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Setup Wars - Episode 83

what's up guys is that from Texas or I said welcome to setup wars episode 83 where you submit your desk setup to get featured on the channel so if you guys want to participate make sure to watch the video linked down below ladies and gentlemen let the setup Wars begin if you guys are shopping around for your next game make sure to check out g2 because they have the cheapest cd-keys available for pretty much any game I'll drop a link to them down below if you want to check it out so kicking off the episode we have a ridiculous overkill setup from John I have no clue why he needs 340 inch Samsung TVs on his desk but hey it's his setup not mine he's also rocking the Corsair Vengeance k70 an MX master mouse I'm just surprised this table hasn't cracked in half already with those giant displays on it for audio he is rocking the razor Man O'War wireless headset which is resting on top of his PC which by the way has a Zeon X 5650 CPU and a GTX 1080 needless to say this has plenty of juice to power those pixels I also like the placement of the PC it's off to the left corner and it's not hidden at all in fact it's more visible this way by the way I'm definitely digging your style this room is giving me a very chill vibe cable management has also done really well it looks like John has drilled a few holes in the desk one for the keyboard and the other two for the phone dock and a Sound Blaster audio module even though I is behind the PC are managed very well all the way to the back of the setup job well done John is also a console gamer he has the ps4 hidden in one of the drawers for when he is not using them I'm very happy to see that instead of keeping it on top of the desk like most people definitely a very impressive setup I just don't know how you're able to sit so close to those giant displays but hey if it's working for you then more power to you thank you John for entering keeping the momentum going we have Luis and his quad display setup so he has three Asus 24-inch monitors and a 32 inch UMC TV up top which is hooked up to his ps4 I don't know if I agree with the placement of the actual a 40s it kind of seems a bit far from reach perhaps a hangar you can hook up under the desk would be much more convenient the keyboard of choice is the Razer BlackWidow tournament and he's paired that with the razor destructor to Mouse I like that he drilled a hole in the desk for cable management and speaking of which it's nicely contained with the Signum rack and a few cable clips looks like Louis has hooked up both a charging and an anchor hub for easy access so down here is the PC as well as a 6700 K and a GTX 970 tricks inside the course er air 540 case I pretty straightforward setup Thank You Louis for entering a number three we have Oliver and his white and orange ish setup so we got the IKEA bed Kent desk holding up the 28 inch 4k monitor from Samsung and right above that he has a 32 inch monitor as an overhead looks like he is walking some razor gear as well he has both the BlackWidow chroma and a Mamba tournament edition mouse on top of the SteelSeries extra large mouse pad looks like he drilled a hole in the desk as well for cable management and I've started to notice a lot of these now and I feel like everyone is getting the idea from setup boards which is awesome for audio he has a pair of audio Pro speakers and two headphones we got the Q H 90s and a Bowers and Wilkins p7 both of which I haven't even heard of cable management is excellent it looks like everything is hooked up underneath the desk along with a USB hub and audio interface which is also hooked up to the ADK microphone I like that you keep that hidden behind the monitor when you're not using it good work the PC does probably the setup has a 6700 K and an Asus GTX 1080 a very clean and organized setup Thank You Oliver for entering here is another badass ultra light setup so black and red is the name of the game and this dude is rocking the Acer predator Z 35 ultra wide and a badass custom PC the tower is from parvum and they make some really sick custom cases out there but this beast is rocking a 4790k and an ACS GTX 780 for peripherals he is using a custom painted Logitech G 710 keyboard and a custom painted logitech g502 mouse which are resting on the habit MP 830 mousepad once again we can see drilling in the desk for both wires and the cable management is awesome as well all the cables are resting on the rack and down here he also has the popular HyperX cloud tunes on a hanger and finally for audio he is rocking a pair of Edifier our 1800 speakers a black and red setup done right this is what I love to see thank you Richard for blessing my eyeballs with your setup last but not least we have little Timmy and his awesome white and black setup up top is a 42 inch samsung TV and below that is a 34 inch LG ultra wide being sandwiched by a pair of KRK Rokit speakers I'm definitely diggin the little modification you have on your Gray Goose vodka bottle over here with the LEDs illuminating from the bottom that looks pretty dope finally we see someone utilizing skins for his console the brand is where it's at I'm sure you guys already know this by the way I'm very glad that you kept very consistent with the overall setup steam on the opposite side is the Bose QuietComfort 15 headphones resting on the mov headphone hanger and underneath the add-on unit is the m-audio interface for peripherals he is using the skilar pro shark une keyboard and the popular MX master excellent work with the cable management the IQ Signum is once again the MVP over here as well as some 3m tape that's holding up a few power strips and USB hubs and of course the PC departing the setup has an AMD 6300 and then r9 380 finally some love towards AMD I also want to give you some props I'm sticking with matching furniture for the rest of your room overall a very beautiful symmetrical and organized setup thank you Tim for entering so that is it for this episode of setup wars as always make sure you guys drop your comments down below and felt on who you think has the best desk setup and as always I'll announce the winners on my social media platforms thank you so much watching if you enjoy setup orders leave a like and I will see you guys in the next video
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