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Setup Wars - Episode 81

what's up guys is that from tech source I hope you having a fantastic Monday and hopefully a productive week welcome to setup wars episode 81 where you submit your desk setup to get featured on the channel if you guys want to participate you know what to do make sure to watch the video linked down below let the setup wars and begin if you guys are shopping around for your next game make sure to check out g2a comm because they have the cheapest CD keys available for pretty much any game I'll drop a link to them down below if you want to check it out as always you guys can find the gear for every one set ups link down below along with anything I recommend in this episode so your five contestants for this week are and Ray angel have your heavier Xavier John Luke and John I think that's how you say John Locke or June luck congratulations for making it on the show turning off the episode we have Andre with a very refreshing setup it kind of feels like I'm gonna forest somewhere with all of these plants and bamboo sticks in the background I'm definitely feeling this relaxed vibe just by looking at this I can only imagine what it feels like actually using this setup every single day add some tropical rain sound effect on those speakers and this will be an awesome productivity setup so yeah enough of being sidetracked let's get back into the actual setup so Andre is using a 29 inch LG ultrawide monitor which he overclocked to 75 Hertz and he's also using the func KB 460 keyboard with cherry MX Reds right next to the logitech g502 RGB spectrum mouse and we also have a drawing pad right above that if I were to add a TV in my setup this is exactly the way I would have it set up about 10 feet away from the actual desk most people have their desks against the wall and the TV right above it which I don't understand completely I mean what if you're on the computer and want to watch something on the TV at the same time you have to constantly look up and down if that were the case but Andres situation all he has to do is tilt his eyes slightly above to see what's on the TV desk setups don't have to be right against a wall especially if he wants to mount a TV andre setup is a prime example of that even the cable management isn't affected by not having a desk against the wall he hooked up a power strip and a few cable racks to keep all the wires off the ground and routed the rest of the cables down the legs excellent work he does have a pair of super luxe HDS hanging from one side of the desk and on the ground is the pc which has a 4790k and an RX 470 overall a well-put-together setup Thank You Andre for entering at first I thought this next setup had 4 displays but it turns out it's only a triple monitor setup with a poster on the wall surrounded by a bunch of acoustic foams ok we get you're a big fan of Joker we got the Joker wallpaper figurines and even some posters come to think of it it actually has a black and purple theme as well so he's rockin 3/8 or 24 inch gaming monitors at 144 Hertz were fresh weight each and on the table we have the Corsair k70 RGB keyboard and coarser m65 mouse which by the way he drilled a hole for cable management nice work also on a desk we have a pair of clip speakers and a ps4 console by the way did you know that the brands has a purple skin on their website you should definitely pick some up for your console you also got skins for head phones laptops smartphones and a bunch of other devices so if you guys want to spice up your setup make sure to check them out I'll drop a link to it down below for audio he is using a blue snowball ice microphone a pair of status audio monitoring headphones that are hanging from a cooler master 212 Evo CPU cooler hey if it works it works right cable management seems to be under control it looks like the IKEA Signum is holding up majority of the cables and he's also added some LEDs on a desk to give it that under glow effect the PC that's powering the setup has a 4790k and an EVGA GTX 1070 paired with a gtx 980 and it looks like an anode see stated that he will be upgrading to a second gtx 1070 very soon a very nice joker themed setup Thank You Angela for entering a number three we have Xavier with a beautiful laptop powered triple monitor setup on a custom made desk he has a 34 inch curved ultrawide monitor from Dell in the middle and two 27-inch monitors on the sides which are mounted on the desk I guess he did that to align all three of the displays together nice job I'm still shocked that a single laptop can power three monitors that's pretty impressive he's also using wireless peripherals the Microsoft designer keyboard and Logitech MX master Mouse Xavier did such a good job keeping everything symmetrical as well so I have to give props on that for audio he is rocking a pair of Logitech Z 333 speakers a shure sm58 microphone and the popular m 40 X's resting on the silverstone headphone stand which by the way is the one I'm using for my setup as well cable management is pretty much flawless he's got some 3m tape cable clips raceways and even velcro straps holding everything together I mean if it weren't for that power outlet being visible this setup would be practically wireless oh so it looks like he does have an actual PC it appears to be a prebuilt CyberPower PC down here which actually makes more sense now and Uwe laptop coated power 3 monitors that's absurd ko Management isn't the only thing that's nice and tidy his entire room is all the drawers are organized and I'm really loving those blue lounge cable organizers that you are using I might just pick some up for myself also drop links down below in case you guys want to check them out but definitely one of the cleanest setups I've seen in a while Thank You Xavier for entering speaking of white and black setups here's another one Jean is rocking a 32 inch Philips monitor a row cap is ku keyboard and a tie a mouse on top of the glourious extended mousepad props on staying consistent the entire thing away you have a black and blue headset never mind speaking of audio he also has a Dell surround sound speaker system which honestly kind of defeats the purpose of placing them in front of you I mean they are supposed to surround you so maybe put two of them behind you somehow cable management is clean everything is tied together neatly and mounted under the desk job well done I have no complaints here even its PC case is white it has a 4790k and a gtx 980ti honestly if the one for your headset this would have been a flawless black-and-white setup but you know what I might leave a few headset options down below that will go really well with your setup so make sure to check it out Thank You Jean for entering last but not least we have John and an insane quad displace setup a 27 inch Acer predator in between - 27 inch Acer monitors and a massive 40 K 4k TV from Samsung on the desk key as the Razer chroma Black Widow keyboard and a razer epic Naga Mouse on top of the Razer Firefly mousepad for audio he has a pair of bose companion 2 speakers and a HyperX cloud 2 headset that's pretty much it for the surface of the desk and there's not much going down under the desk as well the back board of the desk is blocking out the cables so I can't really give you any feedback the computer on the other hand got Daniel this thing is a beast it's rocking a 5820k in to msi gtx 1080s and sli other than picking up a hangar for your headset this is a pretty straightforward overkill setup excellent job staying consistent with the color scheme and thank you John for entering so that is a fist episode of setup for us as always make sure you guys drive to comments down below and vote on who you think has the best test setup as always I'll announce the winners on Twitter and Instagram so make sure you guys follow me there if you want to know who wins thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next video
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