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Setup Wars - Episode 8

what's up guys is that back again from tech stores and welcome to setup Wars Episode 8 where you submit your desk set up and get featured on my channel and a chance to win a prize I host them every Monday and I randomly select 5 of your submissions and I feature them on my channel you guys get to vote on the best desk setup if you guys are new to the series and want to submit your desk setup you need to watch the video linked down below for the instructions and requirements so with all that said that the setup wars finally begin alright so the 5 chosen contestants are Owen fahadh Elliot Zak and rod congratulations for making it to this week of setup Wars by the way all the products I mentioned in this video will be linked down below and also any products I recommend to you guys will also have a special section down below so starting off the show is Owen with his clean dual monitor setup one from Samsung and another from AOC which are not only different sizes but different colors also on the desk we have the famous Corsair Vengeance k70 keyboard along with a corsair m65 RGB mouse and turtlebeach p 11 headphones he also has some LED strips on the back and it looks like you did a really good job with wire management for the PC he is rocking an AMD FX 6300 cpu with an MSI GTX 660 graphics card and that awesome 500 are white case from Corsair and as always I will leave a link to the full parts down below I like that you are next to a window but since it doesn't have any blinds doesn't that Sun glare bother you or gamy which takes me to my recommendations obviously I would recommend blinds if you don't have any also an ATH headphone hanger on the right side of your table would really clean up your desk and you will have a place to hang your headphones I would like to see two of the same monitors but recommending monitors is crazy since they are expensive so I will try and stick to these smaller things lastly I recommend hiding the remote for your LED strips and what I usually do if I want to hide small things like this is by sticking them to the of my desk as you can see I did the same here with my camera battery charger by sticking double-sided 3m tape on the charger and attaching it to the roof of my desk and I used some cable drops throughout the wire in the back after a few attempts I got used to where the location is and I'm sure you can recognize where the buttons are on the remote after a few tries without even looking but I'll go ahead and link all that stuff down below for anyone that's interested along with the 3m tape that I used but I think uon for entering set upwards next up is for hot and we have a dual Samsung 24-inch monitor setup an HP Elite v2 keyboard along with an HP X 4500 wireless mouse he also has the Logitech Z 200 speakers on the desk and the Xbox one headphones hanging from the wall okay so pretty straightforward set up a point for having the same monitors and another point for the awesome cable management down below I like the fact that you put the speaker's behind the monitors and I mean the only other thing I would recommend is perhaps a mouse pad and actually a man they left a comment on the last set upwards video asking why I always recommend mouse pads the reason why I recommend mouse pads aside from aesthetics is the fact that it helps protect the life of the mouse would services and also plastic fake wood type surfaces also wear out the mouse's feet and also wears out the surface of the table and what that does it increases the mouse's strain it makes it that much difficult to use over a period of time so that's why I recommend mouse pads in my setup or videos of course there's the exception on a glass surface given that the mouse actually does work on a glass surface like the MX wireless master mouse other than that you have a simple clean set up thank you for Hart for entering setup wars next up is Elliott and it looks like a dual display setup the left one is a 24-inch asus monitor and on the right we have a 25 inch LG monitor on the desk we have a steel series apex keyboard and a SteelSeries rival mouse but I don't know how I feel about that mousepad choice it really doesn't go well with your setup there was also some speakers from acoustic energy and solos play on your desk and there's even a SteelSeries Siberia headset hanging from the monitors pretty cool micro ATX build using the cursor 240 air case although I would have gone with white LEDs instead of blue wire management is decent however I think that you can definitely clean it up more with the omnimount cable sleeve which I'll also link down below I would also recommend a headphone hanger that you can attach to the right side of your desk it will work for your setup since your pcs on the right side as well but other than that great setup Elliot thank you for entering setup pores next up is Zack and Holy orange Batman we have a triple 24-inch asus monitor setup which is mounted on the wall with the model price arms and excellent presentation with that wallpaper choice and the orange wall just somehow works with this setup oddly enough there's also a Samsung soundbar underneath along with a k70 keyboard and m65 mouse solid choice on the gaming gear my friend for some reason the monitors aren't flushed together the middle one seems to be slightly behind the other two and it is noticeable and kind of bothers me a little bit I also can't help but notice that you have a speaker stand made out of connects which is really creative and I'm sure you have one at least I hope you have one for the other side as well really great job on the cable management I see that you've added them along the desk legs and you have a really cool custom painted PC fun fact Zac actually painted the heat spreaders the PCIe brackets and the case grills on the air 540 so props on that amazing painting job dude as far as the specs we have an i7 4790k with a GTX 970 graphics card one thing I would strongly recommend for you to pick up is a piece of wood or maybe even some cardboard something similar to put between your PC and the carpet so that it isolates itself from the ground and now it doesn't build up static and end up damaging your components but other than that you have a really dope set up Zack thank you for entering setup wars last but not least is rode and it looks like we are in his bedroom on the desk is a 23 inch LG monitor also a razor like cosa keyboard and a Naga epic Mouse hanging from the lab I see a Plantronics rig headset on the right side of the monitor we have the Lenovo Y series laptop with a Red Lobster on top I kind of have mixed feelings about the stuffed animals on your desk but that's what you're into I have no problem with that I also noticed a blue metal gear rising plasma lamp right next to the Sony TV that thing looks really cool you also have a bunch of little figurines on top of your soundbar which is mounted on the wall and then you have your Wii and ps3 on this side over there you do have a lot of stuff connected on your desk so I don't expect you to have clean cable management however there are some stuff linked down below that can certainly help you out seppings I'll recommend is perhaps an actual hanger for your headphones and I feel like the TV would look a lot better mounted on the top of your soundbar but having it on your desk works just as fine yeah really cool setup I'm really digging the plasma lamp I just can't seem to stop staring at it but thank you road for entering set up words alright so that's it for the submissions for this week voting begins now so make sure you guys drop a comment down below on who you think has the best desk setup voting will end this Saturday and I'll announce a winner on Sunday on my Twitter and Instagram accounts to make sure you guys are follow me there for all of the updates if you guys missed my previous episodes I'll link a playlist linked down below so you guys can catch up and you guys want me to continue doing setup wars every Monday smash that like button as always to show your support for the series but I'm basically done here thank you guys for watching I will see you in the next video you
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