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Setup Wars - Episode 79

so guys before I start this episode I just want to give a huge thanks to all of my loyal subscribers out there they're watching this video I seriously appreciate all of your support thank you so much I feel like the more I grow the more haters also grow with me and they just attack you for the dumbest reasons and you know it's I'm in such a good mood and I've never been I've never been happier in my life and I don't really care anymore could be honest I don't care about the haters I don't care what they say they just go after you for the dumbest mistakes for the dumbest reasons and I know that I have over a million loyal subscribers that I can look forward to you know you guys make me wake up every single day with a smile on my face and you make this job so much fun so I just want to seriously thank you guys from the bottom of my heart so that's that's all I wanted to say so with that said let's uh welcome to setup wars episode 79 let the set up wars begin if you guys are shopping around for your next game make sure to check out g2a comm because they have the cheapest CD keys available for pretty much any game I'll drop a link to them down below if you want to check it out as always you guys can find it gear for everyone setups link down below also if I recommend anything in this episode I'll also link that down below as well so your five contestants for this week are Andray dunno Jason Joe and Sakura I'm sorry if I butchered any names as always you guys know I'm bad at names so I'm really sorry let's go and start off the episode so starting off the show we have Andre with a pretty sick gaming room so he has a PC setup on one side and a console setup on the other very nice so on the main desk key is using a massive BenQ 32 inch monitor hooked up to my favorite monitor mount of all time which is the freedom arm and then time watching the monitor are a pair of Adam f5 speakers which are being held up with some pretty interesting stands he also has the e element z77 keyboard with a real cat tie and mouse which are resting on the odd valve trestle desk I think that's how you say it so for audio he does have a snowball mic hooked up to a boom arm and a pair of AKG k7 xx's hanging from the side the LED clock does look pretty cool on your desk but if you want something to match with the wood tabletop a wooden LED clock would personally look better and if anyone is interested I'll drop a link to it down below cable management on the other hand is pretty good it looks like the cables are on the bottom of the table and I don't really have any complaints the PC that's running the setup has an unusual color scheme but it does have a 4770k and a gtx 980 overall this setup is put together nicely thank you and Ray for entering and sorry again if I butchered your name Bruno Mars is next up with a very clean looking black and blue ultra white setup so he has the ESO x34 predator near the bottom and a massive Sony TV near the top for console gaming speaking of which look where he mounted his ps4 console guys that's pretty sick it also looks like he has a D brand skin on that very nice on the IKEA mount desk he has the Orion g8 keyboard any Logitech g600 two males both of which are sitting on top of the popular IKEA wristlet desk pad also on a desk is a giant PC case which normally would look weird compared to a smaller monitor but because he is using an ultra-light it's pretty balanced speaking of which it's equipped with a 6800 k-6 core processor and two NVIDIA GTX 1080 founders Edition graphics cards Wow definitely a beast of a PC excellent work with the cable management now normally people would just dump their cables on the rack but Bruno here organized them well nice job also down here is the EZ SMX wireless headset but overall a pretty badass black and blue setup Thank You Bruno for entering and number three we have another ultra white setup but this time with a black and purplish color scheme Jason too is using the acer x34 monitor however for the peripherals he has the courser strafe RGB ami onyx AVR sk mouse on top of the mass drop extended mouse pad for audio he has a pair of canto u 2 speakers and a Focusrite audio interface which is custom painted and black to match the setup now that's what I love to see he does also have a late 2011 MacBook Pro near his PC which has a very nice custom loop inside the NZXT master case it's running on a 6700 K and an EVGA gtx 980ti kingpin Edition graphics card this thing is a beauty and finally let's take a look at the cable management it looks like everything is hooked up behind the back board and away from sight job well done a very nice black and purple setup thank you Jason for entering changing things up we have Joe with a pretty cool white and blue setup finally a refreshing color scheme that we don't see as often now even though there isn't much blue in this setup it's still nice to see with the combination of white so he has two 27-inch Samsung curved monitors hooked up to the Wally mount which is resting on a custom-made monitor riser from Ikea underneath that is the Xbox one which is skinned and black-and-white as well as his surface book props ongoing with the brands which is the best skin company out there but everybody already knows that for audio he is using to groove USB speakers turtlebeach for 20 X headphones and Astro a 50s hanging from his PC which is running on an AMD 8350 and an r9 390x the keyboard is from red dragon and it's the k550 mechanical gaming keyboard which looks awesome by the way and he's also using the rapid v20 mouse to complement the colors most people don't get white mouse pads because they get dirty real quickly so it's nice to see that you got some guts I do want to give you huge props for adding a drawer underneath the desk to store your items in I recommend these a lot on the show and it's really nice to see someone actually using it and finally the cable management not a bad job to be honest I mean there are some visible wires in the corner over there but most of them are off the ground so nothing to complain here if you really want to clean things up a bit a channel Raceway would help a ton and once again I'll drop a link to it down below a very sweet and subtle white and blue setup thank you Joe for spicing things up here on setup wars finishing off strong we have saw Luke with a mind-blowing triple monitor setup god damn god damn indeed 324 inch dual monitors hooked up on the wall with not a single wire in sight on the custom desk that he created himself which is also mounted against the wall is the cursor strafe RGB keyboard and m65 Sabre mouse on top of the HyperX mousepad it also looks like he went with some custom key caps very nice for audio he is using a pair of Logitech Z 200 speakers and an audio technica M 30x headphones hanging under the desk now this is just my OCD talking but I would have loved to see that quirky Nimbus clock in the center of your setup instead of on the left so that's more symmetrical but that's just me being picky everything else is nicely balanced you did such an excellent job with the cable management and when you even drilled holes for both the keyboard and the mouse and everything is hidden very very well now let's take a look at the PC which I'm sure everyone has been eyeing ever since I showed this set up in the beginning this water-cooled beast is rocking a 6700 K and 2 Asus GTX 980 P is in the coarser 780 T case absolutely incredible if I may be picky here the sli bridge isn't really contributing to this amazing build and I would much rather see a custom did white SLI bridge but other than that this thing is perfect even saw roofs entire room is black and white I mean the level of his consistency is unmatched so huge props on that but let's take a look at the main attraction here ladies and gentlemen this here is a custom-made water-cooled ps4 and Xbox one system I'm guessing the ps4 is on the left and the Xbox one is on the right or vice versa I'm not really sure which is which but this thing makes Linus's water-cooled ps4 look like a preschool arts and crafts project mad props on this dude Saru congratulations for winning the 9th seal of approval from setup wars and what that gets you is a custom plaque a hundred dollars and also a tech Soares t-shirt so if you're watching this video make sure toss me an email to claim your prize beautiful beautiful setup dude thank you so much for entering so that is it for this episode as always make sure you guys drop your comments down below and vote on who you think has the best desk setup as always I'll ask the winners on my social media platforms on the weekend seriously guys thank you so much from the bottom of my heart I really appreciate all the support you guys have been giving me you guys Rock I love you faces as always I will see you in the next video
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