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Setup Wars Episode 82 - Budget Edition

guys can we get 50,000 likes on this video all the cool kids are doing it and I want to be cool too 50,000 likes and Santa Claus himself will come to your house and drop you present on your tree even if you don't have a tree probably on your couch or something ps4 a smartphone PC even you bike whatever it is it's not a clause we'll get you one even if you don't celebrate Christmas 50,000 likes guys let's do it what's up guys as ephraim TechStars and welcome to setup wars episode 82 budget edition if you guys want to participate make sure to watch the video linked down below the ladies and gentlemen let the set-up wars begin if you guys are shopping around for your next game make sure to check out g2a comm because they have the cheapest CD keys available for pretty much any game I'll drop a link to them down below if you want to check it out so in five contestants for this week are Dennis Jay keys Matthew and Felix congratulations for making it on the show also guys and I'm talking about budget setups I'm talking about people that don't have multi-monitor setups and $3,000 gaming PCs and stuff like that a budget is essentially a any type of budget really you can have a budget of $1,000 you have a budget of $2,000 but these are pretty much so all the setups in this episode our budget setups according to me so here people always commenting down below that's not a budget set up this dude has a gtx 970 or whatever so to me it is a budget setup it's not crazy enough to be a expensive setup so that's that's the mentality I'm going with so anyways I hope you guys enjoy your show let's start the first set up kind of looks like a miniature version of the IKEA mom desk I honestly don't know why it looks smaller than normal but anyways dennis is using the 25 inch HP Pavilion monitor a kiss on gaming keyboard paired with the Logitech g600 Mouse other than the PC the only other things on the desk are an iPhone stand and some type of glass ball which looks pretty cool excellent work with cable management looks like all the wires are inside the rack so no complaints here and also down here are two pairs of beats solo headphones finally we have the PC which looks like it's built inside the fractal defying s case and it's rocking the i5 6600 K and an RX 480 I'm not really sure how Superman is hovering inside the case like this but I like it it's a cool way to spice up your build but overall a very solid budget gaming setup Thank You Dennis for entering at number 2 we have J and a very clean white and black setup featuring the IKEA lemon tabletop and Alex your units on the Alex add-on unit he's rocking the Samsung 28 inch 4k monitor which he has hooked up to his 2014 Mac Mini that's being stored in one of the drawers underneath he also managed to keep his setup symmetrical so we have a pair of Logitech z3 23 speakers on the sides and we also have a blue Yeti microphone and Satechi headphones he also went wireless using the common Apple keyboard and MX master combo just like most Mac setups I've seen although I think the massive desk pad is a bit overkill for such a tiny keyboard and mouse no complaints for cable management then again you don't really have that many wires to begin with what we're all a very clean and organized productivity setup Thank You Jay for entering speaking of white and black setups Keys is up next I mean this guy's air conditioner is also white job well done however this time instead of a Mac he has a custom PC instead which by the way has a 6700 K and an asus strix 1080 okay maybe that's a little bit over a budget but still so the corner desk is put together using IKEA lemon table tops some Alex drawers and the June table legs I think I said you say it overall I think it came out nicely so on the top of the add-on unit we have a 24 inch Samsung monitor in the middle of Logitech Z 5,000 speakers and the keyboard of choice is the cursor k95 with the white LEDs and he's also using the Logitech G 700 s Mouse both of which are on top of the Q pad extra large mouse pad it also looks like he has an Xbox one underneath the riser as well and I kind of talked about this on the last episode but slap some skins on that bad boy it will look a hundred times better cable management is also under control we got two IKEA signals holding up the cables and it looks like he mounted the power strip and router under the table with some 3m tape I don't think I've ever seen anyone else so dedicated to keeping consistent with a set ups color scheme this guy's 3d printer is also in white and black Wow in all seriousness I would have gone with the black wall shelves instead here so there's some contrast in your room you never want to overlap two of the same colors together for example white acoustic foams and black shelves would have looked so much better in this room and definitely complement the setup much better but I don't really have any major complaints you did a really good job with this setup thank you for entering I feel like Matthew setup fits perfectly in this budget edition because he custom-made some drawers out of cardboard for his books and even a hanger for his MacBook I guess while we're down here we can take a look at the cable management and it doesn't seem that bad the only thing I would grab is maybe a cable box to keep that power strip but otherwise not bad on the surface he is using a 24 inch Acer monitor a linky BlackWidow keyboard and a Razer DeathAdder chroma Mouse it also looks like he made a custom hangar for his ATM 58 phones and another hangar for one of his bags I think that's what it looks like Mathi was definitely resourceful and he put together a nice setup Thank You Matthew for entering last but not least we have Felix and it looks like he's made some improvements from last time first major difference is the table looks like he finally got a real desk he also mounted his 24-inch Pankiw monitor on the wall and made some custom speaker stands which also has a headphone hangar that's pretty impressive for audio he has a sony MDR s hooked up to the muse mk2 amplifier as well as a pair of JBL control 1 speakers cable management has also been improved it looks like he picked up some Signum racks to help with that and finally he built his very own PC which was a huge upgrade from his laptop it's packing a 40 170 and a ZOTAC GTX 650 Ti overall a huge improvement from before congrats on your new set of felix and thank you again for entering that is it for this episode as always make sure you guys drop your comments down below and vote on who you think has the best desk setup let's see if you get this video to 50,000 likes guys that will be awesome thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next video
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