entering next up is Robert with a mind-blowing quad display setup this dude is rocking three 27-inch Asus monitors a Samsung soundbar right above that and a massive 65 inch panasonic plasma TV mounted against the wall look at this symmetry just beautiful he also has the Deathstalker chroma keyboard and a razor Anansi mouse which is routed through the desk so it looks like he's going for a black and white theme and I liked how he kept it consistent throughout it might seem that there's a lot of stuff on the desk but they are all essentials there's nothing extra or miscellaneous that just takes up the space he has both an Xbox one and a ps4 which are skinned and white we have an OE ax which is used for all emulators and also a USB hub since his PC is on the floor for audio he's rocking a pair of astro a40 s4 console gaming and for recording audio he has an audio technica ad700x microphone hooked up to the Focusrite audio interface which by the way is also skinned to match his setup I definitely loved seeing that you know just because a product comes in a different color that doesn't match your setup it doesn't mean that you are stuck with that color guys you can definitely mod it either paint it or skin it Robert is a prime example of this cable management is also done really well everything is tied together and kept off of the ground no complaints here picking up the ground this is where he keeps the PC which has a 6700 K and an EVGA GTX 970 I have to stop and give you some serious props on your drawings dude these are incredible I think this drawing is of markiplier but I could be wrong and then we have Saitama I think that's how you say it from one punch man which is currently my favorite anime and freaking Super Saiyan 1 Goku god damn he's uncredible oh and your pet turtle is really cool too amazing setup thank you Robert for entering last but not least we have Toby with a simple ultra white setup so he's rocking a 34-inch from Dell in between 2t full CS 25 speakers he also has the CM storm rapid-fire keyboard and an asus rog Gladius mouse on top of the Razer Firefly mousepad what's really cool is that Toby is actually working on a custom mechanical shortcut keyboard props on that also on the desk we have two boom arms one for a samson mic and one for his lamp cable management on this setup is definitely planned really well he installed some hooks underneath which is holding the wires and you also attached his amplifier on the bottom of the desk using some 3m tape we also have a custom hanger which is holding up his bare dynamic dt9 90's near the front and finally his custom pc is rocking a Xeon e3 1231 processor and a GTX 1080 in a custom loop I guess this is a very mild black-and-red setup but a very nice one at that with excellent cable management Thank You Toby for entering so that is it for this episode of setup boards as always you guys know what to do make sure to drop your comments down below and vote on who you think has the best that setup as always I'll announce the winners on my social media platforms this weekend also make sure you guys vote with the sraw poll what type of setup boards you want to see beginning 2017 then you guys so much leave a like if you enjoy setup ORS as always and I will see you in the next video
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